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7-minute video "The Death of Vaccine"

Attachment: List of vaccine events in recent years

Today, I found one for everyone7-minute documentary-"The Death of Vaccine" and reporter's notes,

Hope to arouse more people's attention to the vaccine issue.

Notes: Short version

Jiao Sufang is my best friend.

She has a stable job, her husband is honest and low-key. She is in the coal business and has a car and a house.

In the second half of 2010, I haven't seen her appear online for a long time.

Until one day, a friend quietly told me, "Sister Jiao had an accident. Her child was seriously ill after being vaccinated and is now hospitalized in Beijing."

"What what, vaccinated and hospitalized?"

In the intensive care unit, I saw her washing her face in tears, and because of takingA lot of hormones make the whole body swollen and deformedSon.

In order to treat the children, they had taken out the restaurant at that time.

But only one month later, there was news of the child's death.

I was shocked, and suddenly remembered what she said:There are also several children in these wards who have been hospitalized for vaccinations.

The thought of my parents in their forties losing their 13-year-old son makes my heart cramp.

I want an answer. I want to know if this is an isolated case.

I first started the investigation with the influenza A vaccine. From the website of the Ministry of Health, I got this conclusion:

In less than 90 days, a vaccine used to inject hundreds of millions of people has efficiently completed the entire process from project establishment, clinical trials to marketing.

Because of this, the influenza A vaccine has been accompanied by criticism since its launch.

Disappeared from the market a few months later,Left some dead or disabledChild.

Soon after, the well-known reporter Wang Keqin's investigation report "Shanxi Vaccine Disorder Investigation" was published, pointing outThe lack of cold chain management of vaccines in local disease control.

This article immediately caused a sensation and caused people to worry about the vaccine issue.

After investigating, the Ministry of Health denied that most of the cases in the article were related to vaccines, while saying that short-term high temperature exposure would not affect the safety of vaccines. Things don't stop.

Then came the nationwide intensive measles injections, and the large-scale exercise-style injections were once again accompanied by reports of abnormal reactions in various places.

And this time, even the experts inside the CDC couldn't bear it, and they kept coming out to criticize the move by the Ministry of Health.

Tao Lina of the Shanghai CDC even wrote in an open letter to then Minister of Health Chen Zhu:"This kind of one-size-fits-all approach of'I would rather repeat a thousand vaccination than one vaccination',

It has been severely divorced from reality. It has been unable to achieve the goal of eliminating measles, and it has also caused unnecessary negative effects on the health of children.

Our country is still a developing country with extremely limited health resources.

But with regard to measles and polio control, people who have been routinely vaccinatedRepeated intensive immunization, wasting a lot of resources.

There are unnecessary security risks, which is really a toss. "

And Wang Yuedan, MD, deputy director of the Department of Immunology of Peking University School of Medicine, also said: “This strengthening will not help the world eliminate measles at all.

Although it may temporarily suppress the increase in the number of cases of measles in the short term, such campaigns continue to develop.

It is abusing the vaccine to promote the spread of measles virus that is not sensitive to vaccine immunity.

It may accelerate the failure of vaccine immunity and cause catastrophic consequences.

But no matter what objection, 10 million children were injected in just 1.3 days.

◆ ◆ ◆

Three years to solve

For the next three years, I secretly searched for those suspected vaccine-injury cases, visiting one by one.

More than 60, with footprints all over the country.

Each case is a huge tragedy of family destruction, and each one is shocking.

After the cases continued to overlap, the answer slowly emerged.

It turns out that the vaccine problem is not only about a certain vaccine, nor is it just a certain place.

This is a structural, institutional issue,

From production, supervision, cold chain transportation, to disability identification, to compensation, there are many loopholes.

The accumulated abuses are serious and lasting for many years. It can be said that natural disasters plus man-made disasters.

The so-called natural disasters mean that the competent authorities have one size fits allExercise-enforced immunity;

Man-made disasters are huge loopholes and management deficiencies in the cold chain system of transportation and preservation.

And medical staff inDuring the operation, it is not possible to inject without screening according to the specific situation of each child.

The suffering of every family in the accident is almost similar.

Because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention monopolizes the right to identify abnormal vaccine reactions, it is almost impossible for every family in the accident to have any hope of winning.

The most extreme is Yang Yukui, a parent who had an abnormal response to the BCG vaccine in Huludao, Liaoning.

First he was sentenced to five months in Beijing for the crime of picking up trouble and provoking troubles. Soon after he returned to Huludao, he was sent to a labor camp for another year. After the expiration, he was given another month for "bad performance during the labor camp".

The Ministry of Health is very clear about the serious asymmetry in information and the serious injustice in procedure, but it has never really tried to change it.

