Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Recently, the mayor of Adelaide used Chinese and English bilingual greetings to Chinese people in Australia for the New Year, and incidentally made a wave of advertisements for Adelaide.

Also because of Australiatolerance, Making the New Year hereStrong atmosphere.

So during the Chinese New Year, you can only live in Australia"left behind children"We don't feel lonely.

As early as there is still a period of time before the Chinese New Year, Australia has already started the Chinese New Year mode, and you can see the festive season all over the mountains.红色.

Hanging up on the sidewalk of the Yarra River in MelbourneFlaming lantern.

Sydney's Westfield also seems to have become a domesticBuy New YearShopping mall.

IncludePandoraSwaloskiMany jewellery shops inside have specially launched special jewellery for the New Year of the Dog.

When walking on the road, you can see the huge shop posted outside from time to timeFortuneword.

I went yesterdayColesWhen I found out that even the supermarket has been hung up "Congratulations"The decorations.

Last year, the editor once went to the mall with an Australian friend, but when she saw red chickens everywhere in the mall, she had a faceSurprised.

The editor can only explain to her that this is to caterChinese tradition.

It is estimated that she will be curious again this year: Why did she become a dog again this year? Wasn't it a chicken last year?

Not only that, Australia’s iconic Sydney Opera House will also be covered in Chinese New Year red to welcome the Chinese New Year.

In addition, Australia’s two major Chinese cities, Sydney and Melbourne, will host rich Chinese New Year celebrations.

2/16From the beginning, the City of Sydney will holdLunar New Year Celebration, This is the world’s largest Lunar New Year celebration outside of Asia and will continue until3/4.

The content of the celebration includesLantern Festival,Dragon Boat Race, And a total of contributions from local communities and Chinese art groups from afarMore than 80 gamesBig and small performances.

One of the most concerned is "Sydney Chinese Lantern Festival. "

This lantern festival was founded in 2015, Has become the history of AustraliaThe largestOf Chinese people celebrate the Lunar New Year’s Lantern Festival, and the Sydney Chinese community celebrates the Lunar New Year’sLargest theme event!

This year, the lights will beJuly 2 to 22Held.

When you walk in the festive lantern festival, the gorgeous red will surely wipe away the nostalgia in your heart.

Melbourne’s New Year celebrations are also very rich,

IncludeBox Hill,Glen WaverleySpringvaleThere will be celebrations in many Melbourne Chinese settlements includingLion dance, fireworks show, martial arts performance, music performanceand so on.

At the scene, Chinese away from home can also taste authentic traditional cuisine.

2/16On the same day, there will be a grand New Year celebration in Queensbridge Square. More than 20 actors from more than 300 groups will bring dance, music and other cultural performances to the audience.

July 2 to 17,as well as2/24To25 DayTwo weekends, also inQueensbridgeThe square will host a kaleidoscope of Chinese culture.

At that time, visitors can experience on-siteChinese handicrafts, Tai Chi, Chinese traditional dance, Chinese traditional tea artAnd other activities with distinctive Chinese characteristics.

In addition, Crown, Melbourne Chinatown, Melbourne Chinese Museum, Melbourne Zoo and other places will also host activities with a strong Chinese style during the New Year, pushing Melbourne's festive atmosphere to a climax.

In a very inclusive country like Australia, even if you are away from home, wandering wanderers can feel at home.

I wish every Chinese friend who is working hard in far away Australia a Happy New Year and a happy family!


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