Finally waited! The Australian government debuted the new version of 50 Australian dollars for the first time!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Waited a long time! The Australian government finally首次亮相了新版50!

according to"Perth Now"It is reported that this time the new version of the 50 yuan banknote is uniquely printed on the representativeThe black swan of Western Australia!

The Reserve Bank of Australia also stated that the new banknotes use的防伪识别, Four small protrusions are designed on the four edges, which is more suitable for people with impaired vision.It was officially released for circulation in October this year.


The new banknotes were created by Australia’s "Da Vinci" David Unaipon, And known as "Australia's Most Influential Women"Edith Cowan作为新版50的封面人物。

UnaiponLifetime ownership19 patented inventions。虽被誉为澳大利亚的达芬奇,却没有获得分文专利奖励。他是位公开出版作品和用英文写作的澳大利亚原住民,尽管声明在外,却因其原住民的出身久久未被认可。

The manuscript of his book Aboriginal Legends is still preserved in the Mitchell Library in Sydney and has become a valuable source of Australian aboriginal history.

Edit Cowan则是澳洲位当选的女性议员,另外澳洲规模最大、历史最悠久的公立综合性大学之一,位于西澳的Edith Cowan UniversityIt is also named after her.

Of取自Unaipon的著作"Legend of Aboriginal Australians"And Cowan's次议会演说.

中的动植物图案也分别象征Unaipon的图腾植物AcaciaAnd on behalf of Cowan's hometownBlack Swans in Western Australia.


Does it look much better compared to the old version?


Philip Lowe, President of the Reserve Bank of Australia, said:“使用新版的主要目的就是降低民众的识别并提升安全性。”

"in过去的2年时间内,我们先后发行了新版5And 10。我相信,澳洲民众已经非常熟悉新版纸钞了。”



The Reserve Bank of Australia also stated that现有的50纸钞仍然可以正常流通.新版50WillFebruary this yearOfficially issued and year,澳联储issued新版20.

Do you look forward to the issuance of the new banknotes when you see here? I can’t wait to show off the new banknotes.

News compiled from "Perth Now"


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