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Since last week, Australia’s Coles has started a trial of banning plastics. That is to say, since last week, every state has started to not provide customers with free shopping plastic bags.

These few stores that started the pilot program quietly are:

Williamstown store in Victoria;

Balgowlah store in NSW;

Hope Island store in Queensland;

Inglewood store in Western Australia;

All customers can bring their own shopping bags, or spend 15 minutes from the cash register to buy reusable shopping bags.

According to the results of the pilot, most consumers are satisfied, and a few will miss the gray plastic bags in the free era. However, from an environmental perspective, once you know that ordinary plastic bags cannot be completely degraded by nature after 1000 years, I believe You will realize that this move is the general trend!

Actually from the beginning of April,lie inWyndham Vale, Taylors Lakes and ToorakOf the three Woolworths supermarkets no longer provide disposable plastic bags.

And before July 7 this year, all Woolworths, Big W, Metro and BWS and Coles will completely eliminate disposable plastic bags!

The Victorian government has also stated that it will ban the use of disposable lightweight plastic bags across the state. Prior to this, South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the ACT region have all implemented plastic bans.

Attracting 500 million customers every yearSouth Melbourne Market has also eliminated disposable lightweight plastic bags starting from April 4 this year.

Not only plastic bags are banned, but also balloons.

In February of this year, the City of Darebin in Melbourne voted:In the future, merchants and residents are prohibited from buying, selling and using balloons and other plastic products at all events held by the council and in areas under the jurisdiction of the council, Such as disposable lunch boxes and paper cups.

The City of Darebin has 3 suburbs:Preston, Northcote and Thornbury.In other words, the residents of these suburbs will no longer see the shadow of the balloon in the activities of the local council.

Now, the pilot has started and will gradually be extended to all supermarkets. So from now on, the editor recommends that everyone:

  • Bring an environmentally friendly shopping bag when you go to the supermarket to develop a habit;
  • Bring your own cup when you buy take-out coffee;
  • Minimize the use of disposable lunch boxes and paper cups at ordinary times;
  • Do a good job of sorting garbage, don't throw garbage, etc.

Everyone also contribute to environmental protection!

News compiled from "7 News"


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