AsIf you don’t need to work, someone will give you $666 every two weeks, do you think it’s enough to live? A few days ago, an Australian woman said:This little money is not enough to spend, even the basic needs of survival can not be met!

This woman from Adelaide posted on her FacebookThis state :

she says:

"Is there any other organization that can help solve the balance of life? I just lost my job recently, and I spend about 840 Australian dollars every two weeks. However, the subsidy given to me by Centrelink is only 666 Australian dollars. This has to wait until I find a job to support I'm myself (my budget doesn't include some luxury goods, I just write about daily necessities). I still need 100-200 Australian dollars every two weeks.

Obviously, smoking can be avoided, but the money is still not enough. What else can I save? "

In order to solicit the opinions of netizens, she also posted her expenses every two weeks:

That is:

  • Cat Food $20
  • Food $60
  • All deductions $30
  • Debt $5
  • Gas $50
  • Calling fee $40
  • Energy bill $60
  • Smoke $65
  • Rent $490

Total: $820

For some reason, many people read this woman’s expense list and felt that her life was not bad. The rent of $490 is $245 per week. This makes it possible to rent a good two-room apartment in Melbourne, not to mention in Adelaide. Germany.

Moreover, the woman still has a car, so she can live in a place slightly away from the city center, so that the house may be larger and more comfortable.

So many Australian netizens enthusiastically gave her some suggestions:

"Obviously cigarettes and cats can be avoided. Because cats actually kill birds in other people’s yards most of the time, and wait until they want to eat before going home. If you can’t support yourself, it’s almost nothing. It is necessary to spend $20 on this heartless pet."

"I also smoke, but only if I have enough money left after paying for bank deductions, rent, electricity, and daily necessities. In fact, cigarettes won't show up in my daily expenditure plan at all, because I bought everything. I will buy it later."

"Find a cheaper place to live"

"Is she kidding? There is more money to buy cigarettes than to buy food... It's time to quit smoking dear."

"Quit smoking quickly!!! This can save a lot of money"

But some netizens believe thatSmoking and keeping cats cannot be saved :

"Stop talking assholes. To be honest, she really needs to raise that cat. Never let the cat go hungry. If you really let everyone who receives welfare give up their pets, then you will see a lot of small animals being Euthanasia or being thrown away. Besides, even if she takes away the cigarettes, it’s not enough money."

"Why are you not willing to let these sisters buy cigarettes for cat food? Of course you don’t think it matters if you don’t smoke, but (for smokers) it’s really not easy to quit smoking. Like drugs, this cigarette is a physiological problem. ."

Alas, I feel that the money is not enough and I feel that my needs should be met, thenThere is only one solution :

"Let's solve the real problem... She needs a job."

Yes! Although I don't know what this woman has experienced, she is an adult. In the long run, she should find another job.

And the editor went to the official website of the Australian government and checked the scope of unemployment benefits.$ 486.5- $ 752.6.

According to this range, do you think this Australian lady's subsidy is not bad?

News compiled from "Daily Mail, Daily Australia Facebook"


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