Thousands of people gathered on the streets of Australia to take nude photos to find out~

Important reminder: This article is suitable for adults over the age of 18 to appreciate, children should be careful!

When you look at it, please read silently: This is art! This is art! This is art!

orComing to Melbourne! Came to Melbourne in 2001 and gathered on the banks of the Yarra River4500 bitMen and women, shot a groupNude blockbusterThat geek artist Spencer Tunick!

After 17 years, And will extend the "magic claws" to the cat again~

The reason this time

Same as the first time!

That is!

拍千人  裸照  裸体大片!

(A blockbuster of 2001 naked people shot by Spencer Tunick in 4500)

Call now

Skin color is not limited, body is not limited, men and women are not limitedAll volunteers of (over 18 years old)

ExpectedFebruary this year

OnChapel Street

Filming the nude blockbuster of 2018

Two days of shooting time

The location runs through South Yarra, Prahran and Windsor from north to south

No requirements

Just need you

Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! All stripped!

(A blockbuster of 2001 naked people shot by Spencer Tunick in 4500)

"Chapel Street reminds me of East Village in New York, Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, and Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, but in Melbourne, these are all mixed together."

When talking about why you should choose Chapel Street, Tunick said so.

On a rainy day in 2001, the weather was gloomy, and the Yarra River ushered in"Extremely unusual"Day.

4500 men and women,Naked body, gathered together.

They are packedFrom Flinders Street to the Yarra River BankEverywhere.

As Spencer Tunick pressed the shutter, a groupThousands of nude blockbustersReleased.

Recalling the shooting experience in Melbourne, Tunick said:

"I have left behind my work experience in Melbourne in 2001Very good memory.Melburnians are brave, Although it was cold that morning and it was still raining. "

During his 25-year career, TunickIn 25 countriesorganized125 gamesAn ultra-large-scale nude filming campaign has taken nude blockbusters for thousands of volunteers.

This included two filming operations in Australia, the first in Melbourne.

And the second time, in 2005, the artist assembled at the same time5000comeSydney Opera HouseDoorway.

The biggest filming organized by Tunick was in the middle of Mexico City in 2007. There were a total of18000Participated in nude shooting.

Imagine that picture

When you are aroundA big nude

at this time

You are a different kind in clothes

of course,There must be sacrifices for art, Especially, engaged in such a unique creation.

During his 25-year shooting career, TunickWas arrested 5 times.

Some people opposed to him said:"He is like a clown in grandstanding!"

But most of the fans and volunteers said:

"His works transcend human differences and highlight the human nature in our industrialized life"

But no matter what

Art is free and open

Almost every volunteer involved in the filming said: This isUnforgettable memories in a lifetimeIs a kind ofLiberating natureactivity.

Although no one can get paid, everyone can receive a beautifully crafted photo at the end of the shooting.

In shooting

All volunteers are not just the subjects

At the same time they are also creators

Every skin color, every gender, every individual

Are unique

Are irreplaceable and unique

Maybe this is what Tunick wants to express


Would you be willing to dedicate yourself to art?