This magical land of Australia not only breeds silly animals like kangaroos and koalas, but also breeds countless cold-blooded animals that are secretly poking and killing people:70% of the world's venomous snakes live in Australia!

Moreover, the venomous snakes in Australia often do not take ordinary paths, do not stay honestly in the jungle, like to wander around without problems, and even go to residential areas to beg saliva or escape the heat.

Therefore, in the Australian news, we can often see such a picture of man and nature being very "harmonious":

Uninvited guest in the bathroom:

Uninvited guest in the classroom:

Uninvited guests in the parking lot:

Even inside the car hood, you can also encounter:

In short, in Australia, these venomous snakes appear in front of you in 100 ways, and they have never disappointed Australians and the media.

When traces of venomous snakes are found in Australian life, the first reaction is of course to escape quickly, and then call the snake hunting company and let the professionals handle it!However, there is a situation where you may not have time to escape, let alone call,For example, the poisonous snake is next to you,Staring at you naked...

At this time, every small move of yours, even trembling, may be interpreted by the viper as an offensive threat, triggering its attack instinct, and if you bite it in a thunderous bite, you may die...

So, what do you do when you encounter a poisonous snake head-on?

Recently, when an Australian man was hiking in the jungle, he just wanted to sit on the ground and rest, but he turned his head sharply.It was found that less than 5 centimeters from his thigh, this venomous rattlesnake was entrenched, and the venomous snake had already held its head up and stared at him.

As an outdoor sports enthusiast, he has much experience, but facing this situation, it is the first time in his life.Whether it is life or death, it depends on this time!

He is ready to exhaust what he has learned throughout his life and try to escape Shekou. He asked his friend to stay away and help him to videotape. Even if he died, he still had a record...

In the next two minutes, the Australian man tried several different methods to attract the poisonous snake based on his own experience. In this thrilling 2 minutes, the back of the viewer was chilly!

This may be a movie that many people have never seen before,Don't look down for the timid.

Let's break down the slow motion and take a look at the whole process:

This is an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, highly venomous.From the picture, we can see that the snake is really next to the Australian man's thigh, and the two eyes have met each other. They all say that they are most afraid of looking at snakes, because that is a provocative signal.

Therefore, he quickly retracted his gaze and stared at the poisonous snake from the corner of his eye. He knew that this was a tense time, and any action could be fatal, so he raised his arms and did not dare to move.

After a few seconds of stillness, the Viper maintained this defensive posture without any movement.

After expressing to the poisonous snake that he had no intention to attack, the Australian man began to try to divert the poisonous snake. His first attempt was to blow into it.

I don’t understand what this principle is.But obviously this trick is useless. The viper still stared at the Australian man.

Next, the Australian man decided to make a second attempt and scratch his tail!

Because the scope of the snake's eyesight can not take into account the back of the body, and the tail is a very sensitive part. Therefore, the Australian male intends to gently touch its tail from behind, anyway, to distract the snake.

He took a deep breath, then carefully lowered his arm little by little, slowly approaching the snake's tail...

The snake seemed to be aware of it, and raised his head to stare at the little brother more closely.

Just when his finger touched the snake's tail, something dangerous happened!

The snake moved forward instinctively! Moved to his lap! This is bad. The snake was 5cm away from the Australian man, but now it is completely lying on his lap! Moreover, staring at his every move without slack!

The sudden attack of the poisonous snake terrified the Australian man. He quickly retracted his hands and raised it high to show weakness to the poisonous snake...

After a few moments of fear, he began to tremble uncontrollably...

He can't just let this poisonous snake lie on him like this. He is about to be unable to maintain this posture, but he must be stretched, because any change of movement will kill him at this moment...

He tried to calm himself down. He intends to make a third attempt, twitching the snake's body with a branch, leading it to other places...

Friction with branches is accustomed to snakes, so they may not be so vigilant. So, he gently lowered his arm and picked up a small branch on the ground. He tried to make it very gentle, so gentle that it would not attract the attention of the viper.

He scratched the snake's waist with a branch, and felt the uncomfortable snake suddenly move and swim towards the bushes behind the Australian man!

He succeeded, and the viper left his thigh and hid in the bushes!

When it was too late, he was fast, he jumped up and ran out! I finally escaped from death...

When he looked back at the poisonous snake, he found that it was vigorously shaking the scales on its tail.

When the rattlesnake shakes its tail,Means it is issuing an ultimatum!

The full video is here,This is really a movie that Australian men exchanged for their lives!

If you don't mind turning on the sound to watch, then you will hear the creepy sound of the rattle, which is really scary for people who watch every second!

In just one or two hours, the film was circulated wildly on Facebook, and everyone forwarded it to their relatives and friends, advertised that when confronted with the snake at close range, there was such an operation.

Although I hope that everyone will never encounter this situation, but there are unexpected events, who knows! Pay more attention to the experiences and lessons learned by others in exchange for their lives. It is always good for you!

Some people who are also outdoor enthusiasts mentioned:When trekking in the jungle, try to stay away from the pine needles, because that is where snakes like to go. He also felt that this boy's approach was not the safest and feasible...

What should I do if I encounter a poisonous snake head-on? Those who know are welcome to leave a message to share with everyone.

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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