New Victorian ban on smoking is here!

Australian Health Organization to promote smoking ban

Proposal to implement a statewide smoking ban in 2025

Shops will be banned from selling cigarettes

Smokers can only smoke at home!

Supported by the 25 most influential health organizations in Victoria

The Victorian Health Centre clearly stated:

By 2025, Victoria will implement a total ban on smoking

Less than 5% of people smoke daily in Victoria

This proposal was approved by Australia

Support from the Medical Association and Cancer Committee

The new proposal includes:

  • No smoking in outdoor drinking areas
  • Stop tobacco advertising and promotional activities
  • Carry out TV education activities for young people
  • Introduce stricter anti-smoking laws and more educational programs
  • Reduce the number of cigarette sales points, etc.

There are currently more than 4 stores selling tobacco in Australia!

Everyone knows that Australia’s cigarette packs are the scariest in the world!

And the price keeps rising

I remember when I came to Australia

A pack of cigarettes is only about $15

And it's basically caught up with the level of 30 dollars


Even if cigarette prices go up

Smokers still smoke!

Even if there are various smoking risks printed on the cigarette pack

But smokers don’t seem to catch a cold

But in fact, Australia’s recent price increase policy

Still restrict consumers to some extent

Cigarettes are really too expensive!

I'm not worried about the body

But can't afford...

This also extends the WeChat circle of friends

Illicit cigarette business

Open WeChat nearby people

Someone selling illicit cigarettes can always be found.

Australian police have seized too many

Illegal cigarettes and counterfeit cigarette manufacturing dens

February this year

Customs intercepted large quantities of illicit cigarettes at Melbourne International Airport

And described that the group has sophisticated organization and planning

Australian Border Force (ABF) according to

The tips collected from previous operations,

Survey travelers from Southeast Asian countries,

Lock more than 40 people

Suspected of hiding a large amount of illicit cigarettes in luggage

During the operation, the border defense department seized more than 100 million illicit cigarettes,

The market value is more than 68 yuan, and the tax evasion amounted to 73 yuan.

During the arrest

Border guards launched a search on a property in Docklands,

Seized 10.7 illicit cigarettes,

26 yuan in cash, a computer and valuables.

3 Chinese were arrested...

Earlier, the Chinese student couple in Adelaide

Sentenced more than 4 years for smuggling cigarettes

Zhang is suspected of illegal import

70 cigarettes and tax evasion of A$40

Sentenced to 4 years and XNUMX months in prison.

Rumor has it that his girlfriend fled back to China without a trace

how to say,

Smoking is not only harmful to the body

And will cause huge economic losses

Many people $30 a pack of cigarettes a day

A year is more than 1 Australian dollars

And the health problems caused by smoking

Will cause smokers to pay more for medical expenses

Smoking can cause multiple causes

And some are fatal!

In addition, everyone must have known the harm of second-hand smoke

If you smoke alone, people around you suffer!

Many people support Victoria's full cessation of smoking!

History of smoking bans in various states of Australia:

South Australia: Since January 1999, all indoor restaurants have banned smoking. Smoking has been banned in all closed public places since November 1.

Western Australia: Since January 2005, smoking has been banned in all enclosed public spaces. Since July 1, comprehensive smoking restrictions have been implemented.


Queensland: A total ban has been banned since July 2006. Smoking is prohibited in all bars, clubs, restaurants and workplaces, commercial outdoor eating areas, outdoor public places and entrances of non-residential buildings within 7 meters.

Headland: Since December 2006, smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public spaces.

Victoria: Since July 2007, a smoking ban has been implemented in closed public places. Since January 7, it is also illegal to smoke in a vehicle where a person under the age of 2010 is present. Smoking is allowed in the outdoor areas of all drinking places, provided that the outdoor space occupies 1% and no food is provided. Certain rooms in private cigar bars and Casino Royale still allow smoking in completely enclosed areas, but require a qualified ventilation system.

NSW: Since July 2007, all restaurants, clubs, and bars in closed areas will be non-smoking. Starting July 7, 2009, it is illegal to smoke in a car with a child under 7 years old. The 1 "Public Health (Tobacco) Act" stipulates that smoking in a car and children under the age of 16 is a new crime. Whether the offender is a driver or a passenger, a fine of 2008 Australian dollars will be imposed on the spot. Enforced by the Welsh State Police.

Northern Territory: Starting January 2010, 1, restrictions on smoking have been implemented in closed areas of restaurants, clubs, and bars.

Norfolk Island: Smoking is prohibited in all government buildings, coaches, taxis, and flights to and from the island. There is no smoking ban in restaurants, but most of them are smoke-free areas, and restaurants are usually equipped with special smoking rooms. Smoking is allowed in all bars and licensed places. Resorts and motels have smoking rooms and smoking areas for smokers.

Victorian smoking ban process:

October 2013: Trial smoking ban on Causeway lanes in Melbourne for 10 months.

2014: All train stations in Victoria were banned, and offenders were fined $212.

April 2015: All Victorian schools, hospitals, courts, police stations, kindergartens, nurseries, hospitals and maternal and child welfare institutions and their surrounding areas are completely banned within 4 meters. Violators are fined $4.

April 2016: Melbourne City Council decided to extend the smoking ban to the running and exercise area.

August 2017: Victoria implemented a smoking ban in all outdoor dining areas, including outdoor dining areas of restaurants, outdoor cafes, take-out shops, etc. Violators were fined $8 and merchants were fined $777.

If you are still smoking!

Give up as soon as possible

Spend thousands of dollars a year

What's wrong?

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