The former mayor of Melbourne, Australia, Robert Doyle (Robert Doyle) resigned in February this year due to a sex scandal after serving as mayor for nine years. The post of mayor who has been vacant for several months will be elected through an open by-election. The general election has entered a white-hot stage. The reason why this by-election is quite worthy of attention is the following three points:

1. Many Chinese candidates participated in the election with high profile, and Melbourne itself, as a gathering place for Chinese, has Chinese votesWill play a vital role.

2. Female Chinese candidates have won high attention from the local media in Australia and mainland China. Will Melbourne have a chance to welcome a female Chinese mayor?

3. Non-Australian residents have the right to vote. Non-PRs can vote in elections just like Australian citizens.

Chinese vote is very important

According to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the city of Melbourne where the mayor by-election is being held is not the Greater Melbourne that most people think.Instead, there are 15 districts with Melbourne’s central business district CBD as the core and surrounding suburbs, including Flemington, Parkville, Southbank and Port Melbourne Wait.

(Picture from Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Among the 14 candidates participating in the mayoral election, there are people from business and academic circles, the former Mayor of Melbourne, the current Melbourne City Councillor, and the former radio host.

(Webpage related to the Mayor of Melbourne by-election)

For the Chinese community, the three Chinese candidates are particularly eye-catching.They are Jennifer Yang, the former Mayor of Manningham, Ken Ong, and Qun Xie, the former Melbourne City Councillor. Among them, the candidate Yang Qianhui is of Chinese descent because of her female identity, which has attracted the attention of the Chinese and Australian media and voters.

According to the latest statistics, the total number of residents in Melbourne has exceeded 15.The Chinese have become the main growth driver, so Chinese votes have become more and more important.

Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2016 show that the total number of residents in Melbourne is approximately 13.6.Among them, the population born in China reached 2.1.Mandarin is the most popular language other than English. 2.5 people in Melbourne speak Mandarin at home.

Female Chinese candidates win Australia and China attention

What deserves the most attention of the Chinese in this by-election is the female Chinese candidate Ms. Yang Qianhui, who has served as the mayor of Manningham many times.

Today, I announced the start of the campaign together with the well-known Father Bob and the Victorian Minister of Women Natalie Hutchins. I am very honored and happy. I will set up Father Bob's Refuge for Women and Children (Father Bob's Refuge for Women and Children) because they are in urgent need of accommodation in the center of our city. Thank you to many friends who came to the scene to support me. You guys are really great!

But when she announced her candidacy, many racially motivated posts and comments appeared on her Facebook and Twitter pages, but this did not stop her determination to contribute to the Chinese in Melbourne and Australia.After her election campaign was established on social media, she immediately won the support and attention of many Chinese.

(Chinese candidate Yang Qianhui campaign homepage)

It is precisely because of her appearance that made this election more interesting for a while, and Yang Qianhui has also become the focus of the Australian and Chinese media.The local media interviewed her one after another to understand her political views and future policy directions.She was unanimously recognized and praised by the Australian media for her idea of ​​making more changes for the homeless.

(Yang Qianhui vows to build a home for the homeless)

Australian mainstream media 7NewsEven more in itsPrimetime news at 6pmShe reported on her political views in Shanghai; at the same time, 9News also interviewed her.

(7News prime time report Yang Qianhui)

(Yang Qianhui accepted an interview with 9News, the mainstream Australian media)

At the same time, China Central Television also made a detailed report on Yang Qianhui's participation.

(Picture from CCTV Chinese International Channel)

According to the report,She is the first female mayor of Chinese descent in Victoria.She is committed to combating wage inequality, advocating infrastructure construction and improving social welfare.At the same time, she has been committed to making more contributions to the Chinese and encouraging Chinese Australians to actively speak out.

