Over the years, as China’s gates have opened up
More and more students choose
Go toStudy abroad

But also welcome from all over the world

Students going to China to study

But in recent days it has repeatedly erupted

Our international students are abroadSlaughtered, discriminated against,

In his own country, he was bullied and other unfair incidents!

This is worth thinking about!

01. The new dormitory is reserved for "noble" foreign students

A video of teachers from a university in Jiangsu confronting students in the dormitory broke out on Weibo today. The reason was that the teacher asked Chinese students to move to the old dormitory and gave the new dormitory to foreign students who had no place to live.


Of course, domestic students were unwilling, so confrontation arose. Teachers even threatened students with violence, threatening to "graduate smoothly" as a threat to let students implement the school's decision.

Many people will ask, why is a good dormitory not enough? Later, it was learned that in order to "respond to national policies":

Expansion of foreign students

To enjoy policy subsidies

The school also explained the incident on Weibo afterwards, saying that it was a normal arrangement of the school.

The students who immediately "human flesh" exposed the matter in the school after turning their faces, with such a tough attitude and insidious methods, is a school that teaches and educates people should do?

02. Hot students can, but hot foreign students can't!

Right now is the hottest time of summer. Students at a university in Jinan have to endure the hot weather every day without air conditioning. So they made a concerted effort to broadcast a song on the school radio site

"Principal, principal, air conditioner, air conditioner~ principal, when do you install air conditioner~"

After the incident broke on the Internet, many netizens felt that the students were too miserable and sympathized with their mischievous behavior. The school responded promptly:

Immediately allocate funds to install air conditioners

Don't worry everyone

Within a few days, a truck filled with air-conditioning drove into the school, and the students celebrated that the air-conditioning was finally blown up! However, the plot immediately reversed 180 degrees, these air conditioners

It's for foreign students!

Air conditioning for other students is still being planned. simply put:

Domestic students want to use air conditioning?

No show!

The students did not hesitate to respond to their urgent needs by broadcasting and ordering songs. The school gave a very good response. It was the result of the implementation that made people drop their jaws. The long-awaited air conditioner was originally prepared for international students...

03. Chinese students in the international student dormitory go out for me!

This kind of situation has been staged in major universities across the country,There is even a plot of "Chinese people and dogs are not allowed"!

A notice was posted at the battery car charging place in the dormitory of a university in Wuhan. Simply put, this is an international student dormitory, Chinese students please do not charge here. It has reached the point where Chinese students are not allowed to enter the field of international student activities!

Some students who didn’t know about charging here were scolded by security:

what country are you from?

Chinese students go out!

On the territory of the motherland, unexpected things like "Chinese people are not allowed to enter" will happen! ? How is this different from the scene hundreds of years ago? It's nothing more than if you are a foreigner living here, why are Chinese people "not allowed to enter"?

04. African-American Tsinghua International Students Easily Defrauded 750 Million

This kind of thing even exists in Tsinghua University. An African student from Tsinghua University dated a woman in China in the name of his Tsinghua student while studying abroad, and coaxed the woman to transfer money to him. 750 million RMB!

In order to defraud money, this black student has to reach out for tens of thousands of dollars in every tooth! Where to go for an internship, another 20 travel expenses! In the future, it became more and more serious, and even coaxed the woman to invest in a foreign country to buy a house, which was worth millions of millions. The deception is even more simple and heinous, it depends on one sentence

"I will take you abroad and marry you"

The woman discovered that it was too late and had lost nearly 750 million yuan. What is more outrageous is that she discovered:

This African American student has a wife

His "authentic girlfriend" was even pregnant, and he also transferred part of the scammed money to this "authentic girlfriend". I can't help but want to ask

Is he really here for reading?

05. Children's college "pornographic" admission posters cause controversy

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was also involved in this "student abroad" turmoil. Netizens exposed the school’s admissions advertisements published abroad.The poster shows an Asian woman with disheveled clothes and a confused look.

What is the intention of a university that is one of the best in China and uses such a screen as an advertisement to recruit foreign students?

The school also urgently clarified that the poster was independently designed and posted by a Finnish international student. The school had no knowledge of it, but now it knows that it has caused a negative impact and has "destroyed" the poster.

