Buying a degree is like buying food! World-renowned university diplomas can be bought with money, and Australia’s top eight universities also lie down...

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Not long ago, the BBC exposed the British undergroundThe market for false academic qualifications is rampant.



Fake diplomas involve millions of pounds in international trade, and the profits are staggering.

A BBC reporter discovered that Axact, a so-called Pakistani IT company, has sold over 20 fake diplomas. Axact has created hundreds of websites, which are said to provide proof of academic qualifications from many universities.


In 2015 alone, Axact sold more than 21.5 fake documents worldwide, involving about 350 fake high schools and universities, and defrauding 5100 million US dollars.


Although a degree may only cost a few thousand dollars, it seems to be a lot more worthwhile compared to the hundreds of thousands of annual expenses of studying abroad.

However, the BBC found that buyers may be blackmailed, and some were even blackmailed more than $50.


In order to figure out what is going on, a BBC reporter called Axact for consultation, and the other company offered him a degree from Nixon University in less than 10 minutes. The asking price was $3600.

They sent it to reporters to see what the degree looks like, and they said that as long as they provided the credit card information, they could deliver the diploma to their doorstep.


Nixon University? It sounds like that. The official website is also decent.

The first person Axact received reporters told him that the school was in Washington, DC, and the second person said that he was in Southern California. After the reporter expressed confusion, they said that there are branch schools all over the United States...


Even if the school can't figure out the lie, it can't make up a lie, so it will issue a diploma?


It doesn't matter, as long as the business is done, how can you manage so much. Whether the buyer is a human or a dog, I don’t want to care.


Even more exaggerated, in 2015, a BBC reporter also successfully helped a dog buy an MBA degree certificate issued by an online pheasant university...

There are also reasons why so many people buy fake degrees. The CEO of the British Higher Education Degree Examination Agency (HEDD), Jeni Luoli, said that only 20% of British employers will conduct appropriate checks on applicants' academic qualifications.


So if you try your luck, you may get a high-paying position.

At the beginning of this year, the "Washington Post" broke the suspected diploma fraud of the 24-year-old White House executive Taylor Wies.

Last year, when he was appointed director of the White House Office of Anti-drug Policy, he had just graduated from an undergraduate degree for one year, but claimed to have a master's degree.

In fact, he was indeed studying for a postgraduate major in political science at a school, but according to the spokesperson of the school he attended, he did not graduate at all. But hasn't he been in a high position for a year?

Unless his stepping stone diploma is fake...

Compared with Axact’s “Pheasant University” fraud, some employers may not recognize schools. Some Chinese sellers are much smarter than them.They declared: Any world famous school can fake it! The most important thing is that you can successfully pass the overseas academic certification of the Ministry of Education.



Buying a degree is like buying vegetables

In order to prove the authenticity of foreign academic qualifications to employers, since 2000, the Service Center for Overseas Studies of the Ministry of Education has launched certification services for foreign (overseas) academic degree certificates and higher education diplomas nationwide.

In April this year, the Ministry of Education of China began to crack down on these "foreign fake academic qualifications."The Service Center for Study Abroad officially issued an announcement: China Study Abroad will set up a column to publicize untrustworthy behaviors investigated and dealt with in the process of applying for foreign (overseas) academic degree certification.


this means,If any fraud involving academic qualifications is discovered, it will be completely included in the integrity blacklist.It is published on the official website of China Study Abroad.

In this announcement, after each person's name, it was recorded in detail what kind of false information the person had forged when applying for which school and what degree, and the dishonesty behavior was at a glance.So far, 202 people have had their certificates revoked.


Among these recovered foreign (overseas) degree certificates, the most are from the UK, the US, and Canada. Among them, the most forged British degree certificates accounted for 5% of all revoked certificates.

But even under the severe crackdown, some people still dare to commit crimes.


The editor recently added a WeChat account for fake diplomas, only to realize that the seller has mysterious confidence in the matter of "fake".


The seller’s Moments released all the diplomas from universities around the world. If we can't get these qualifications, let's experience the world of academic masters!

University of Toronto


University of Melbourne

University of British Columbia

A school in New Zealand

Sellers repeatedly boast of their excellent skills.

They can easily pass the certification of the Ministry of Education. Send a picture to prove that so-and-so student really passed.


Not only that, but their products can also be obtained at the window of the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education. Even the teachers who make a living by touching their diplomas can't see any difference, so they can easily hide it.

So in this case, wouldn't the eighth college diploma in Australia be bought with money? !I don't even need to take classes anymore.

The process is as follows: the seller will first send samples of academic qualifications and grades, and then indicate to pay a 30% deposit first. After confirming the electronic version, it will take as long as 15 days after payment.You don't need to go abroad, and then you can get a master degree from Australia's No. 1 university at home.

As for the transcript, the whole process can be easily done in less than 10 minutes!The seller also said very intimately that it will protect personal privacy and delete customer information after processing.