For a better future for Chinese living in Australia

Candidate Yang Qianhui presented her political views

I hope she can be realized one by one after she is elected

Contribute to Melbourne and local Chinese

Yang Qianhui's 5 main political opinions

Fully support small and medium enterprises and eliminate business barriers

Small and medium-sized enterprises are extremely important to the prosperity of the city. The municipal government should give priority to the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises when formulating policies and encourage start-ups. Among them, the retail and catering industry particularly brings vitality and economic effects to our cities. We will abolish unnecessary license applications to reduce operating barriers in the retail and catering industry. The city government will work hard to work with small and medium-sized enterprises to actively understand their needs and actively provide due help.
Perfect wasteObjectPlaceManagement system to increase employment opportunities

Melburnians need a more complete waste treatment system, a larger waste treatment plant. We will adopt the most advanced waste treatment technologies and procedures at home and abroad, establish a local waste treatment mechanism in Melbourne, create more local employment opportunities and increase the corresponding economic effects.
Strive to fight crime and build a safer community

No matter what background you come from, we hope that every Melburnian feels safe. We must do our best to ensure that every Melbourne resident can enjoy this sense of security. To this end, we will consider increasing the number of surveillance cameras, street lighting, and security pillars in our jurisdiction. At the same time, we will look at the world, pay close attention to the most cutting-edge security technology, and find the best solutions to ensure the safety of residents and communities.
Promote transportation and community foundationInfrastructureShi JianAssume

Urge the state government to establish and upgrade road administration and community infrastructure, strive for more public transportation funding, and strive to promote the state government to build a tram bridge to Fishermans Bend by 2020. At the same time, the city government will upgrade bicycle lanes and footpaths throughout the city to ensure the convenient passage of pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles within the city, and increase government funding for upgrading community parks.
For Chinese,Create a better diverse community environment

Multicultural groups are vital to the entire city. Melbourne's cultural diversity has created vibrant economic and cultural activities, which have made great contributions to Melbourne's cultural and economic development. Therefore, the city government will strongly support exchanges between different cultural groups, deepen understanding, eliminate misunderstandings and prejudice, face up to the problem of racial discrimination in the Melbourne community, and ensure the common development of Melbourne residents from different backgrounds around the world.

A multicultural and tolerant society is a capital that Australia is proud of, and it is also one of the reasons why countless people yearn for Australia.

Candidate Yang Qianhui believes that her election can better serve the Australian Chinese and build a bridge of friendship.

At the same time, she is willing to help more Chinese take root in Australia and lead them to integrate into Australian society. This is one of her responsibilities and her value as a Chinese candidate.

Non-Australian residents have voting rights

Everyone read it right

This time you vote regardless of whether you are a PR or an Australian citizen

Candidates who have the opportunity to support

Cast a precious and sacred vote

According to official sources from the Victorian Electoral Commission

The following people have the right to vote in this mayor by-election:

Who has the right to vote?

  • Homeowners in Melbourne who have properties that pay local council rates (Council Rates)
  • Residents of properties in Melbourne that pay local council rates (Council Rates)
  • Persons designated to vote on behalf of companies that own or use properties in Melbourne that are subject to local council rates (Council Rates)
  • Eligible voters need to be 2018 years old before May 5, 12

According to the ABC report, Melbourne City Councillor Liu Le explained that PR does not matter whether you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. As long as you are a ratepayer, you are eligible to register as a voter as long as you pay the local city government tax. To vote.This means that many international students who rent in Melbourne are also eligible to register as voters.

At present, the registration of voters for the by-election for the Mayor of Melbourne has ended in mid-March.According to figures provided by the Victorian Electoral Commission by ABC, there are currently 14.4 registered voters.Among them, 40% are residents of Melbourne who have registered for the state election. They are automatically registered as voters for the Melbourne Mayor by-election.

If you registered to vote before

Hurry up and post your vote this time

How to vote

The Victorian Election Commissioner has successively mailed out ballots,Voters must return the filled-in ballots by 5 pm on May 11, and the election committee must receive the ballots by May 5.The final result will be announced between May 5 and 18, depending on the count. At present, the list of candidates has been exposed, and everyone can choose the candidates they support as soon as possible.

There are no polling points for this voting, and all voting methods are mailed.The Victorian Electoral Commission stated that voters need to fill in the number "1" in the box next to the name of their preferred candidate, and then fill in the number in the box next to the names of the other 13 candidates in order of priority.

For example: if you want to vote for Yang Qianhui

Just fill in "1" before her name

The rest can be filled in 2-14 according to your preferences

like this

According to the provisions of the election announcement, each box must be filled with numbers, and each number can only be used once. Registered voters may be fined if they do not vote.

The rest can be filled in 2-14 according to the suggestion in the above picture or your own preferences

For a better Melbourne

Voting for a Chinese female candidate

Yang Qianhui

The author: Alex Zheng

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (SBS), 7 News, 9 News, CCTV, etc.