Bizarre: Refugees win the Australian government and receive 7000 million Australian dollars in compensation

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

The refugee class action lawsuit by the Australian government has now come to an end, and the Australian government has now paid A$7000 million in compensation in full.

For a country under the rule of law, observing the law is naturally a good thing, but some of the results brought about by this have to surprise people.

To put it simply, this complicated case is a group of refugees who illegally immigrated to Australia because the Australian government transferred them to other countries. However, it was subject to a class action, the leader of the class action was an Australian law firm, and the court hearing the case was the Supreme Court of Victoria. The final loser is the Australian government, that is, taxpayers' money. To give a simpler example, a thief ran away from your house to steal something, and after you injured it, the thief sued you, and you were fined.

Let's review the whole thing from the beginning.

As a country of immigration, Australia not only attracts many legal immigrants, but also many smugglers.


How to approve these refugees who arrived in Australia illegally has been a huge dispute in Australia. Presumably you have seen a lot of billboards in front of the doors of Australian churches, and they often read "Let us welcome refugees completely and completely". Of course, most people are opposed to refugees.

In 2013, then Prime Minister Rudd and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea signed an agreement: All refugees who came to Australia in the form of smuggling will be sent to Papua New Guinea for trial. In exchange, Australia will fund infrastructure projects in Papua New Guinea, including the construction of hospitals and highways.

The purpose of this is to tell traffickers that it is not feasible to smuggle into Australia.

However, Rudd did not know that this move at the time caused the largest human rights lawsuit in Australian history.

Between 2013 and 2014, the Manus Island Detention Center frequently reported self-mutilation, suicide and violence. Subsequently, Slater and Gordon, an international law firm headquartered in Australia, filed an indictment against the Australian government on behalf of nearly 2000 refugees, demanding a total of 7000 million Australian dollars in compensation.

Subsequently, the Papua New Guinea court ruled that Australia's detention of Manus Island was illegal.

At this time, the Tan Bao government had to sign a settlement agreement with a law firm. The Australian government and the security company of the Manus Island Detention Center jointly assumed 7000 million yuan in compensation, and the Australian government separately paid 2000 million yuan in legal fees. This is because if the case continues to be delayed, it will cost tens of millions of dollars.

Refugees from 39 countries receive compensation in amounts ranging from several thousand to 10 Australian dollars. The length of their detention and the size of their physical and mental injuries will affect the amount of compensation.

The Manus Island detention center was closed as early as last year. Some refugees have gone to the United States in accordance with the agreement between Australia and the United States, some have returned to their home countries, and some are still living in Papua New Guinea.

Although this case has come to an end, there are still many questions that people have to think about:

1. Is this judgment encouraging people who violate the law?

2. If the law cannot punish the wicked, it may only be to warn good people not to do anything illegal?

3. Are the lawyers selling out the interests of the majority for personal gain?

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