The real numbers may not even be known to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and the Ministry of Health because of the deception of local disease control.

At least the more than 60 families I interviewed, obviously, they are not included in the statistics.

◆ ◆ ◆

The risk remains

Panic comes from ignorance. The risk of vaccines The public has been deliberately or unconsciously blinded for many years, almost ignorant.

In the spring of 2013, H7N9 came fiercely, and people were panicked for a while. After Academician Zhong Nanshan stated that there is no need to develop related vaccines for the time being, there was a lot of scolding on the Internet.

Everyone, in order to keep children invulnerable in the troubled times,Every new vaccine comes out in a highly anticipated and awaited atmosphere.

I have no intention of creating gimmicks that are terrifying, nor have I intended to exchange the suffering of these victimized families for tears of sympathy,

This "Sorrow of Vaccine" aims to remind parents of the existence of risks and promote the improvement of the identification and compensation mechanism after injury.

Let those families who have lost their healthy children and hope for the future a little bit better. Because they are not a decimal point, but a living person.

The Ministry of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have kept a strange silence after the manuscript appeared in the newspapers, and even the attacks of the fifty cents were lacking in confidence.

If I don’t respond or act, my second goal will be difficult to achieve.

And the reason why I still have illusions, and also the support of my entire article is the words of Wang Yu, director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention——

"The quality of some domestic vaccines is not up to standard, and the regulatory authorities lack a systematic review of these vaccines after they are launched on a large scale.

The quality of some vaccines does not meet the quality standards in large-scale population use. Compared with imported vaccines, the quality level is much worse..

The following are some shocking pictures from Guo Xianzhong’s article "The Death of Vaccine":

In fact, even without these shocking reports, the masses are already panic enough.

After the incident, many parents expressed anxiety in various WeChat and QQ groups:

Picture source / Southern Metropolis Daily

Also as a father, Liu Qiangdong, the founder of, could not hold back:

Let's sort out the vaccine incident first:

Regarding this fake vaccine incident, remove the anger,

We must know the following questions:

Regarding the fake vaccine incident, what we need to know:
1What are the consequences of fake vaccines?

According to vaccine expert Tao Lina, unqualified potency does not necessarily lead to a decline in protection. If the standard of pertussis titer is 60 points, the actual test result is 58 points. Although it is indeed unqualified, the difference of 2 points may not be substantially different when the body is vaccinated to produce immunity.

In other words, the biggest risk lies in the possibility of failure, resulting in failure to prevent the corresponding disease. Adverse reactions from vaccines,It usually occurs within 24-48 hours after vaccination, and the possibility of recurrence or sequelae is very small.

Therefore, parents of children who have been vaccinated for a period of time need not be overly nervous for the time being, just pay attention to their children's physical condition.

2My child has also been vaccinated, how can I do self-examination?

Under normal circumstances, you can check the vaccination records on the child vaccination certificate in the notebook, compare the vaccine manufacturer and batch number, or consult the vaccination unit at that time.

If you are not sure, you can directly call the drug complaint and report consultation telephone 12331 or the 12320 health hotline for consultation. Check the vaccination status of your child with the relevant department. If the line is busy, you can leave a voice message and the caregiver will contact you soon.

3Do I need to be vaccinated again or go abroad for vaccination?

In the vaccination record, the vaccine batch and company are indicated. The DPT vaccine needs to be vaccinated at 3, 4, 5 months, and 18 months of age respectively, for a total of 1 doses. Normally, children who have completed 4 vaccinations can get better protection.

The two batches of DPT vaccines that were released had unqualified potency indicators, which may affect the immune protection effect.

If parents have confirmed that they have been vaccinated, they can consult the local disease control department or vaccination unit based on the number of vaccinations and batches of their children to see if they need to replant and follow professional advice.

Never blindly vaccinate or believe in foreign vaccines.

4I haven't vaccinated yet, can I not vaccinate?

The answer is definitely no.

Up to now, vaccination is still the most effective and economical health intervention. According to statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only the measles, polio, and DPT vaccines save at least 250 million lives of children under the age of 5 each year. Vaccination is the right choice, and it is not necessary to be "all soldiers".

In addition, the two batches of DPT vaccines involved have ceased to be vaccinated. If parents are really concerned, they can give priority to the combination vaccine or choose vaccines produced by other companies that are more trusted.

In 2005, one of the children died in the illegal vaccination of hepatitis A vaccine in Si County, Anhui Province. In 2009, a Dalian biological product company illegally added nucleic acid to the rabies vaccine, which made the vaccine unable to achieve specific curative effects. In 2016, Shandong vaccine was caused by cold chain The transportation problem was exposed.


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