This seller also accompanies the chat, after all, it will take some time and cost. It is also surprising that buying a degree is as convenient as going to the supermarket! Now that e-commerce is so developed, an e-commerce that specializes in fake academic qualifications is even more amazing.

Easily place an order online and have all the qualifications you want!

Just fill in the school and education you want, as well as your personal information. $199, Australian local degree is easy to get!


Why is fake

Why is it so simple that everyone can get a diploma officially certified by the Study Abroad Service Center?


CCTV reporters have conducted investigations and found that it may be collusion between inside and outside, which has made this industry chain.


A person in charge of the Certification Office of the Study Abroad Service Center said that collusion between inside and outside is possible. This clean governance risk will occur to any unit.If insiders collude with outsiders, because every job is given to a specific individual in charge, although there are procedures, but in case there is a problem, it cannot be completely blocked. This is possible.


Some people may say that the government can ask the school to prove whether students are studying here, and can't this phenomenon be eliminated.When a CCTV reporter asked the school to prove whether the student is studying here, the school replied that it needs the student's signature and authorization to reply, and this put the verification process into a deadlock.


The fake diploma sellers also admitted that the reason they can do this business is because they are not connected to the Internet.


Dishonest international student

Studying abroad is indeed very difficult,In addition to the high cost of living, the pressure of homework often overwhelms international students.

Unable to cope with it, some people had to use their crooked brains to take a risky gamble for the future.

There are some people who have not even stepped out of the country, hoping to find a good job with a foreign degree and to break through the competition. In desperation, he also embarked on the road of dishonesty.


In addition, untrustworthy behaviors such as cheating by international students and falsifying papers are also seen in the newspapers from time to time.


Reuters once published an article that deeply analyzed the industry behind Chinese students' cheating. The article believes thatIt is believed that the phenomenon of international students cheating is not just a matter of personal morality, but an industry driven by interests that encourages international students to take risks.


"Cheating" is rampant in Australia

In Australia, in order to write a good homework without failing a subject, some people do not seize the time to review well, but choose to spend money to find someone"Writing & taking exams", Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia has been revealed that 13 students have been dropped out for this reason.

The reason for being dropped out is also related to "ContractCheating":Contract Cheating is defined as work produced by anexternal agent or third party and submitted under the pretences of being astudent's original piece of work. Based on submission),In fact, to put it plainly, "contract cheating" means "writing & testing" service.

There are also three types of sanctions:Zero points, suspension and expulsion.

SBS2's "TheFeed" program once surveyed a group of students seeking "writing & taking exams" and found that this was not an individual phenomenon.What is even more exaggerated is that some students said that they had never attended class, and the papers and exams were all settled with money.For example, there is a company called "MyMaster" that specializes in providing writing services to students. Its business involves more than 70 schools and has been exposed and banned.

The assignments and courses written on your behalf are also clearly marked, The classification is clear.

(The number of words in the paper/price)

Investigations show that if someone takes the test on their behalf, they need to pay a deposit of $3500 first, and then the "representative" can help with the test through a fake student ID. If you pass the exam, you will pay the full amount, if you fail the exam, you will pay a small amount.The so-called "substitute testers" will also match the needs of students as much as possible, at least the appearance will not be too bad.

Until now, the phenomenon of "testing & writing on behalf of others" still exists in Australia.One is because of the high academic pressure, students are worried that they are not up to standard and cannot explain to teachers and parents. Second, compared to writing on behalf of others, it is too expensive to levy school fees, and the student Ning Yuan takes the risk. Third, if students who are wealthy and don't like to learn, they tend to use money to solve problems.

And writing is definitely a "profiteering industry",$6000 can help complete a course or project, and $8000 can help get good grades.

In addition to test and writing,There are companies in Australia that help to change the transcripts.

The owner of the revised test paper is a Chinese student studying business. The incident happened at the University of Melbourne.The University of Melbourne is also the best university in the Melbourne area. The entry threshold is much higher than the other eight universities. The ability of students who can enter is relatively not too bad.

The modification method is simple and rude, directly cross out the "4 points" and change it to "8 points".Isn't this messy curly noodles really afraid of being recognized? In addition,The place where the test papers are stored in Australia also requires the corresponding door card to enter, and those who can enter to modify the test papers must be familiar with the school system.

As for how to quickly find the paper that needs to be modified? That is marking.For example, leaving a "little star" pattern on the corner of the paper not only serves as a reminder, but also facilitates the "roller" to speed up the completion.

Although this kind of phenomenon does not happen frequently, we have to deny that similar incidents have occurred in other eight universities in Australia, such as the University of South Australia and Monash University. Professor Nilss Olekalns, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Melbourne said,There may be "organizations" outside the school that specialize in helping students change their grades. They use high service fees to help students "revise their papers."

As the saying goes, a rat shit will ruin a pot of porridge, and the group image of Chinese students should not be discredited by a small number of fraudsters.


/ / /


Cheating is a way of no return, and it is impossible to deceive a lifetime.

Only by being down to earth can you be worthy of your conscience.

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