SternHurt Australia! Won another oneThe world's first! Not long ago, Yale University released"2018 Global Environmental Performance Index (Environmental Performance Index) Report".

The report mainly uses scores of measurement indicators to rank the performance of countries with high-priority environmental issues on the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). Released every two years, with 20 years of evaluation experience and history.

This time there is180The country participates in the selection! It is of reference significance for the environmental sanitation of a country!

And in this year’s evaluation,Australia leads the way in the air quality index!

When evaluating air quality, experts will consider the following three indicators:

1. The impact of household solid fuel discharge

2. Annual average of PM2.5 in each country

3. Proportion of population affected by PM2.5 exceeding the standard set by the World Health Organization

As a result, Australia’s assessment of the three indicatorsAll got 100 points! Naturally, he became the first.

On this itemTop 10 countriesHave:

It can be said that the blue sky and white clouds we see every day are "real kung fu"...

In addition, Australia is not only among the best in air quality,It also performed well in other projects in this evaluation.

For example, in terms of water quality and sanitation, it ranks No. 98.44 in the world with a high score of XNUMX.13Bit. among themThe cleanliness of natural water resources ranks first!

Because of the excellent performance of environmental sanitation indicators,Australia's overall environmental health index ranks in the world第 4!

It’s just that because another big category, Ecosystem Vitality, only got the 60th place, resulting in an overall score of 74.12, ranking inGlobal 21.

The number one country isSwitzerland, The score is 87.42.

So the Australian ecosystem is not active enough?

I don’t know this, I just knowSnakes, spiders, kangaroos, and opossums in Australia are so active...they are in a good mood and patronize the crowded city center..

However, it is really a wonderful thing to live in a place with such pure air.No wonder some Australian businessmen started to sell Australian fresh air to China before!

This company called Green and Clean Air claims to have developedTechnology of capturing air (air farming), Which can ensure that the air quality that consumers buy is exactly the same as the local air quality in Australia.

The air compressed into the jar andOwn model and source, You will see "pure Gold Coast air", "pure Bondi beach air", "pure Blue Mountains air", "pure Tasmanian air" and "pure Yarra Valley air" in the bottle... It's quite professional!

Visually, a new purchasing project has been formed

Each can of air you can comfortably breathe approximately130 times, The price of each can of air is18.8 Australian dollars, And its raw materials, one can imagine, will not cost even a penny.

Take a deep breath every day when nothing is wrong, take a breath and refresh yourself! And it is reported that each person breathes an average of 2.3 times a day,This is equivalent to saving 3326 Australian dollars!Look, there is one more benefit of coming to Australia!

Moreover, our Australia is not only due to its good air quality. We can see its advantages in various past comparisons.

The happiest country in the world: Australia ranks 10th

Last month, the United Nations SDSN released the "2018 Global Happiness Report". According to the report's survey of per capita GDP, healthy life expectancy and self-awareness of happiness, Australia ranks 10th!

The world's most suitable country for children to be born and raised: Australia ranks 9th

The US News & World Report has selected the 10 best places for a child to be born in the world this year, and Australia ranks 9th!

The world’s friendliest country: Australia ranked seventh

According to the "2017 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report" issued by the World Economic Forum, Australia is ranked seventh among the world's most tourist-friendly countries because of its many global world heritage and natural attractions, as well as complete rest, entertainment and transportation facilities. .

The most suitable country for immigration: 4th in Australia

"The US News & World Report" released the 2017 ranking of the best immigration countries last year.Australia ranks fourth in the world with its warm climate, beach culture, rich natural environment and clean air.

The most suitable country for women to live in: Australia's 8th

"The US News & World Report" also announced the most suitable countries for women to live in.Australia with itsPerfect welfare policies for women and protection of women in the legal systemWon the 8th place.

In fact, the rankings are evaluated every year, and the rankings will naturally change due to different evaluation criteria. Even without referring to these ranking numbers,Every day we live in Australia, we can truly appreciate its extraordinary.

Take a look at the serious life here, turn the firewood, rice, oil and salt into poetry and people from far away, plant a good dish, and share it with neighbors in the neighborhood and taste each other.

Reading a good book, I would like to share the truth, goodness and beauty in the book with others.

Listening to a good song, the piano on the side of the road can play the most beautiful daily life.

I see that the society here is caring for different groups.

In the park here, there are swings specially prepared for disabled children.

The supermarket here will turn off the lights for a few hours for children with autism.

Marriage here has no gender barriers, just for love.

See the kindness of strangers that I receive here from time to time.

If the card is rejected at the supermarket, a stranger may pay for you.

When an accident occurs, passers-by will rush to help the first time.

Maybe there is no need for various ranking certifications, Australia is good enough in our hearts... Let’s talk about it, what is Australia's most proud of?


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