Next month, Australia will be jealous of the whole world

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

After the fresh rain in the empty mountain, the weather is late in autumn.

As the sun's direct rays gradually moved toward the Tropic of Cancer, the southern hemisphere ushered in its own autumn.

It is said that Australia in April is very dangerous, because once you come, you will never want to leave.

You come or not,

Today, I will tell you the most beautiful autumn in Australia.

In Australia in the southern hemisphere, autumn begins in March and ends at the end of May when the weather gradually enters winter.

Thanks to itUnique locationMonsoon climate, Every autumn, Australia is always rainy and rainy, which brings a rich water storage environment to the vegetation of the mountains and plains, and also brings excellent scenery to the viewers.

Fortunately, most of Australia has four distinct seasons throughout the year, so after the fall, it is easy to be surrounded by the strong autumn.

April is the heyday of colorful and colorful deciduous plants. At this time, the temperature during the day will remain at the most comfortable 22° for the human body, and the humidity will also rise.

From Sydney in New South Wales to Tasmania at the southern tip, autumn in Australia is so colorful and dazzling.

Let's take a look

New South Wales-Blue Mountains

Blue mountain

The world-famous autumn scenery, Sydney Blue Mountains must be familiar to everyone.

It is located near Sydney and can be reached by train.

If you drive thereOnly two hours, Can bring you from the hustle and bustle of city life into another brand new romantic world.

All the poems used to describe autumn can be stacked on the red leaves of the Blue Mountains.

Stop and sit at Aifenglin night, the frosty leaves are red in February flowers;

The frosty leaves are all over the street when Xiaoqing is cold.

The crimson sky is the ultimate romance and beauty,

Bring your love hereTake wedding photosWhat a romantic thing to let the maple leaves all over the mountains to witness your alliance of life.

New South Wales-Leura

Leura is a small town near Sydney that can only be reached by car. Every autumn, there are not only maple leaves, but also many cherry trees with orange flowers in full bloom.

The famousThe Everglades GardenIt is also located in this small town, covering 12 acres of the Australian bush.

There are many specimens of trees and plants of various colors. When the autumn wind stains them red, the residents of the entire town are drunk here.

New South Wales-  

Mount Tomah Botanic Garden

Mount Tomah Botanic Garden is also located near the Blue Mountains and has a huge park covering an area of ​​252 hectares.

The beautiful lawns and secluded environment here are perfect for a picnic after coming down from the Blue Mountains.

And the park on the top of the park canOverlooking the garden and the entire Blue Mountains, At a glance, the mountains are in full view.

New South Wales-  


Blackheath is also a small town at the foot of the Blue Mountains. The small streets here are full of rows of tall trees with dense branches and leaves. In autumn, they are so beautiful.

If you don’t have a car and want to go out to enjoy the maple, Blackhealth is your best choice, from SydneyYou can go directly by train.

New South Wales-  Mount Wilson

Many people say that if you go to the Blue Mountains to see the red leaves, Mount Wilson is the best place.

Indeed, over the years, the scenery of red leaves in Mount WilsonHas already maxed out Chinese FB.

Although it is small, it is a small town full of British traditions. Walking here is like walking into an oil painting. While enjoying the scenery, you also become a part of the scenery.

Here, there are manyPrivate gardenLin Li,

Maybe Xun Xun Mi, turned to the wrong street corner, and you broke into a different kind of little peach blossom source, standing there quietly, waiting for you to explore.

New South Wales-Sydney  


Of course, if you don’t have a lot of time for outings,

OnSydney city center, You can also have a view of the beautiful autumn scenery in Australia.

As AustraliaThe most populous and prosperous city, God is partial to Sydney. He adjusts the colorful colors here to make daily commuting look more vibrant.

Every morning, when you pass by these maple leaves, when they light up your mood for the day, the world seems to be a little better...

Victoria-Yarra Valley

Yarra valley 

Speaking of Australia's iconic autumn beauty, how can one not mention the famous scenic spot in Victoria, the Yarra Valley.

它 位于The northeast corner of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Visitors are weaving all year round.

Here is not only a picturesque river valley, here, there areMore than 80 wineries, Beautiful scenery, fine wine, intertwined in the golden sunshine of autumn, its love and scenery are beautiful.

The golden color all over the sky, if fromOverlooking on hot air balloon, Can see the beautiful pictures that will never be forgotten in a lifetime.

It is reminiscent of the hot, bright and passionate wheat field under Van Gogh's brush, and the cypress trees in the wheat field.

Victoria-Monte Macedonian Forest Garden

Mount Macedon Forest Glade Garden

The Monte Macedonian Forest Garden is also located near Melbourne and can be reached in about half an hour by car.

The garden design here is unique and exquisite, with large tracts of maple trees planted,

When April is approaching, the mountains and plains of red are dizzying. It is a great place for picnics and leisure with family and friends on weekends.

The iron gate is exquisitely carved and the brass is gleaming. Walking here seems to have strayed into the private garden of a prince and nobleman, hiding many smiles and many secrets.

Victoria-Fitzroy Park

Fitzroy Garden

Fitzroy Park is located indoors in Melbourne and is a leisure and entertainment place that many Melburnians choose on weekends.

BusyMelbourne city centre, In the cooler autumn climate,

Walking along the tree-lined road in the park, watching the red leaves fall on the ground and on people’s shoulders, what you feel is not depression, but passionate tension.



In addition to the populous and famous states of New South Wales and Victoria, there are many beautiful autumn landscapes in the vast Australian land.

For example, Canberra, the capital of Australia,

ThisA city famous for flowers, It's like sitting in the forest, every autumn, the whole city seems to be dyed with gold.

Northern Territory-Uluru


Uluru is probably one of Australia's most famous attractions. it isThe largest monolithic rock in the worldIt is also the most perfect and magnificent natural and cultural heritage in Australia. Once rated as one of the 50 places to go in life by the BBC.

Geographically, this isCentral location in Australia, Lying on the grass of Uluru, as if being tenderly embraced by the entire Australian continent.

In the autumn of Uluru, the wormwood all over the ground has turned yellow. I wonder if you have a Matsumoto Sakutaro who is calling for love in the center of this world.

Tasmania-West Coast Forest

Tasmania's Wild West Coast 

On the southernmost island of Australia and the farthest from the equator, autumn always comes first.

As soon as April arrives every year, autumn melts inFranklin Gordon Wilid RIvers National ParkThe stream in the river turns into the sweet aroma of negative oxygen ions, which will take you to visit this mysterious autumn island.

Under the waterfall, autumn leaves are already covered,

Visitors seem to be in a forest full of magic in Grimm's fairy tales, whether they will meet the Little Red Riding Hood looking for grandma in the next second.


Australia’s autumn has come quietly...

This April,

Will we meet under the red maple in the southern hemisphere?


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