Yashi Wencui

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Time: April 2018, 4 Editor: Gu Fan Location: Melbourne, Australia


Jinling Royal Garden
Wang Dean
The court backyard of the Six Dynasties
Daming's Golden Palace Garden
Four seasons flowers are colorful
Winding corridor, heaven and earth
Bixi plays the stringless piano
The waterfall hangs down the bead and jade curtain

Sheng Chazi · Yuan Xi
Song Ouyang Xiu
The flower market was as bright as the day during the Yuan night last year
Willow heads on the moon meet after dusk
The moon and the lights are still on the night of this year
I don’t see the tears of the spring shirt sleeve last year

Drinking tea at Qingshantan with Yuanjushi
Don Lingyi
Wild Spring Fireworks and White Clouds
Sit and drink tea and love this mountain
Weizhou under the rock can't bear to go
Qingxi flowing water gurgling in the evening

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