In Melbourne, the alcohol culture is particularly prevalent. Many people will go to the happy hour to have two drinks after get off work. On weekends, the party will be drunk and drunk.

And Australia is basically a country where no car can't work, which leads to a bunch of drunks holding the steering wheel, which is like time bombs on the road! Everyone is afraid of drunks because no one knowsWhat kind of accident will happen in the next second.

In fact, the probability of a drunk driving accident in Melbourne is scary.23% of car accidents in Melbourne are caused by drunk driving.Even more terrifying is,In all road traffic accidents that lead to death, 30% are caused by alcohol abuse.You can even say MelbourneThe blood of the road is dyed with alcohol.

According to the statistics,Especially the peak period of work is a dangerous rebirth!The thought of a group of drunks who drank until dawn was driving on the road, and they would come out at any time to commit suicide attacks, really shuddering.

Even more frightening is that according to Victorian police statistics,Of the 8,941 drunk-driving drivers discovered last year, 2,453 had previous convictions. In other wordsThey are habitual offenders who have never changed.Did not take the police seriously.

This is also the reason why the number of drunk driving accidents on Melbourne roads is high. This group of habitual offenders is basically a malignant tumor on Melbourne roads. Drinking and driving are as natural as eating and sleeping. You must know,In Russia, where there are a lot of drunks, the number of deaths in car accidents caused by drunkenness is only 9%.It is more than three times less than Melbourne,It shows how rampant the drunks in Melbourne are.

Bloody examples are played every day in Melbourne...

The arm flies directly out of the window

On April 4 this year,Melbourne was originally shrouded in thick fog and road visibility was very low.But there is such a driver, during the morning rush hourI rushed to the road while drinking!

The average speed reached 100km/h,Afterwards, without any surprises,He staggered into a taxi running normally.

And when the car crashed, he was hilarious because of the effect of alcohol, and he opened the car window and waved out the window.

His right arm was severely cut and flew out of the window.

In an instant he became unconscious, and that innocent taxi was completely scrapped. What’s more terrifying is that this traffic accident happened just before the morning rush hour at work.Severe traffic congestion in West Melbourne. I don’t know how many unlucky office workers are late because of this!

Pedestrian was hit and flew ten meters

Not long ago, a drunk Asian female driver directly hit a man into the air at night because of his unresponsiveness after drinking.Flew directly 10 meters away,After falling heavily to the ground, there is no more sound...

When the police arrived, they immediately arrested the woman driving. The woman was drunk. When the police asked the woman to blow up for an alcohol test, the woman refused to cooperate.

The Victorian police really couldn't bear it, so they decided to fight hard.Spend a huge sum of 11 billion yuan to launch a "Toward Zero" campaign!The goal is very ambitious,Number of deaths in Victorian traffic accidents by 2020Control to200Below people!

In order to achieve this goal, one of the most important parts is to severely punish drunk driving! This time, the Victorian government is absolutely serious. Starting from April 2018, 4, Melbourne began to implementThe strictest rules in the history of Australia!

Herald Sun: From April 4th, Victoria will implement the world's strictest traffic regulations

Revoked driver's license

After 4.30, driving in Melbourne,As long as the blood alcohol content reading exceeds the minimum penalty level (BAC: 0.05), ThenNo negotiation at all,Directly revoke the driving license!

And the revocation of driver’s license is not over yet,The offending driver needs to complete a compulsory drunk driving driver learning program in order to obtain a driver's license again.

Even drunk driving with low alcohol concentration (BAC:0.05-0.07) can't be opened online, all must be strictly handled!

Mandatory installation of alcohol lock

In addition to revoking their driver’s license, drunk drivers have to install alcohol locks.

This device willPerform a breath test on the driver before the vehicle is ignited, unless the driver passes the breath test and confirms that the blood does not contain alcohol, Otherwise the car cannot be started, And more amazingly, the device can also recordThe number of times the driver tried to start the vehicle while drinking.

This is equivalent to a real-time monitoring, which can not only reduce the repeated offences of drunk drivers, but alsoIf the driver keeps starting the vehicle while drinking, he will be completely locked down by the police!

According to the new law, thousands of vehicles in Victoria will be forced to install alcohol locks!What the Victorian government is even more absolute is that the cost of installing alcohol locks and subsequent maintenance is also forcing drivers to bear the same.

They will spend 180 dollars to install the alcohol lock, 150 dollars a month for maintenance, and if they want to remove them, they will have to spend another 100 dollars. If you install a half-year alcohol lock, thenHad to spend $1180!

This money can buy a lot of wine,It is estimated that this heartache can make many wine lovers resist the urge to drive!

In the future, the two most stringent laws and regulations will be parallel, and the driver’s license will be revoked as soon as it is discovered that drunk driving, and the double torture of alcohol lock spirit and money will definitely make drivers who try to drink and drive scared. According to predictions,Increase penalties can reduce70%Drunk driving accident,Install alcohol lock can reduce63%Car accident!

With this calculation, do everyone feel a lot of peace of mind when going out?I don’t have to worry about swaying cars suddenly rushing over when I walk and drive in the future...

I also want to remind everyone,Remember to drink and not drive, and drive and not drink!But sometimes, people who don’t drink alcohol will be detected, especially after the road inspection will be more stringent, a large number of police cars will be controlled at major intersections.Don’t get hurt by accident!

1: Oral products containing alcohol;For example, mouthwash, oral gel to prevent ulcers, etc., because these products have a cleaning effect, most of them contain alcohol, which is likely to cause accidental injury when blowing.

2. Small cakes, egg yolk pie;In order to keep their moisture and make them taste better, these kinds of foods will add edible alcohol when making them, which will cause the illusion of "excess alcohol" in the short term!

3. Fermented bean curd;The fermented bean curd that Chinese people love to eat is also the hardest hit area that caused the false appearance of excessive alcohol content!

4. Some fruits; such as durian, lychee, etc.

People who have used the above items or eaten these foods should never rush to drive! You have to wait for the "drinking gas" to dissipate for a while before you can drive. Otherwise, you will die unjustly. In short, I hope that with the efforts of the Victorian police, the number of people driving while drunk can really decrease as predicted.Stop drinking and driving.

 News compiled from "Herald Sun"

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