The time has entered June. At the end of this month, the 6-2017 fiscal year will end, and the new fiscal year will begin soon.

In other words, in less than 30 days, a series of new regulations planned to be implemented last year will be officially implemented soon!

These new regulations cover all corners of life, are closely related to everyone, and some are very important.

So, let us take a look!

1.Australia's plastic limit order begins

Starting from July 7 this year, all supermarkets in Australia, including Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Big W,No longer providing free disposable plasticbag.

(Image source: ABC news)

As early as April, Woolworths supermarkets in Toorak, Wyndham Vale and Taylors Lakes in Victoria will no longer provide free plastic bags. This latest regulation has been implemented in advance.

(Image source: ABC news)

In other words, Australia, like China, has no free plastic bags anymore. So everyone remember to bring your own reusable bags when you go out to buy groceries and shopping!

2.Minimum wage increase

(Image source: ABC news)

The Australian Fair Work Commission announced that from July 7 this year, Australia’s legal minimum work will be adjusted upwards3.5!

The minimum hourly wage has risen from 18.29 knives to 18.93 knives, which means that the minimum weekly wage has risen from 694.9 knives to 719.2 knives!

In Australia, about 200 million Australians are receiving the minimum wage. It is expected that they will earn an extra $24.3 per week after this reform, and their annual income can reach $3.74.

Are you excited? Are you ready to receive more salary? ?

3.Tax collection

Before July 7st, for online purchases imported into Australia, the tax bureau has been imposing a levy on products above 1 Australian dollars.10%Tax.

(Image source: Guardian)

However, starting from July 7 this year, a 1% consumption tax will be levied on all overseas online shopping products!

In other words, when shopping on Amazon, Alibaba, or eBay and other overseas websites, the things you buy are 10% more expensive than before.

4.Amazon overseas

In addition, from July 7st, Australians will not be able to log in to Amazon sites in all countries except Australia.

It is also due to the taxation of overseas shopping that Australians will no longer be able to shop in the United States and the United Kingdom Amazon!

You know, not only are there few things on Amazon in Australia, they are not very cheap!

Everyone was sweating their wallets while frying.

5.Childcare allowance

In the current parenting welfare system, the Australian government has carried out reforms. The new parenting subsidy system will be launched this year.7/2start to implement.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

Australia implements a new childcare welfare policy! The new policy will combine Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Refund (CCR) into one.

But this is not automatically included in the scope of subsidies.

Parents who need it must log in to the Centrelink account and fill out the evaluation form online before they can receive the new subsidy.

6.Australian passport

From this year7/1At the beginning, people who took passport photos in Australia and new passport applicants must take photosTake off glasses.

Because wearing glasses makes facial recognition very difficult, the Australian Passport Office has decided that after July 7, all new passport applications and passport photos need to be taken off.


For encouragement65 years old and aboveOf elderly people reduce the size of their housing. Starting from July 7 this year, elderly people over 1 can deposit the proceeds from selling their houses in their pension accounts.Up to $300,000.

This part of the payment is not included in the upper limit of pre-tax or after-tax payment, and does not need to meet the existing maximum age limit or other conditions.

8.Electricity subsidy

The Victorian government plans to allocate in the state budget to be announced next month4800 million Australian dollarsElectricity subsidy.


In addition, residents do not need to sign a contract or switch energy suppliers to receive the bonus.

9.Two new immigrant visas

In order to attract more “highly skilled talents”, the Australian government intends to implement aNew immigrant visa, Employer guarantee category. The company can provide immigration guarantees for employees whose annual salary is more than $180,000.

In addition, there will be a new visa specifically for startups inSTEM MajorIn terms of recruitment, such as biomedicine, agricultural technology and other fields, it is convenient to recruit people.

Both types of visas have certain requirements:

applicantAt least 3 yearswork experience;

Companies need to prove,At first tried to hire local Australians.

(Image source: SBS)

Type XNUMX visa, Must be a company with a turnover of more than $400 AUD to guarantee, and the number cannot exceed 20;

Type XNUMX visa, Startup companies authorized by the industry still have to pass government screening, and the number cannot exceed five at most.

10.Garbage disposal fee

As China announced a ban on the import of foreign waste, Australian states and local waste disposal companies need to renegotiate.

Since July 7, the annual garbage disposal fee paid by Victorians will increase at most50Australian dollars, because the municipal governments are vying to pay for the upcoming garbage collection crisis.

A new fiscal year, a new start,

Everyone remember to plan in time to sort out the income of the last fiscal year, in addition to timely tax reporting,

Pay more attention to the new policy changes in the new fiscal year