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[Chinese must win election] Support Wang Zongjian! Support Yang Qianhui! Support Chinese candidates! For ballots, please fill in 1Ken Ong; 2Jennifer Yang; 3qun Xie; Others can be filled in at will, until full. Otherwise it will be invalid.

The Chinese in the by-election for the mayor of Melbourne must win! The election is a few people. From the history of the election in Moore, it can be seen that the rules of the election are maintained and can be changed! The election rules this time are the most beneficial to the Chinese (for example, non-citizens studying abroad can also vote). If the Chinese do not come and do not have the dominant power, will the rules be like this next time? no one knows. Based on this alone, the Chinese must unite and vote in a centralized manner and grasp their rights.

For the Melbourne Mayor by-election, the Australian gaming industry has accurate predictions for the Australian election, and the odds are used to express the winning rate. The mayor will be elected among the top three.The odds of Wang Zongjian, the only Chinese candidate to enter the top three, have shrunk by ️ times, indicating that the winning rate has increased again!Chinese friends voted collectively to support Wang Zongjian and send Wang Zongjian, an outstanding representative of Chinese people, to the throne of the mayor!Use your vote to write a chapter in Melbourne Chinese history, it's time!

The current situation of the election: the top three: Sally Capp is expected to collect 20% of the votes, Rohan 17%, Ken 15%, and the remaining 11 players are expected to be between 1%-10%.According to the election rules: the top two can only accept the votes of other candidates if the top two are not even half of them.At this time, the mutual selection of votes between candidates can work.According to the current election situation, no one can pass half of it alone.But now Wang Zongjian is only 2% behind'Rohan; as long as the Chinese concentrate their votes for Wang Zongjian, let Wang Zongjian enter the top two, then it is possible to win the election.Otherwise it is in vain.Come on, Chinese friends!