When you open Instagram and see a photo of your friend working out, do you have the urge to work hard and change your appearance?


In fact, change can happen in just a few months.

Humans are all visual animals. Some people say that the inside is more important, yes! But the existence of both the inside and the outside is absolutely even more irresistible.

The story begins like this:

There is a very popular reality show in Australia called"The biggest loser".

Loser here refers to the most weight loss. This reality show allows overweight players to compete against each other, and the loser who loses the most can get high prizes. Throughout the show, some people insisted and some gave up. But it has influenced a large number of Australians to start their fitness path.


And Sam Rouen is one of the most well-known winners in previous shows!

In 2008, when Sam was only 19 years old, he weighed154 kg, Through the show finally reduced the amazing71 kg.

At the age of twenty-nine, he has become a firefighter. From a fat boy to a muscular boy. He said that many unforgettable things have happened in the past 10 years. His life is like a roller coaster, having experienced the highest points and lowest valleys. Thanks to so many people who silently supported him.

Now he not only found his love, but also participated in the shooting of the Australian firefighter calendar.

"I am addicted to exercise now, and I like working out with my brothers the most."

In fact, there is still the shadow of being overweight in my mind. Even at the beach now, he doesn't like to take off his shirt.

Participating in the current Sam

Sam's story is very inspiring. After unremitting efforts, he feels that life is more and more meaningful.

Sam said: "You can be at the lowest point, but after hard work and perseverance, you can definitely turn the situation around and realize your dreams."

He is the champion of the third series in 2008.

From a fat man weighing 154 kg,

In 12 weeks, a staggering 71 kg (83Kg) was lost in the competition.

He has maintained a healthy lifestyle for the next 10 years.

Passionate about work and addicted to exercise.

He has realized his dream of becoming a firefighter!

And appeared as a model in the firefighter's calendar!

He met his true love and became engaged to his girlfriend Daniella.

Although his body shape has undergone incredible changes. But he knew that if he didn't work hard, people would still slack off.

"Even on the beach, I still don't like taking off my shirt."

Sam loves his job. The firefighter is his childhood ideal, and this job allows him to help more people.

My favorite is his sentence:

"You can be at the lowest point, but after hard work and unremitting efforts, you can definitely turn the situation around and realize your dreams."

Seeing this, I scanned the before and after comparisons of fitness on the Internet, and I deeply realized that fitness is really a magical thing...

Body shape changed,Not only is the appearance of the last rank,The temperament is perfectly transformed,Confidence doubles and immediately becomes a winner in life...

News compiled from "boredpanda via James"


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