There are a total of 36 national parks in Victoria, each with its own characteristics. Now the editor recommends 7 of the most interesting national parks counted by Australians. If you don’t want to miss the unique beauty of Victoria, you must Go and see these places!

FerntreeGully Melaleuca in Dandenong National Park

In a section of the famous KoKoda Track Memorial Walk, 1000 steps allow sports lovers to exercise while enjoying the natural beauty. Of course, ordinary tourists can also slowly walk the 3 kilometers of trails.

Horseback riding through Alpine National Park

Here, you can experience the beauty of this nature on horseback. The time varies from one to three hours. Friends who love outdoor travel can even set up a tent. If you take a closer look, you will find more hidden treasures of nature!

The Millennium Cave in Lower Glenelg National Park

The ancient Rhinestone cave contains stalagmites and stalactites slowly created by water for thousands of years, which is simply amazing. You can view the scenery on foot, or you can choose to take a boat tour, let the ferryman take you to experience the most beautiful place.

Grampians National Park Picnic

The Zumsteins picnic spot in the Grampians National Park has not only attracted countless tourists in recent decades, but also kangaroos. There are often large-scale "kangaroo army" gathering here, and secretly hope that tourists here can ignore the "no breeding" signs to give them food.

Although the family's kangaroo is not the only landscape in Grampians National Park, it has become the best reason for tourists from home and abroad to get this visit.

Port Campbell National Park

The Port Campbell National Park on the coast is one of the most beautiful attractions in Victoria. In addition to the regular Twelve Apostles and the Great Ocean Road, you can also put on hiking shoes, meet with three or five friends, lock a hiking route, and find a piece of your own world along the cliffs and rocky mountain trails.

Koalas in Eccles Mountain National Park

Mount Eccles is a volcano formed 6500 years ago. There are thousands of koalas living in the rainforest trees in Eccles Mountain. As long as you look up often, you will find many cute little koalas!

Rainforest Gallery in Yarra Valley National Park

Have you tried walking around the top of the tree! Imagine the unique experience of walking in the rainforest on the 40-meter-high tree-top viewing platform.

There are not only the 65-meter-high sky trees, but also 400-year-old ancient trees. Climb the tower on the top of Donna Mountain and overlook Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, the Dandenong Mountains and the Alps. Close your eyes as if your heart is calling from the center of the world.


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