It is said that Christmas in the southern hemisphere has a special flavor.Christmas has drifted away,Finally ushered in the Chinese own festival:lunar New Year.

In Sydney, you can still have a good New Year, just watch it if you don’t want to miss the fun of the Chinese New YearInventory of major events in Sydney in February,After watching my mother, I will call you to stay in the southern hemisphere for the New Year!

·Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Race·

Date: 2018.02.24-02.25

Location: Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park, 201 Sussex St 2000

Cost: FREE

As a representative of traditional Chinese culture, dragon boating has evolved into an international event because of its strong appeal and warm atmosphere. The Lantern FestivalYou can skip the glutinous rice balls, but you must watch the dragon boat at Darling Harbour that day.

On Lantern Festival, onKirk Bay, Darling HarbourThe annualDragon Boat Race. Thousands of paddlers will fight in two days, there are more than 100 games, 22 dragon boat athletes, and each ship is equipped with a drummer to bring you the unprecedented grand dragon boat race.

Of course, the participating teams are not only Chinese, but also people from different countriesPassionate pulping, hundred-gee competitionYou will definitely be infected by the fierce competition on the scene.

Each 12-meter-long dragon boat is carved with the head and tail of the dragon, and colorful scales are painted on both sides. The gorgeous dragon boat will make you feast your eyes. Before the game starts,The finishing touchIt is also the reason why it is worth your visit.

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·Sydney Spring Festival Lantern Festival Celebration·

Date: 2018.02.16-02.25

Location: Circular Quay, Sydney 2000

Cost: FREE

How can there be no colorful lantern decorations during the New Year? During the Spring Festival, the entire Sydney is also decorated as a sea of ​​lanterns, and the contents of the lanterns are naturally the familiar zodiac signs.Near the Opera House and Circular Quay, all kinds of unique lanterns compete for beauty.

It looks full of art in the daytime, and each mascot has a different theme. In the eveningAt the beginning of the Shanghua Deng, there is another great scene.

In addition, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and several other landmark buildings will be lit up during the Chinese New Year from 8pm to midnight to represent the new year's red, and also in the new year.Symbolizes luck and happiness.

A variety of lanterns are placed in different blocks, bringing the flavor of the Chinese New Year to the southern hemisphere.

Each mega-animal theme is designed by an Asian designer. These huge artworks,Both day and night can bring shock.

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·2018·VAIVA Fashion Horse Racing Festival·

-Xinggang·Chinese Horse Racing Festival-

Date: 2018.02.17

Location: Oaks Lawn Marquee, Royal Ranwick Racecourse, Alison Rd, Randwick NSW 2031

Cost: $66/person


1. Champagne, drinks and exquisite afternoon tea set worth $192

2. VIP admission ticket

3. Horse Racing Tickets

In Australia, horse racing has received countless upper-class gentlemen and ladies,Popular fashion pioneerIn addition to the speed and passion on the racecourse, off the court is even more like Paris Fashion Week, star-studded.

In order to perfectly present this fashion feast, Sydney Star has specially invited an Australian professional team to create a dream venue, so that you, who are carefully dressed, will make a drunken blockbuster and become the focus of your circle of friends!

There is no need to wait for a long time this year, during the New Year and Spring Festival 2018·VAIVA Fashion Horse Racing Festival can take you straight to fashion! This event will invite Sydney’s most cutting-edgeFashion blogger, Fitness bloggers, stylists, and all kinds of experts share with you the secrets of maintaining beauty.

You will have the opportunity to be with themFace-to-face communication, To create exquisite dress for you to participate in high-end event occasions!

Australian luxury pink diamond miracle skin care brand VAIVA prepared value for this event$ 2,0000Generous Gift (Super Out of Stock King-Pink Diamond Essence Cream), will be on siteFreeGive awayTo the handsome guys and beauties participating in the interaction!

In addition, MAC is more prepared200 hot chilli lipsticksAs a New Year’s gift, the sceneFree giftTo the guests participating in the interaction!

The editor seems to have heard the surprise screams of beauties~ ready for your most fashionableTop hat and Chinese clothesRight! Let there be no distance between you and celebrities!

 · Centennial Square Spring Festival Celebration·

Date: 2018.02.16

Location: Centenary Square, Church St Parramatta 2150

Cost: FREE

FromChina, Vietnam and South KoreaThe beautiful traditional cultural performances of China, participate in a series of activities including calligraphy, lantern making and cooking courses, and enjoy delicious Chinese snacks while watching the performance. inThere will be a fireworks show at 9pmDon't miss it!

