Today (March 2018, 3)Since the beginning of this year, the 457 visa became history, and the TSS visa that replaced it was officially launched!

TSS visa:


  • Short-Term stream: 2 years.
  • Medium-Term stream: 4 years.
  • Labour Agreement stream: Employers introduce skilled workers from overseas through labor agreements, similar to the previous ones, and have nothing to do with most people.
Application requirements:

Here we mainly introduce the basic requirements of the 2-year and 4-year TSS visa:

Renewal requirements:

Generally, all primary and secondary applicants of TSS can apply for visas within or outside Australia. However, nominated occupations in STSOL can only apply for two 2-year TSS visas in China, which meansOnly renewal within the country1. If you want to continue to apply after the visa expires, you need to leave the country and meet the GTE requirements.

The main applicant will usually be deemed not to meet GTE if there are the following conditions, unless the free trade agreement provides:

  • Hold more than 5 2-year TSS visas in the past 2 years; or
  • Has been in Australia for 4 years (regardless of visa holder) and the visa officer seriously suspects that he is not a real temporary immigrant

Existing 457 holders can also apply for a second TSS visa in China in the future, that is, holding a 2 does not count as the number of renewals within TSS.

Submit a TSS visa in China,All applicantsNeed to hold a substantive visa, or a bridging visa A, B, C. However, if the occupation is on the short-term list and the main application meets all of the following conditions, the TSS visa application must be submitted overseas:

  • Hold more than 1 TSS visa and the occupation is on the short-term list
  • The last TSS visa was submitted in Australia
  • Does not conflict with any free trade agreement
About the employer:
  • Guarantee qualification

Regardless of the length of operation, all employer guarantee qualifications are valid for 5 years. Among them, the guarantee qualification can be extended, and the Immigration Bureau recommends applying for 2 months before the guarantee qualification expires.

Note alsoDon't apply too early, Because the new 5-year guarantee period is calculated from the time the application is approved, not after the last 5-year expiration. In addition, local employers in Australia can take the simplified process.

The Ministry of the Interior encourages employers to apply for certification and guarantee qualifications. The nomination application of certified employers can be reviewed first and can be approved as soon as 5 days. For low-risk nomination applications, you can also simplify the process and have the opportunity toA few minutesApproved automatically within, without any human involvement!

  • Nomination application

The occupation nominated by the employer is reviewed according to the checklist when submitting the nomination application, and must befull time. If the occupation is removed after the nomination is submitted,Nomination applications that have been submitted, including subsequent related visa applications will not be affected.

One job nomination can only correspond to one visa application. If the nomination expires, is rejected or revoked, the relevant visa application will not be approved and can be revoked.

457 transition to TSS:

After the launch of TSS, 457 was abolished and no new visa applications could be submitted. However, the 457 applications that have been submitted before will not be affected and continue to be processed in accordance with the original policy.

Employers who have received a 457 sponsorship can still nominate and sponsor TSS visa applicants.

If the 457 nomination and visa application are submitted at the same time before the launch of TSS, they will still be processed in accordance with the old policy.

If only 457 nomination applications were submitted before the launch of TSS, then at the time of TSS launch:

  • The nomination has not been approved, then the trial will be stopped and the fee will be refunded (no written application is required).
  • Even if the nomination is approved, you cannot apply for a TSS visa, and the employer can revoke the nomination and refund the fee.

After the launch of TSS, if the 457 holder changes jobs before the visa expires, the employer needs to submit an application for TSS nomination.

Even if the main applicant is applying for or holding a 457 visa, the secondary applicant can submit a TSS visa application with the same expiration date as the main applicant.

457 to PR:


  • The professional requirements remain unchanged
  • English requirement 4 6
  • Under 50 years old and can enjoy exemption
  • 2 years work experience

Other applicants can only follow the new policy to transfer to permanent residence:

  • Under the age of 45 when submitting the PR application, unless the exemption requirements are met
  • Whether you are holding a 457 or TSS visa, you need at least 3 years of work experience, andThe same employer works in the same position.
  • The residence requirement for temporary residence to permanent residence was extended from 2 years to 3 years

In addition, if you already hold a 2017 visa on April 4, 18, even if you change your employer or visa afterwards, as long as the occupation is still on the list, you still have the opportunity to transfer to PR!

