I wanted to arrive in Australia at the beginning of the year, and after being abused by prices, I decided to go with bread.

ButFaced with uneven prices and types,I found that the bread market is not as simple as I thought. It is really hard to choose if it is healthy and tastes good!

However, according to "The Advertiser"Reported that recently based on a survey of Australian customers’ bread buying preferences, researchers randomly selected21 types of whole wheat noodles that are relatively popular in AustraliaPackage and gives a comprehensive test, I don’t feel that I will have to pick up on the bread rack in the supermarket anymore!

Based on the bread’s taste of 50%, aroma of 20%, texture of 20%, appearance of 10%, weighted average, the study gave the comprehensive score of each bread andThe price of every two slices of bread~(It’s easy for everyone to calculate the cost price of making a sandwich) Here is the editorLet's introduce the top 5 most nutritious and highest-rated breads in detail!

1. Lawson's Stone Mill Wholemeal

Score: 87 points

Price: $ 0.42

This is a kind of unique fragrancesurfacePackage, the outer layer is wrapped with a layer of black caramel, is made of whole wheatsurfaceIt is made of powder and has a soft taste in the mouth. But thissurfaceThe size of the bag is a bit bigger, it may not be suitable for bakingsurfaceCharter flights.

2. Abbott's Village Bakery Grainy Wholemeal

Score: 86

Price: $ 0.39

Each piecesurfaceThe bags are big, and you can see visible grains and soybean particles,surfaceThe bag is soft and dry, with a good taste.

3. Burgen Wholemeal & Seeds

Score: 84

Price: $ 0.58

It has a sweet fragrance and a sweet taste when chewing. There are nuts in it, which are delicious and nutritious.

4. Woolworths Wholesome Country Wholemeal

Score: 83

Price: $ 0.28

Just the right sizesurfaceBag ~ soft texture, and other on the marketsurfaceThe bag is very different. Although the nut particles are not visible, it has a nutty taste.

5. Helga's Traditional Wholemeal

Score: 82

Price: $ 0.39

A very soft texturesurfacePackage, andsurfaceThe density of the bag is very high, and the grains are clearly visiblesurfaceThe bag has a strong nutty taste.

The researchers not only gave the test results, but also summarized the results based on the opinions of nutrition expertsHow to choose delicious and nutritious bread!

First of allpay attentionsurfaceIs the bagWhole wheat flourBecause whole grains are not only rich in protein, dietary fiber and minerals, products made from whole grains usually have a lower glycemic index.

Next, we must checkFiber content, the higher the better.whole wheatsurfaceOne of the benefits of the bag is that it contains three types of fibers. If every 100g of bread contains fiberAt 7g, it will be rich in extremely high-quality fiber materials.

This is the test result of all bread~You can choose the one that suits you according to your preferences!

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News compiled from "The Advertiser"


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