This company has something wrong again! !

Last week,Telstra, the Australian telecom giant, is completely disconnected again!

I believe everyone is not surprised

Telstra users are alreadySecond time this month, Experiencing national network signal paralysis...

Everyone must think, thisAustralia Rotten NetIt’s also famous, it’s nothing new in three days.


I want to call and can't get out

No need to make excuses if you don't want to answer the phone

Phone can't connect to the Internet

"Lost connection" is no big deal for a while?

This time is different

Telstra may "take a huge responsibility" for the lives of Australians!

The New South Wales (NSW) police issued a warning that the network outage may causeStop people from sending out help messages

(Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

Those who encounter an emergency during the disconnection will not be able to contact relevant parties in time...

In addition to delaying life and work and other things, causing various economic losses...

ourPersonal safety may not be guaranteed!

DisconnectedmeanCannot dial 000 for emergency help!

Whether it is the police, ambulance, or fire brigade, it will delay the dispatch time

ProbablyMissed the best opportunity for rescue!

Telstra's previous disconnection also contained various reasons

For example: because the cable was struck by lightning... because of the switching equipment problem... because of the software failure problem...

The company's own products are also widely criticized due to high prices and poor service...and the previous NBN scandal...Users may be involved in fraudulent websites...

and many more…

Telstra was hit by one after another, the Australian telecom industryMarket value of AUD 330 billion, Much higher than the two giants in the industry 6 times more

Last weekStock price hit a 7-year low! !

even20 years from the historical low

It's also close at hand...

In addition to the company facingProfit decline...

Worth 330 billion+, but the cash in the pocket is getting less and less...

As of the middle of 16 years, Telstra has 35 billion in cash on hand

One year later... only more than 9 million left...

By the end of 17, there was only less than 6 million yuan in cash left! !

Always stableDividends do not increase but decrease...

Is Telstra really your best choice?

For our "life safety"

Other telecommunications companiesIt is necessary to understand

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