Have you bought the latest hot chocolate?Cadbury's new chocolate is too hot!

Due to the short supply, the supermarket issued a special purchase restriction order: each customer can only buy two bags at a time!

But even so, the supermarket still sold out, and many people couldn't ask for it. Ever since,Retail price $4.99 per bag'S chocolate was fired on Gumtree$35 a bag!And it’s even fired on eBay$150 a bag! ! !

Someone joked:What kind of bitcoin to invest in? Cadbury Chocolate is the wise choice!

Seeing this, everyone will wonder what the origin of this chocolate is? Why is it like this?

This chocolate is calledCadbury Caramilk bar, 190g per bag.

In fact, Caramilk chocolate has existed many years ago, not a new product from Cadbury. It is saidA must-have snack for Australians and New Zealanders in childhood, Just like the big white rabbit toffee that many of us ate when we were young.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, this chocolate isDiscontinued in 1994Since then, countless Australians can only relive the classic taste of childhood in their memories...

There are diehard fans who have been obsessed with this taste for so many years, so in 2012 they created a petition page on Facebook called "Give back our Cadbury Caramilk chocolate!"(Bring back Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate Again)

Perhaps it was the piety of these fans that moved the heavens, the earth, and the chocolate company. inLast NovemberCadbury’s factory in Dunedin, New Zealand, produced a limited batch of Cadbury Caramilk chocolates.

After 23 years, New Zealanders are finally able to eat their childhood delicacies again. The feeling is probably the same as when a wolf who has been hungry for many days suddenly sees meat. Therefore, countless New Zealanders fly like hungry wolves. Rushed to the supermarket and snapped up this chocolate.

According to the report,A full 100 million bags were sold out in just 3 weeks...

At that time, this chocolate was not on the market in Australia, so Australians could only drool and look eagerly across the sea. Smart New Zealanders also seized business opportunities toThe high price of $50 a bagSell ​​chocolate to Australia online.

It is also because of the Australians’ enthusiasm for Cadbury Caramilk chocolates. Therefore, when Cadbury Caramilk announced that it will produce a batch of Cadbury Caramilk again this year, Australian retailers decisively purchased a batch.

Last week, This chocolate is already on the shelves in Woolworths, Australia. However, due to the limited quantity, the supply is still in short supply. Many stores were robbed as soon as they were put on the shelves, and the speed of placing goods could not keep up with the speed of buying.

According to media reports,Now Woolworths can't buy it...

And those who finally bought it started to run to the Internet to post pictures excitedly:

"My husband finally opened Twitter, but mainly to show off the Caramilk chocolate he bought."

"With Caramilk, immediately resurrected with full blood."

"I vowed that I would never buy junk food again after get off work, but I unknowingly bought a lot of Caramilk chocolate! I grabbed the last bag on the shelf! Excited!"

"I have already stocked 12 bags of Caramilk, I think it should be enough. But if someone takes them away tomorrow, I will be crazy!"

Seeing that everyone was showing pictures of chocolates, those who did not grab them felt that the whole person was bad, so they could only tweeted the chocolate company pitifully:

"Where can I buy your chocolate? I miss it so much! But I don’t know what’s wrong, it always disappears as soon as it’s on the shelves. I just want to buy 1 bag...2 bags...or 3 bags ?"

But the chocolate company only replied:

"Thank you for loving our chocolate! We can't disclose our future plans for the time being, please follow our Facebook page at any time, and we will announce good news soon!"

It seems that those who have not grabbed this chocolate can only wait for the "good news"...

News compiled from "News.com.au, Perth Now, New Zealand Herald"


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