When it comes to Australia, it’s absolutely inseparable sunlight 和 beach!

There are more than 11,781 beaches across Australia! And many beaches are on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world, always at the top of the list every year

Abundant water activities have become the national sports of Australians: surfing, sailing, diving, or jet flying... all of them.

But with the beach of Miaoman, But it is also a "shark" machine everywhere...!

According to statistics, only the east coast of Australia, There are 5,500 or even as high as 12,800 sharks hidden! Among them, 1/5 are active adult great white sharks, waiting for you to prey and go to the beach to play!

Studies have found that Australia in 2000-2015Shark bite incident, Compared to 1990-2000Doubled!

Just more than three months ago, a freediver on the east coast was suddenly attacked by a 3-meter-long great white shark that was mixed with seals.AssaultFortunately, he just tore off his diving fins...

This more common great white shark is also called –"Pirate Shark"! It is the shark with the highest probability of attacking humans!

Well, face thisThe deadly "shark" beach, And the Australian people who could not resist the temptation of sea water came up with various shark repellent equipment...

There is an invisible wetsuit...

There is a shark prevention net...

There is a shark repellent bracelet...

There are drone "patrolmen"...

Even the mandatory "shark" policy...

Among them, one product has been designated by the Western Australian Government as the onlyGovernment subsidy of $200Shark repeller! Also by the shark scientist Charlie HuveneersThe only supported shark repeller that has been independently tested by scientists!

It is...


Checked that there is really no wrong picture

Even its selling price is...

But you can't underestimate thisElectric shark drive for $749! After all, the Western Australian Government is willing to subsidize $200 for a reason!

This electric shark drive called Shark Shield FREEDOM7 uses the Lorenzini senses of the shark's snout and nose, which can emit a weak electric field to detect prey. But the artificial electric field can exceed the load of the sense organs and make the shark feel uncomfortable.

To put it simply, even a huge shark also has a set of highly sensitive electrical induction systems that will produce an avoidance response if over-stimulated by an artificial electric field. This product has been tested in the waters where South African white sharks gather.The probability of successfully repelling sharks is as high as 90%!Considered to be the most recognized method of repelling sharks with the most potential!

His family also has a variety of products suitable for different water sports, friends in need can click on the official website to see https://sharkshield.com/

what? The price is too high to buy?

It's ok! They also have aProducts for only $0.2 AUD!

Shark Shield holding company-Ocean Guardian, recently prepared to list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: OCG)!The issue price is only $0.2 AUD per share!"Shark Shield" technology is the world's only scientifically verified and independently tested electronic shark deterrent technology, designed to reduce the risk of being attacked by sharks.

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