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"Wang Yang mend the prison, take action when it's time to go"

——Talk about the Mayor of Melbourne by-election

To be precise, I am not interested in and have no time to be interested in elections. However, after receiving a few election tickets (the Australian election is mandatory, which means that you will be fined if you don’t vote), I began to feel the need to deal with it carelessly. , Just tick or mark a number, post it. But when I sat down and sketched the numbers, I suddenly discovered that this is a right, and you can't just paint casually when you exercise your right. In previous elections, if there is a Chinese candidate, it is definitely the first choice. If there is no Chinese candidate, find a familiar name and write numbers or find a name with the same name as you (most Australian names are John, Peter, etc.), in case you have the same name If you are elected, you can also be like a blind man marrying his parents.

People often say: "Bitch is ruthless and politically impermanent". There is no election task this year. However, the mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, got into a sex scandal and resigned as the mayor of Melbourne while shouting injustices in the sun. It's going to be fun or toss for a long time. In fact, this by-election is simple, because the Chinese elite, Wang Zongjian (Ken Ong, male, from Malaysia, not from next door), who was in charge of planning by the city of Melbourne, expressed his stand early for the election. The reason is simple, because Wang Zongjian has worked in the Melbourne city government for 8 years, and he has run on the same stage as the mayor of the sex scandal who has just stepped down. He has a good knowledge of the Melbourne city, has a strong performance, a good reputation, and he has a Chinese background. . In recent years, the proportion of Chinese in the electoral population of Melbourne has increased. Wang Zongjian should be the only candidate for the mayor of Melbourne. But then another Chinese named Yang Qianhui (Jennifer Yang, female, from Taiwan, not from the other side). This made the simple election a bit complicated. Two Chinese competed for a limited number of Chinese votes. One handsome guy and one Beautiful women have their own fans, which undoubtedly dispersed the votes of the Chinese. It is understandable that Ms. Yang has the right to stand for election. This power is granted by the Constitution and cannot be deprived of it. I also have the right to stand for election (you can laugh twice here), as long as I pay a nomination fee of 250 Australian dollars, like another Chinese female candidate Xie Qun. But I couldn’t vote for 1000%. I paid 250 Australian dollars to be famous. Maybe I could get thousands of votes. I couldn’t vote for myself, but it affected the Chinese candidates who had the hope of winning. Then I became one of the Chinese. Sinners of the ages, let's not do this kind of business.

Since there are two influential Chinese candidates, we have to figure out who is better for the post of mayor. But first make a statement here: 1. If it is only a Chinese candidate, I will unconditionally support it; there are two candidates now, who I choose, palms and backs are all meat! So I must look for information from the current two people's literature and be a relatively objective spectator. Moreover, my personal remarks are only a Chinese voter’s opinion on the candidates to vote in his electoral district, and do not represent any political party or any specific interest group; 2. The title of "Mr." and "Miss" in the article is purely polite in Chinese tradition Sexual appellation has no other meaning. If a reader wants to get it wrong, it has nothing to do with this article.

XNUMX. About the ability of the two candidates

There are many abilities of human beings. Here, we are only better than the ability to be the mayor, especially the mayor of Melbourne. Then we compare Jennifer Yang with Ong Ken: Ms. Yang has been the mayor of Manningham for two terms (2 years to be exact). Is there any satisfactory performance? I really don’t know, I haven’t found it in her literature. On the other hand, Mr. Wang Zongjian has worked in the Melbourne City Government for 8 years. In these 8 years, Melbourne has been rated as the world’s most suitable city for 6 consecutive years. Mr. Wang’s work is responsible Melbourne’s urban planning, this will not be a simple luck and accident, just give a simple example: Melbourne Docklands Library won the world’s best library in 2015 (see Melbourne Today), this library is called A project led and approved by the Chinese of Ken Ong.

Other Melbourne landmarks are the business cards of this city. When you walk on the classic and modern city streets, your feeling is better than thousands of literature. And these constructions that Melbourne is proud of all have his shadow. A Chinese person in charge of Melbourne's urban planning is named Ken Ong.

What I want to remind everyone here is that Melbourne and Evergreen are both local governments, but their populations, economic scales, economic and political status are completely different. Take the 2017-2018 fiscal year budget: Melbourne City is A$582,000,000; Evergreen City is A$156,000,000. Moreover, the mayors of these two cities are formed in different ways: the mayor of Melbourne is directly elected, and is elected by one vote by one vote for a term of 4 years; while the mayor of Evergreen is rotating, that is to say, you first elect this city Members of the community (sometimes a few hundred votes can be elected), and then these members take turns to serve as mayors every year for a one-year term. Ms. Yang served as the rotating mayor for 1 out of 6 years as a councillor. To manage the city of Melbourne, what is needed is a capable and experienced mayor. Of course, it is best to be a Chinese mayor.

