JoyFriends who are interested in overseas mail order in Australia should pay attention, you may spend more money to buy the goods you like.

The Australian government is considering levying additional taxes on all overseas online purchases of packages, the tax amount is about 2-7 yuan per package.Previously, packages with a value of more than 1000 dollars have been taxed, with a tax of about 90 yuan, and now the government has also started with small packages below 1000 yuan!

And this tax is not included in GST (10% consumption tax)!

If you remember correctly, the Australian Ministry of Finance has decidedStarting from July 7 this year, 1% GST will be levied on overseas shopping parcels under 1000 Australian dollars!

Now it’s equal to the clothes, books, cosmetics and other overseas goods you buy that are not more than A$1000Not only must I pay GST, but also a parcel tax.

Finally saved some money for mail order, and now I have to pay taxes again!

In the last fiscal year, a total of 4000 million "low-priced" packages entered Australia, almost 2 per person. And this time the tax is proposed forMake up for costs related to biosecurity, cargo and trade border activities

The proposal said: "The current costs are no longer sustainable and cannot support Australia's future trading environment."

But Liberal Democratic Party member David Leyonhjelm said: “This tax is unnecessary. This government always seems to want to roll out new taxes and increase existing taxes unscrupulously.”

"We are already paying very high taxes. It is really distressing that we can't keep much money on our hands."

This proposal is still under discussion.

If this is passed, it will cost more money to buy clothes and bags from overseas websites in the future!

For example, if you buy a skirt from ASOS, it costs $41;


That is,Buying a skirt costs 61% more than the original!

Buying a book from Amazon now costs $22.57 + $14.27 shipping = $37.29;


That is,It costs 66% more to buy a book than before!

Buying a NARS lipstick from StrawberryNET now costs $39.50;


That is,Buying lipstick costs 63% more than before!

And everyone knows that Australia is really a bit of a fashionable Dead Sea here! In addition to new clothes or new cosmetics, some major international brandsIt happens that the stores in Australia are not on the shelves!

If you are not on the shelves, can we not buy from overseas? It's okay now. Haitao pays more money. Will it be given back to people to chase fashion? ...Do you have anything to say about the new tax proposed by the Australian government today?

News compiled from "9News/ABC"


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