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Mention the word "empty little",

Many people will think of:Smiling, handsome, gentlemanAnd other words,

But it is rare to associate such a sunny and handsome career with smuggling.

Recently, two Eastern Airlines have discredited the industry...

1.Smuggling is on the verge of turtles, arrested in the United States

This Thursday (June 6),China Eastern AirlinesTwo ofChinese registeredCrew atLos Angeles International AirportAfter being arrested, he pleaded guilty in court.

(Photo source: Internet)

Many people will be puzzled:Why are the crew of Eastern Airlines arrested at the airport? It stands to reason that they should be the people who are most familiar with airport regulations. How could they "know the law and break the law"? Isn't this "the ship capsized in the gutter"?

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Things have to start on May 5th, this day isRenfeng Gao (Transliteration) and Huaqian Qu (Huaqian Qu)On the day when they are about to depart from Los Angeles and return to Shanghai, like every time before, going to the airport and boarding the plane are their daily tasks that they are familiar with.

When they passed through customs with their suitcases, they were stopped by security officers.

The security officer said: "In your box,Is thereUnusual round objects, Please check it out of the box. "

After unpacking, the security inspector found in the suitcases of the two people45 live turtles!

Which includes14 Box turtles.

31 Spotted turtles, All belong toEndangered wild animals.

In the face of questioning, Gao Renfeng and Qu Huaqian were sweating coldly, unable to produce any relevant permits for legally carrying animals across the border, and did not report to the customs. They were judged to be illegally smuggled animals and were arrested on the spot.

According to the information provided by the prosecutor, Gao Renfeng and Qu Huaqian were crew members of Eastern Airlines. They took the tortoise in an open hotel, wrapped the tortoise in plastic bags and pillowcases, and hid them in their respective suitcases. Take it back to Shanghai, China.

(Image source: Fox News)

Why would they do this? Don’t you know that you have to go through a security check to go through customs?

Of course they know, but the reason why they would rather take the risk of illegal crimes and smuggle turtles is becauseprofitable

It is reported that these turtles can be sold at least in the Asian market$ 4 million

Behind the high profits, there are of course considerable risks, because illegal smuggling of endangered species is not a small crime in the United States. Los Angeles Attorney Erik Silber said the smuggling of endangered speciesFace up to five years in prison

The two pleaded guilty on the 21st and 22nd respectively, and the final result will be pronounced on July 7.

(The picture shows Gao Renfeng, leaving with a lawyer, picture source: Internet)

The lawyer said that usually two or more people smuggle, which will constitute a gang, and one more conspiracy crime can be added. Federal monitoring success rate reached97%, The only chance for nothing3%

In other words, these two Eastern Airlines have little chance of being "unavoidable"...

2.forSeeing small profits, knowing the law and breaking the law

in order to4 million, Ruining their own good future, in addition to anger, many people will regret this young man's confusion.

Working at China Eastern Airlines and being able to travel around the world from time to time is already a decent job to outsiders.

But they use their positions to carry out illegal smuggling, which is really chilling.

The crew member, who did not want to be named, said:This kind of thing is already an "open secret" in the industry.

Many flight attendants will take advantage of their duties toOverseas purchase of luxury goods and cosmetics to bring home transactions, Earn extra money. Because the crew members have special channels and unusual interpersonal relationships, they can pay a lot less tariffs, and the profits can be seen.

3.Illegal wildlife trade in Australia is rampant

Not only the flight attendants, but many criminals have caught sight of"wild animals"I want to profit from this treasure.

In Australia, illegal smuggling of wild animals is also extremely rampant.

In July last year, the staff of Post Australia found a strange long object inside a teddy bear doll while scanning the package. When it opened, it turned out to be a tied lizard!

Smuggling methods such as these are endless:

Criminals were found smuggling wild lizards with hollow books at Perth International Airport in Australia,

There is also the snake wrapped in tape and hidden in the pillow:

Many times, these animals hidden in luggage will die on the way due to poor air circulation, and the survival rate is very low.

But these illegal businessmenTo make huge profits, at the cost of the lives of endangered animals, you deserve to sit in prison...

At last,

Here, I want to remind everyone,Don't "picked up sesame seeds and lost watermelon"!

People who are too greedy will get caught one day!