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·"Humans of New York" founder's speech·

Date: 2018.02.10

Location: Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point 2000

Cost: $29-$59/person

Founder of "Humans of New York"Brandon StantonComing to Sydney soon. The photography documentary blog "Humans of New York" (Humans of New York) that started in 2010 has become the world’sMost influentialOne of the blogs of street photography and human stories.

Before that, Brandon Stanton had lost his job as a bond trader in Chicago and moved to New York.As a hobby, He began to take photos and interview subjects. So there was the photo blog "Humans of New York" (Humans of New York)

He posted a photo of them on his blog, telling aGrassroots stories of global cities, Which also led to a social media phenomenon.

Since then, people in New York have become an online phenomenon, accumulating 760 million Instagram followers and 18283,246 likes on Facebook, spawning all over the worldCountless imitators.

Brandon will give two intimate and sincere speeches at the Sydney Opera House. This isHis first visit to Australia. In this speech, Brandon will talk about the behind-the-scenes story of his work, and also how it all started? Does his ideal match reality? What are his best and worst moments?

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·"Mamma Mia" Musical·

Date: 2018.02.11-04.08

Location: Capitol Theatre, 13 Campbell St Haymarket 2000

Cost: $120/person

More than XNUMX million people worldwide have fallen in love with the story and music of "Mamma Mia"!Music feast is about to be staged in Sydney. "Mamma Mia" invites you to fall in love again!

Give a chance, let the charm of music, let the dancing queen, let the love and being loved in the story touch you at the end of this summer. Believe me, "Mamma Mia" will leave one for viewers of every age groupAn unforgettable night.

Love, laughter, family and friendship, "Mamma Mia" expresses exactly what the world needs today.

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Trevor Ashley’s Carnival Party·

Date: 2018.02.17

Location: Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point 2000

Cost: $69-$155/person

One of Sydney's most popular cabaret artists, Will hold a grand party at the largest venue of the Sydney Opera House, inviting some of his famous andTalented friends attended. Singer Casey Donovan, comedian Joel Krissey, musical stars Todd McKenney and Paul Capsis, and the legend of Kings Cross and Carlotta. They will join a 14-person orchestra and participate in the official "Mardi Gala".

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·French League French Film Festival·

Date: 2018.02.27-03.27

Location: multiple venues in Sydney

Cost: $15-$20/person

Have you ever wondered why the French film culture is so rich and colorful, which has given birth to many international big-name movie stars? Simply put: every film with French origin, whether it is a local movie or a Hollywood blockbuster,The country will support and invest.

This ensures that the quality of most films will not be affected by funding issues, making French films among the world’s filmsA pivotal position.

French movie "AVA" stills

A series of movie watching activities organized by the French League in Sydney include comedies, biopics, dramas, female stories, animations and romantic love. Let the movie screen take you to France to experience the tenderness and style of France.

Movie "50 IS THE NEW 30" stills

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·Sydney Hill Outdoor Cinema·

Date: Until 2018.04.01

Location: Centennial Park, Between Oxford Street, York, Darley, Alison & Lang Rds, Centennial Park 2021

Cost: $15-$300

While the weather has not turned cooler, enjoy a game in the cool mountains of SydneyRomantic movie viewing experience under the starsRight.

This outdoor cinema will have20 movies released, Most of them are newly released movies, such as "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", "Bad Mother 2", "Paddington 2". Some classic works of nostalgia will also be screened out: "High Aspirations", "Slim Daddy", "Spicy Dance" and "Best Bridesmaid".

Among all outdoor cinemas, it provides a uniqueComfortable big pillowStacked "seats" can accommodate up to four people ($150)Super comfortable! In addition, you can also book a VIP tent for up to 8 people ($300).

The outdoor theater will open at 6 pm and show at 8 pm.

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·Sound of the Arctic·

Date: Until 2018.05.01

Location: Australian National Maritime Museum, 2 Murray St Darling Harbour 2009

Cost: $32/person

The summer is hot, so go to the Maritime Museum and travel to the North Pole to experience the ice and snow.

The Voice of the Arctic takes visitors to the deepest part of the earthVirtual journey, Reveals the life of diverse animals and plants in the Arctic.

The exhibition is full ofInteractive elements, The participant absolutelyWon't be boring——They can climb polar bears, travel with scientists, mark Arctic whales, study plant specimens, and learn how they adapt to the harsh ice and snow environment.

We will also hear stories from local residents about their culture, traditions and life in the polar regions. Let us understand that the Arctic is not a barren land in our imagination, but a place of life connected to all of us.

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For the Chinese, February is really to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new.Collect this fun event,Start your brand new 2018!


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