Australia was named the world's top ten happy countries by the United Nations! Beat the British and Americans on the list!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Australia once again attracted the attention of the world! In the latest "World Happiness Index Report" released by the United Nations,Australia successfully defeated developed countries such as Britain and the United States,Ranked 10th on the list.

It is reported that yesterday March 3 was World Happiness Day. The report published by the United Nations fromRanked 6 countries in 156 areas, The 6 factors affecting ranking are:

ReceiveAccess, life expectancy, freedom, social support, trust and generosity.

The countries that have squeezed into the top 2 list for two consecutive years all have common characteristics:

Small gap between rich and poor, high taxes,Sound medical security mechanism,Long life expectancy, low corruption rate,The government and the community can provide support to those in need.

This report also appeared for the first timeConcern for immigration and its happiness, Including the immigrant happiness index of 117 countries.

John Helliwell of Columbia University said: "The most surprising finding of this report is thatThe happiness of immigrants is consistent with the happiness of local people. Moving to a country where happiness is high makes people happier, while people who go to unhappy countries do the opposite. "

The top 10 happiest countries in the world:











What is better about Australia?So unforgettable?

Beautiful australia

Australia has a vast territory with an area of ​​XNUMX million. It is the sixth largest country in the world by area. The coastal and inland scenery varies from spring to autumn.

Let us look at you again, from north to south. ❤️Starting from the Northern Territory, listen to the camel bells, watch the magnificent sunset in Kata Tjuta National Park, and have a candlelight dinner with friends under the starry night.

The heart-shaped island of the Great Barrier Reef is the most romantic place in Australia.

The wind on the Gold Coast dissipated the sorrow, and the sunshine on the Gold Coast warmed people's hearts. Here, all you have to do is relax and relax again.

The mist of the Blue Mountains cuts through the forest and threw leaves, just like the abode of gods.

The red maple is like fire in autumn, pulsating and fiery.

The bravery of the twelve disciples, the enthusiastic sea breeze of the Great Ocean Road, and the vastness of the sea, here is a corner where magnificence and gentleness coexist.

Kangaroo Island in South Australia is a natural island where man and nature are united. Watch kangaroos play, watch seals go home, and watch the blue sea and blue sky with your lover.

Barossa’s mellow red wine, thousands of miles of vineyards, and elegant and classical manors have long been branded into the bones of Australian culture.

The Gairdner Salt Lake in the sky is pure and free from impurities. The sky is the same color, and the shadow on the lake is only a canoe.

A beauty that blooms from north to south is called jacaranda.

Open in people's hearts, transformed into a purple dream season.

Colorful Australia

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, and Hobart, the capitals of the major states, are just like the little pearls on the brilliant land of Australia, all shining brightly and dazzlingly.

Sydney is vibrant

Melbourne's cultural heritage


Brisbane's Escape

Adelaide's laid-back and quiet

Perth's lights correspond

The transcendence of Hobart

Humanistic Australia

For education, we have the well-known "Big Eight" at home and abroad, and a group of rising stars stand among the world's universities, attracting a large number of overseas students to the hall of knowledge every year!

University of Sydney

University of Adelaide

Australian National University

Sydney University of Technology

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

University of South Australia

Flinders University

Wonderful Australia

Australia has a vicissitudes of history that has witnessed the vicissitudes of architecture. Sitting in the QVB shop in Sydney, listening to the century-old bells, watching the crowds weaving, feel comfortable.

Australia also has modern buildings. The Discovery Building on the south bank of Melbourne, Q1 on the Gold Coast, stands tall and motionless.

Climb to the Sydney Tower for a panoramic view of the night view and the bustling city.

Australia is even more a world of seafood, lobster, king crab, big abalone, everything is wonderful.

The food here is pure and well known to the world. Australia's milk powder and health products have become the objects of competition for people all over the world to buy.

Life here is very slow, and it does not live up to the beauty of life. Fall in love with sunny beaches and coffee in Australia.

There are too many cute little animals in Australia: the soft cute koala


Chubby Tasmanian Little Devil

Mr. alpaca, the popular Internet celebrity

Of course, there are sincere people here. If you have anything to say thank you, you can say hello when you meet

No matter whether you are rich or poor, as long as you are an upright person, everyone will treat you equally.


Australia, where we grew up, has been our second hometown since that year when we carried our backpacks and set foot on this hot land.

How many times have we watched the sunset in the Pacific Ocean, strolling in the ancient campus surrounded by breeze in the southern hemisphere, we love Australia's rich freedom, and love her friendship to grow with us!

From graduation to work, people working hard here did not choose the wrong place!

Friends who are about to come, please hurry up!

Come on, you bring the money, I bring you, let's go to Australia together!


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