According to the Daily Mail report, an old house full of rubbish in Sydney was even priced at 250 million! The introduction given by the real estate developer is:It is not suitable for living at the moment. Those who are over 18 years old should protect their personal safety. We recommend wearing sealed shoes when entering!

In the wealthy area of ​​Sydney, there is a house that is reborn from weeds and is out of step with the surroundings.As I approached, I could smell the sour smell.

This house belongs to an old gentleman named Ernest Towell.This was originally bought by his father in 1983 and left to him after his death. Until recently passed away, the old man lived in this house all his life.

This house is located in the wealthy area of ​​Sydney.Even though the doorway of the house is very narrow, there is actually a cave inside. The whole house covers an area of ​​nearly 800 square meters!

Looking out from the direction of the house, vaguelyalsoCan see the beautiful sea!

This was originally a super nice house.However, Mr. Ernest has always had a bad habit, that is, he is reluctant to throw things!

After a long time without cleaning up, his house gradually accumulated a lot of strange trash.After more than ten years, the originally good house has become this ghost:

Recently the old man passed away, and real estate developers plan to enter Ernest's house to find out. Unexpectedly, it was filled with garbage, and it was almost impossible to walk!They spent a whole AU$30,000 to clear a path leading to the back door...

You know, the distance from the end of the house to the back door is only a small part!The inside and the front yard of Mr. Ernest's house are full of rubbish!

After spending more than XNUMX yuan, the real estate developers couldn't even take pictures of the interior of the house!Because there is so much rubbish in the house, they still can't open the back door of the house after they have cleaned the backyard...

According to Ernest’s neighbors,The old man has another house beside the coast, which is also full of garbage, and there are five or six cars.

I just don’t know if real estate developers have so many Yaxing, they have gone to develop and clean up there...

shemp: It turns out that expensive houses are nothing terrible... They are just really expensive...

BeerDrinkingKangaroo: I bet on my kangaroo, there must be antiques or other valuables in the trash!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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