Looking forward to looking forward,The most exciting February has finally arrived!

As soon as February enters, the whole Melbourne will be different!Valentine’s Day + Chinese New Year Celebration for the Year of the Dog, together, colorful activities,White Night Festival, Cultural Festival, Food Festival, Summer Festival...All kinds of gorgeous performances, impressive exhibitions,This is the carnival month only belongs to Melbourne!

February 2st-March 1th: South Pier Outdoor Movie

Must experience some activities in summer, none other than the open-air cinema!Starting from February 2st, the open-air cinema on the docks of Melbourne’s Yarra River will open regularly every week! Bring you all kinds of wonderful movies, and also provide a variety of delicious snacks and drinks!

Grab your family and friends and come to Yarra River at dusk, leaning on a comfortable lounge chair to watch a good-looking movie, with delicious snacks and drinks on hand.I really enjoyed it!

time:Every Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm, Sundays from 5pm-7pm

Address:39 Dukes Walk, South Wharf, Melbourne


February 2nd-February 2th: Boholuxe Market & Clamping Festival Bohemian Fair & Glamping

There will be more than 250 stalls selling food and beverages, vegetarian food, fashion clothing and jewelry, skin care products and books, etc., as well as food carts, live music and workshops to experience the freehand life together.

In addition to visiting the market, here will also provide a variety of round colored cabins, with toilets and bathrooms, you can enjoy a luxurious camping life~

Time: from 10 am

Address: Royal Exhibition Building, 9 Nicholson St, Carlton


February 2-4: South Melbourne Night Market

Melbourne's famous night market is more than just the Vima Night Market! South Melbourne Night Market is also the most not-to-miss event in summer!

This year, the South Melbourne Night Market will celebrate its 10th anniversary!

This means that this year’s South Melbourne Night Market will be more grand and more fun than ever! In the scenery of southern Melbourne, feel a different summer night, taste a variety of street food, and enjoy characteristic street performances.There will be no more pleasant nightlife than this!

time:5.30 pm—9.30pm

Address:322-326 Coventry Street, South Melbourne


February 2th: Pizza Contest

Blessed are the foodies!February 2th is World Pizza Day. On this day, Melbourne will also hold a wonderful pizza eating contest!This pizza-eating contest is not to eat more than anyone else, but to eat faster than anyone else! The contestants participating in the competition each have 3 pizzas, and the one who eats the fastest can win rich prizes and gifts!It sounds so exciting!

Even if you don’t participate in the game, you can go to the scene to watch this special game.It must be interesting!


Address:179 Chapel Street Windsor, Melbourne


February 2: Inflatable Regatta · Drifting Diary

This summer, let us meet in the Yarra River and take a sculling ~ enjoy this wild and exciting inflatable boating activity! Thousands of kayaks set off from the Yarra River, and you can enjoy the cold river water while rowing.

The organizer will provide inflatable boats, oars, life jackets, sunscreen, garbage bags and waterproof bags~ If you are interested, go grab your tickets~

Time: 9:XNUMX in the morning

Address: 44 Creswick Street, Hawthorn


February 2: St Kilda Festival · Summer Music Festival

St Kilda Festival is the largest summer music festival in Australia. No one can refuse the food, music, waves and beaches here! It can attract more than 40 people to participate every year~

You can wear a bikini and play in the crowd, or you can enjoy the leisure time stolen in the summer in the shade~

Time: from 10 am

Address: Jacka Blvd, St Kilda


February 2th-February 10th: Lonsdale Street Festival · Greek Culture Festival

This is the 31st Greek Festival held in Melbourne! By then, friends in city will feel the lively atmosphere of the Greek Festival and the enthusiasm of the Greek people.

There will be many delicious Greek snacks at the Greek Festival, and you can taste Greek doughnuts and grilled meat with sauce. There are also live dance performances and music performances~

Time: from 12 noon

Address: Lvl 3, 168 Lonsdale St

February 2-11: Chinese New Year · Celebrate the New Year

Those who still "stay behind" in Melbourne should be most concerned about how to celebrate the Spring Festival. This year, Melbourne will host grand Lunar New Year celebrations in many places.

Each celebration will have a different theme style, performance and food. Everyone can watch the Chinese lion dance, traditional folk music and dance performances, and greet the old with the sound of firecrackers.



February 2: Valentine's Day event

Valentine's Day adds a lot of romance to February!Melbourne has also prepared many activities for the Valentine's Day that lovers are most looking forward to! At that time, almost every restaurant and bar will prepare unique packages and gifts for couples.Celebrate this romantic holiday with everyone!

On the same day, the open-air cinema next to Yarra River will also hold a special Valentine's Day movie screening event! Love movies, chocolates, roses, champagne, guarantee that you and your lover will have the most memorable Valentine's Day!

Don’t feel bored at home without a company,Come and join the dating event for singles!Maybe you can meet the TA you like!


Address:39 Dukes Walk, South Wharf, Melbourne


February 2: Love is in the Air at The Eagle Valentine's Day Cable Car

Still thinking about how to spend a romantic and unforgettable Valentine's Day with him? Why not take the Eagle Cable Car with him~ On Valentine’s Day, take the cable car and take your love to a new height!

Address: Jacka Blvd, St Kilda


February 2: White Night · Fantasy White Night Festival

This year's White Night Festival is as lively as in previous years. Five sections: light show, music performance, art installation exhibition, film appreciation and comprehensive exhibition. There will also be 5 activities that will let you high through Melbourne.

This year's White Night will start at 2pm on February 17th and last until 7am the next morning. The 7-hour non-stop art feast will definitely turn Melbourne into a fashion city that never sleeps.

Time: 7pm

Address: Around Melbourne


February 2-February 16: Apollo Bay Seafood Festival · Seafood Food Festival

The three-day Apollo Seafood Festival is here again! On the first day, Movida brought a seafood feast for $150 per person. You can taste a variety of fresh seafood and a range of fine wines.

The second day is Harbor Day, which is mainly to celebrate the local fishing industry. Tickets are less than $5-10. The third day is the seafood seminar. The ticket price is $50. Those who are interested can go and listen.

Address: Apollo Bay


February 2: Le Dîner en Blanc · The most chic white picnic

Have you ever imagined the spectacular scene of thousands of people wearing white dresses having a picnic together outdoors? Bring your own tables and chairs, tableware, decorations and exquisite homemade dinners, and enjoy this elegant carnival with your friends!

The unique table arrangement and unique dressing have always been the highlights of Diner en Blanc. This is a feast of beautiful scenery and food, as well as a gathering of friends.


February 2: Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival Melbourne Summer Festival

Friends who like Japanese culture, are your hearts moving around? The Melbourne Summer Festival returns strongly. There will be various Japanese performances at the venue. Traditional geishas and twilight drums will take you into the distant Showa era.

There are also many Japanese delicacies waiting for you to taste~ Friends who like anime may also meet their favorite characters here. Thinking about it, I am looking forward to it!

Address: Federation Square


The introduction of the February event is over here, hurry up and make an appointment with your friends!


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