Time: 2018 March 3 Author: Gu Fan Location: Melbourne, Australia

Yuhua gemstones can be seen everywhere from decades ago, and today it is hard to find a single stone. It has attracted more and more attention from collectors from all over the world. Why did the small stone make the ancient literati and inscribed love, and why it became The psychic jade in "A Dream of Red Mansions" must have its mystery. Let us lift up this mystery and get to know the real Yuhua gem.

On the earth trillions of years ago, everything changed. The movement of the earth's crust began to emit flames and magma under the impetus of energy, which quickly released the energy in the earth. In, it witnessed the changes of everything in the world, the burning flame, and then gradually cooled down. It began to freely combine with magma and minerals. They were entangled and nestled together, forming all things in the world with different images you can think of. The pattern, the experience of the experiencer's time, the river transportation and the rain washing, one by one Yuhua gemstones about 3-5 cm in diameter were born.

Rain Flower Gem Introduction-Chinatown, Australia

It is like a small gift from the earth to mankind. It appears in front of us without any whitewashing, which can only be recognized by the eye. You may be wondering why it has been tempered, not only did it not withdraw from the stage of history and disappear in the long river of history, but it became more and more flaunting brilliance. That is because the Yuhua gem is born with the energy of the earth, with a This kind of belief is the firm belief that humans will discover its value and beauty.

There are a large number of chemical components in its physical characteristics, the most important being silica, and a mixture of quartz, chalcedony and flint or opal, which belongs to the agate category. Many college materials majors in China will use it for experiments because it is representative. I believe that in the near future, scientists will explore its mysterious and long-lasting energy, and benefit mankind.

China's quantum technology has led the world, and this technology has begun to be used in reality. And it is also expecting people of insight to discover it, fall in love with it, and show its value. For thousands of years, the Yuhua gem has been appreciated by humans, and it has been passed on to humans in a unique way trillions of years ago. Message. It carries a more profound historical significance. Who else, this secret gem with ancient times, is emitting more and more dazzling light.