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South Korean Boys' Team Wanna One The world tour continues with two Taipei Station tours sold out. iMe Group also announced that Melbourne, Australia will be held on this Thursday (May 2), at 5 o'clock in Taiwan time (24 o'clock in Melbourne time) through the Australian Ticketek ticketing company website (http: //www.ticketek.com.au) is officially on sale. This is Wanna One's only world tour in Australia, and I believe it is also their last performance in Australia before they disband early next year. Among them, fans who purchase VIP stations or seats, One World stations and Cat 3 seats will have the opportunity to participate in the Wanna One rehearsal session (5 lucky winners in total) through a computer lottery.

More ticket details are available on iMe Australia Facebookwww.facebook.com/imeaus, Twitter @ime__au or Instagram @ime.au.

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