This is an outbreak in AustraliaLarge-scale Listeria infection casesAfter that, the advice given by medical experts.

According to reports,在1月17日至2月9日期间,澳洲各地一共出现了10起李斯特菌感染病例,其中新州6起,维州1起,昆州3起。

Before these 10 infected people became ill,Have eaten cantaloupe. among them,Two infected people in NSW have died.

Authorities believe that the outbreak of Listeria cases is likely to be related toA cantaloupe farm in Riverina, NSWrelated.

Last Friday, this farm has stopped production and is cooperating with relevant departments to investigate.All potentially affected cantaloupes have been removed from the supermarket. Various states are also working together to investigate the root cause of this Listeria infection.

Listeria, a facultative anaerobic bacteria, mainly uses food as a vector.BeOne of the deadliest foodborne pathogens

After being infected with this bacteria, it may take several days or even weeks before the corresponding symptoms appear.The initial symptoms are similar to flu, including fever, chills, muscle aches, nausea, diarrhea, etc. In severe cases, it can be fatal!

Listeria appears on the skin of the cantaloupe, not in the flesh, but the bacteria will spread to the flesh during the cutting process and eat into the mouth. Especially, the elderly, pregnant women and people with weakened immunity are more susceptible to this bacteria.

The health department has reminded people across Australia that if they are unsure whether the cantaloupe at home contains this kind of bacteria, they should never eat it. If you feel unwell, see a doctor as soon as possible.

The Australian Melon Association reminds the public thatThe cantaloupes bought before Wednesday are either thrown away or returned to the seller.

Many supermarkets in Victoria have also taken off the shelves of cantaloupes. If you bought them a few days ago, you should throw them away.

News compiled from "9 News, ABC News"


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