It is understandable that the school does not know, but it also reflects the image of international students towards domestic schools!Such obvious hints can't help but disgust people.


It is now the 21st century. The era of "first-class foreigners" has long since turned over. Our rapid development not only allows us to live a good life, but also allows us to win a place in world dance.

It’s true that the school wants to attract international talents, but what about domestic talents because of excessive resource tilt?

Scholarship for international students 6-10

Which of the above-mentioned universities is not a higher education institution that domestic students want to enter? After passing the multi-talented single-plank bridge for college entrance examination, why is it different from foreign students? Compared with those children studying abroad in China, it is even more pitiful. We can't help but sigh,

For the same international students, why is the difference so big?

Chinese students in the UK

Expensive tuition. Tuition fees for international students outside the EU are local 5 times Above, not to mention the complexity of the application verification process, after passing, a high tuition fee is waiting for you.

Enrollment marketization.The business of applying for study abroad in the UK is handed over to an intermediary agency, and then a rebate can be obtained by reviewing the application of international students.

Raise the admission threshold.The UK sets language levels for many popular majors for international students. If you want to study abroad, you need to pay for the language class first, which is a big extra cost.

Chinese students in the United States

At Harvard University, there is a scoring rule for international student admissions, which will score international students' academic performance, extracurricular activities, sports expertise, and personal traits.

The school will deliberately lower the scores of Asian students in the last item in order to lower the overall grades of Asian students.

Chinese students in Australia

There are nearly 60 students from China each year in Australia. Australia has still become the dream city of Chinese students.However, Sydney has become the top ten most expensive cities in the world for study and accommodation.

The tuition fees of international students are increasing every year, and the unit price of each course is always changing, and it is different every semester. Take the IT professional tuition fee of the University of Melbourne as an example, each course is 4600 Australian dollars. On the premise that the subject is not retaken, the tuition fee for one semester is 18400 Australian dollars

There are still a lot of expenditures besides studying, food, clothing, housing and transportation are a big part. The price of paid dormitory provided by the school is much higher than the normal price!

Take the University of Sydney as an example, the single-room dormitory rent provided by the school Up to $400!This is more than double the average rent of a normal house in Sydney. And this cost is still increasing every year!

The accommodation provided by the University of New South Wales is not optimistic, the price of a 3-person suite 300 USD per week, Single room 450 dollars a week!

They are all young people who have traveled across the ocean to study, and few can afford such an expensive accommodation fee, so most of the students choseRenting a house, But the situation is still not optimistic.

If you are studying at the University of Sydney, plan to rent a house outside. The average rent in the cheapest area around the university is $710, while the average rent in Sydney is only $530.

The cheapest is 180 dollars more than the normal rent!

In exchange for 700 dollars, it was a 10-person room with poor environment and old facilities!The landlord divided the original bedroom into two spaces and put bunk beds on it and rented it to 10 students.

Even more incredible is that nearly 10 people use the same bathroom!

It is conceivable that those foreign students studying alone in a foreign country are living in a difficult situation. Expensive expenses everywhere make their journey to school full of bumps.

The rent is not cheap whether you live far or near the school.Faced with poor, unsafe and expensive rental housing, some students have to spend the night in the library..

Hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars a year have to face local students"Cold and cynic"Many Chinese students studying abroad are silently sticking to their dreams of studying.

Compared with their living conditions, these domestic international students who have been promoted by colleges and universities are really comfortable.

Brand new dormitory vacated

The best air conditioner is installed first

Scholarships are issued every semester!

With such excellent conditions, you can come as long as you apply, and there is basically no verification. The same is a university, the background and purpose of admissions for domestic and foreign universities are completely different.

Foreign universities attract students with first-class educational resources

Domestic colleges and universities attract students with first-class benefits

We are sad to see outstanding students being used as cash cows abroad, and we are even more angry when we look at the international students who come to China eat and drink at home.

Education is not for diplomatic means, not for policy subsidies.

As a school, the soul is for Teach and educate people.

We welcome the world with open arms

Can also hope to be treated equally!

Editor: Jessi, Leo