Pretty! Australia has launched a new limited 2 Australian dollar coin, available at Woolworths!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

JoyThe coin collectors have paid attention, and there are new items to start!

To celebrate next monthStarted on the Gold CoastThe Commonwealth Games, Royal AustralianSpecially launchedThree new 2 yuan coins.

Starting from April 4th, 4 million of these coins will officially begin to circulate。此次推出的限量硬币将Woolworths andsell,15 yuan.

I have to say, thisThe coins are pretty good-looking.

There is a colorful inner ring on the coin, and the overall design is inspired by the "sports games and vibrant Gold Coast".

There are 3 types of patterns on the coin,Australian athletes, The host city and the mascot of the sports meeting-Borobipay tribute.

"Borobi is not just for this Games and币而生的吉祥物,它还将鼓舞大家参与到During the competition, the entire community is more cohesive and celebrates the great Australian culture. "federalMinister Greg Hunt said.

Last year, Hunt announced the launch of this suit just to celebrate this sports meetingAfter a lapse of more than ten years, he returned to Australia.

Royal的CEO,Ross MacDiarmid也同样表达了Excited about the issuance of new coins.

"These sets币深深把握住了此次运动会的本质,展现了, Sportsmanship, culture and passion. "MacDiarmid said.

There is also a special edition of 50 cents for 25 Australian dollars.

The 2018 Federal Games willBetween April 4th and 4th黄金海岸举办,届时将有6000名运动员参加,全世界预计有超过100Come to watch the game.

The visual inspection of this campaign will also generate 3 jobs and bring about 20 billion Australian dollars in revenue for Queensland.

This is also the fifth time Australia has hosted this event.The first time isIn 2006, Melbourne was more than ten years ago.

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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