186 and 187 in one step:

The implementation date of the 186 and 187 New Deals is the same as the TSS visa, on March 3.

Basic application requirements:

After the implementation of the New Deal, apply for 186 and 187:

  • Occupation needs to be on the MLTSSL list, and applying for 187 can also nominate additional occupations applicable to remote areas
  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience
  • English equivalent to at least 4 IELTS 6
  • Not more than 45 years old
  • Meet the annual market wage (AMSR) and temporary skilled immigrant income threshold (TSMIT) requirements
Nomination is subject to application:

If the occupation is on the STSOL list and only 186 and 187 nomination applications were submitted before the implementation of the New Deal, thenVisa applications can still be submitted after the New Deal, But it must meet the visa application requirements, such as the 187-year work experience requirement of 3.

This is great news for people whose occupations are not on the MLTSSL list but are temporarily unable to meet the 186 and 187 application requirements!

Because as long as you submit it before the New DealNomination application, In the few months waiting for the nomination to be approved, hurry up and make up the conditions, such as English, work experience or career assessment, and you can submit your visa application after the nomination is approved.

Occupation list:

The occupation list that was originally planned to be updated every six months was only two months away from the last update (January 2018, 1).

For those who have already submitted an employer sponsorship application (nomination) and visa application (visa), they will not be affected by the new occupation list.

The short-term occupation list (STSOL) and the medium and long-term occupation list (MLTSSL) have not changed much;

The newly-added Regional Occupation List (Regional Occupation List) adds 59 occupations; it can be seen that there is a huge demand for talents in remote areas.

The list of short-term and mid- to long-term occupations remains almost unchanged, and popular majors can still apply for PR:

Accounting, engineering, computing, management consulting, valuation, education, doctors, nurses, technicians and other positions account for most of the medium and long-term occupation list (MSTSSL). The positions on this list can obtain a Sc482 four-year temporary visa, which can be renewed an unlimited number of times in the country. After holding the Sc482 visa for 3 years, you can apply for permanent residence.

Agriculture, sales/marketing/human/finance/production/insurance manager, restaurant/hotel/accommodation manager, art, design, media, and some education positions are placed on the short-term list (STSOL). The positions on the list can obtain a temporary visa for Sc482 for two years, and only have one opportunity to renew the visa within the country. You cannot apply for permanent residence for such positions.

Newly added a list of occupations in remote areas that can directly immigrate:

Taking into account the needs of small employers in remote areas, this reform deliberately added a list of occupations in remote areas. This list is only applicable to remote areas. And can enjoy the same treatment as mid- to long-term positions-apply for permanent residence.

The list contains 59 positions, of which 48 are new positions and 11 are moved from the short-term and medium- to long-term lists. (For a detailed list, please refer to the end of the article)

Real estate economy class as an immigration occupation:

The Property Manager and Real Estate Representative, who just returned to the short-term job list in January this year, are really twists and turns. Although it was removed from the short-term list, it was added to the job list in remote areas. However, being able to apply for immigration also makes up for the regret of geographical location. And this change is also reasonable, because the employers of these two positions must be in remote areas, so that employees live in big cities, and it is not realistic to commute every day. At the same time, this time the requirement on the size of the employer's company has been cancelled, increasing more opportunities to find jobs in remote areas.

11 positions removed to remote areas:

The Horse Breeder, which was also upgraded to the mid-to-long-term list in January, was removed and moved to a remote area;

The following 10 positions on the short-term list were removed and also included in the list of remote areas:

Changes in job restriction requirements (CAVEATS)

The following 12 positions cancel the restrictive requirement of the original applicant for 2 years of work experience. However, this change is useless, because all new 482 visa applicants must meet two years of relevant work experience.

The following 22 short-term listing positions have lifted restrictions on working in remote areas, including accommodation and hospitality managers (Accommodation and Hospitality Managers nec).

The complete "Short Occupation List (STSOL)" is as follows:

The complete "List of Long-term Vacancies (MLTSSL)" is as follows:

The complete "List of Occupations in Remote Areas (Regional)" is as follows:

The job restriction clause (CAVEAT) is as follows:

Please refer to the third column of the occupation list, if the following conditions will not meet the application conditions for the corresponding position

News compiled from " Neolithic study and immigration, Federal Register of Legislation"


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