XNUMX. The development direction of the two

1. Experience and goals:

Let’s take a look at Miss Yang’s own report. She served as the mayor of Wannianqing City for two terms (2 years). Let’s just say that she really thinks like this. The Chinese community also raises momentum for her efforts and raises funds and cheerleaders. In fact, this is a contract. You elect a state or a federal seat. No matter what party you are, you are not asked whether you are Taiwanese. Still Chinese, we Chinese only recognize you as Chinese, can speak a few Chinese and have a Chinese face, we Chinese will support you without hesitation. Although not selected, we still support you. Australia has three levels of government: federal, state and municipal (local government).

But now Ms. Yang has come to choose a mayor at the same level as Wannianqing City. This narrows herself and competes with another famous Chinese candidate. It is not that you can’t do this, but this in itself creates Chinese supporters. The confusion, in layman's terms, is to embarrass your Chinese supporters and at the same time betray your original intention.

Mr. Wang, after working in the Melbourne city government for 8 years, he supported the election of the Shanghai youth Liu Le from mainland China in 2016 and successfully won the seat of Melbourne councillor. He formed a campaign team to participate in the Melbourne mayor election. He was the mayor of Melbourne who stepped down due to the same sex scandal. Robert Doyle PK on the same stage, despite the defeat. Participating in the by-election this time has a clear goal to be the throne of the mayor of Melbourne, and he is familiar with the road.

2. Contribution to Chinese society

According to Mr. Wang’s publicity, he has served the Chinese community for 35 years. He immigrated to Australia in 1983 and joined the Chinese Association of Victoria in 1985. He later served as the president. He is currently a life member and honorary advisor of the association. Wang Zongjian has served many Chinese groups, including the Victorian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Australian Chinese Group Activities Committee. From 2008 and 2016, Wang Zongjian served as a Melbourne City Councillor for two consecutive terms, and has won multiple community service awards from the City Council, contributing a lot to the community and cross-cultural exchanges. He was the chairman of the Victorian Chinese Association, and has been committed to serving the Chinese community in Melbourne through Chinese New Year activities. On Australia's National Day 2016, Wang Zongjian was awarded the Australian Medal of Honor (OAM) in recognition of his great contribution to promoting Australia-China relations and serving the local Chinese community.

And Ms. Yang, I haven’t found these in her literature yet, but Ms. Yang said that as the mayor of Wannianqing City, she was serving the community. Of course, this is true, just like I am contributing to society when I work. I always feel that There is a lack of convincing power. It is undeniable that we will often see her agile in Chinese dinner parties.

XNUMX. The Chinese must participate in the election and must fight for victory

The election of the Mayor of Melbourne is very interesting. “All people who are over 18 years old and have rented a house or a commercial property for more than one month in the jurisdiction of the City of Melbourne can participate in the election, regardless of their nationality.”

What many people don't know is that non-Australian citizens can also participate in municipal elections. This also means that Chinese students living in the city center can also vote for the mayor! The census published last year showed that 40% of the residents in Melbourne’s city centre were young people born in China or Chinese. Speaking of this, you may feel "daizhi datiao".

The development of Melbourne should be thankful to the contributions of the indigenous people and European immigrants, who established the economic system and political order of the city, including the various rights we enjoy today. Although Asians (including Chinese) are latecomers, we are also working hard to contribute under their established system. Not only economically, we actively participate in it, but also politically!

In the election of the mayor of Melbourne, the Chinese are likely to win the election. According to the election rules, many Chinese students have the right to vote. With the increasing number of Chinese settled in Australia, we are not greedy for pleasure, but we must be respected by the mainstream society, and we can no longer be exploited and doubted because we have Chinese blood!

The only way is to promote outstanding Chinese representatives into the mainstream of Australian politics in accordance with established legal rules. The Chinese should have their own voice in the mainstream society of Australia and have their own representatives to participate in Australia's political life.

People often say: "Talking about love without the purpose of getting married is playing a hooligan". I dare not object to this; "Policy hooligan activities that do not aim at winning elections are political hooligans." I do not agree with this. But I believe that as long as the Australian Chinese are united, do not disperse their votes, and concentrate on supporting outstanding and successful Chinese candidates, we can strive for a good political environment for future generations! Of course, we also need strategies. We need to understand the rules of the game in Australian elections, learn from the Jewish people, and concentrate our superior forces to win elections. Should not be reduced to two parties

Soft toilet paper so that they can use it wherever they go.

It's time to do it when it's time to do it.

(Freeman DU)

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