Living in Tuao, it is commonplace to see insects and spiders at home. If you want to ask me what I hate to see, then my first choice is -cockroach!

The cockroach is also known as "Xiaoqiang who can't be killed", and its vitality can be said to be very tenacious! This is an omnivorous animal with a much higher evolutionary history than the editor.It has strong fecundity and can also carry pathogens!And, the most terrible thing is,Cockroaches are not afraid of people!


This kind of unkillable Xiaoqiang can be said to be everywhere and everywhere. And how to eliminate them is also a big problem...

I believe most people will choose to use pesticides. But recently, a man accidentally detonated the kitchen while using insecticide spray to deal with cockroaches! And I got hurt...

Last Wednesday night, a man who lives in Mount Isa, Queensland saw the hateful cockroach in the kitchen. He immediately had the intent to kill him, so he started using the insecticide spray.Planning to burn the cockroach to death!

Unexpectedly, this spray would cause an accident.

Because I happened to encounter an open flame when I sprayed the insecticide spray, and then,The entire kitchen was instantly detonated!

The windows and front door of this man's home were blown up...

And here, the man himself was injured by the fragments on his head and hands...

Around 8pm, emergency services arrived at his home in Abel Smith Parade.

The police officer said:

"These products will be clearly marked with instructions for use, ifMay be used improperlyLead to serious consequences, Such as this accident. An explosion in the kitchen is very dangerous, which is considered good. "

Here, the editor also once againRemind everyone:Cockroach sprayDon't run into an open flame! ! !

Later, the man received treatment at the scene and was sent to Mount Isa Hospital, while the others in the house were not injured.

Prosecutors also went into the house to check and ensure that there was no gas leak.

Although this man can blow up the kitchen by killing a cockroach, the editor feels that unfortunately, neither the man nor the rest of the family has affected their lives! There is nothing wrong with the house being damaged so much. Isn't this the greatest luck?


Through this incident, the editor would like to remind everyone that before using this kind of insecticidal products,Please be sure to figure out how to use it first!

Of course, the weather in Australia is really suitable for cockroach breeding. Here I want to give you a few safe and simple tips for eliminating cockroaches:

1. Cut the onion into slices or shreds and put it on a plate, and put it in a place where cockroaches frequent, and cockroaches will not dare to come again when they smell the irritating taste! (This method is simple and easy to implement, and the operability is very troublesome~)

2. Use a bottle with a big belly, smear sesame oil around the mouth of the bottle, put some fragrant food in the bottle, and place it in a place with many cockroaches. The cockroaches will crawl into the bottle and be killed. (It feels like an alternative homemade cockroach board)

3. Get a piece of paper of suitable size, and sprinkle the washing powder on it. In order to attract cockroaches, you can also sprinkle some sugar water. Put it in a place where cockroaches frequent it, and it will die after eating the washing powder. (I never thought that washing powder can kill cockroaches!)

4. Spray the diluted soap solution or washing powder (not too thick) on the cockroaches, two or three drops are deadly. Because the soapy water forms a film on the cockroach's stomata, it can effectively block the stomata through surface tension, which will suffocate it to death. (Well, another version of the previous method...)

5. Buy a pack of boric acid in a pharmacy. After dissolving a proper amount of boric acid in hot water, wipe the floor with a mop or rag. After drying, the white boric acid crystals will seep into the cracks of the floor to prevent cockroaches, ants, etc.

Of course, so many methods were introduced,In fact, prevention is the most important thing!Everyone must pay attention to hygiene and ensure that the home is clean. It is best not to take home delivery boxes and the like!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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