Today, the editor saw a piece of news from ABC News and was shocked...

ABC News: Salmon Industry plans to build a large dead fish pit in a small town in Tasmania

What happened? Why build dead fish pits? And still aA big pit that can hold 4000 tons of dead fish!


What happen to you guys? !

As a foodie who loves good food, I certainly care about the life and death of Australian salmon! After all, salmon spurs, salmon sushi, teriyaki salmon, and pan-fried salmon are usually thought of.

However, most Australians don’t know

The salmon of the heart

Is experiencing a disaster of extinction!

This disaster will start in October last year.

Macquarie Harbour in Tasmania is the home base of the Australian salmon industry. This beautiful bay gathers the farms of Australia's three major salmon suppliers.

In the past one or two years, Australia's plump quality of salmon has become more and more famous all over the world, and salmon farming has also become a huge profitable business!

The value of Tasmanian salmon farming has exceeded 8 million Australian dollars!

The whole world is buying Australian salmon!

Seeing Australian salmon becoming more and more popular, salmon farming companies are going crazy! Rapidly expand the scale of breeding, put in millions of new fry, and wait for the next year's harvest to make a lot of money!

They all say that things must be reversed, this is true...

Before October 2017

Salmon is dense to suffocation

In order to meet the surging market demand as much as possible, the salmon farms in Tasmania continue to increase the number of fry.However, the number of salmon is increasing day by day, but the size of the breeding pond is still the same as before.

A large group of salmon is crowded and almost can't swim!The small space is simply a shackle to these fat salmon.

Coming into a ball is not the most important thing, the worst thing is hypoxia!Since 2016, the salmon in these breeding ponds have successively died due to lack of oxygen.

In this turbid and hypoxic environment

The physique of salmon is getting weaker and weaker


Wild fish carry the virus

Although the salmon in these breeding ponds often died of suffocation last year, the number was still within a tolerable range, so instead of reducing the number of fish, the farms put millions of new fry into it!

Small fish and big fish huddled together

The already crowded fish pond

More crowded!

Not enough oxygen

The fish feed is not enough to eat

The sense of pleasure of these salmons has dropped to the freezing point, and they are all slouched in the water.Unexpectedly, something more terrible happened!

Wild fish invasion!

Also brought an infectious virus!

Everyone must remember that there was a period of time when wild salmon was overrun in Australia last year! Many foodies also clamored to come to Australia to catch salmon.But in fact, these wild fish have hidden dangers! Australian salmon was miserable by these wild fish!

Beginning in October last year, a salmon farm in Tasmania suddenly became infected with Pilchard Orthomyxov virus on a large scale!This is a virus that only spreads in salmon, and the consequences are fatal!

No one knows how these virus-carrying wild salmon are mixed into the farm, but because the fish ponds are crowded and hypoxic, they are too suitable for virus transmission! Overnight, this virus raged wildly in salmon!

The worst time

55000 salmon died in one day!

If calculated on the basis of 50 dollars per piece, the farm will lose nearly 300 million Australian dollars a day!

Months down

Millions of salmon have died one after another!

The staff has no time to clean up the dead body!

To make matters worse, those frail big fishes were infected, and the virus was transmitted to the small fry that had just been put in, spreading ten to one hundred!

Farms infected by the virus

135 million fry were infected with the virus and died!

No fry

The aquaculture industry has suffered a disaster!

The carcasses of sick fish float in the fish pond, attracting a large number of carrion-like bacteria and fruit flies, which not only reduces the oxygen furniture in the fish pond, but also accelerates the spread of the virus.


There are few healthy live fish left in the three major farms in Tasmania

Although the news media did not report the tragedy of the Australian salmon industry, the fishery and animal husbandry industry is worried.Not only worried about the supply of salmon in the future, but also worried about the hidden dangers in the living fish!

Even China Customs issued a special release

Warning about imported Australian salmon!


Local residents will be smoked to death

Although the media did not report much about the large number of salmon deaths, the residents of Triabunna on the east coast of Tasmania deeply felt the seriousness of the matter.

These months

They are about to be smoked to death by the stench of dead fish!

Pieces of sick fish carcasses float up on the farm every day. Workers continue to salvage these dead fish carcasses every day, load them into trucks, and then transport them to wasteland more than 300 kilometers away for landfill.

During this process

The truck passes by Triabunna

Rancid sea water leaks all the way

It leaves a fishy smell that is hard to dissipate...

According to media reports, more than 20 tons of dead fish have been shipped here in the past one or two months.

More than 20 tons of stinking dead fish

I really sympathize with the nearby residents


Thousands of dead fish are nowhere to be placed

The residents of Triabunna couldn't bear to live in the stench all day, and they took to the streets to protest!

The Minister of Environmental Protection of Tasmania also feels that this treatment method is also very harmful to the local ecological environment. Therefore, the salmon farming company in Port Macquarie is prohibited from handling dead fish in this way.

But the cost of incineration is too high, and there is no place to allow them to burn. So the breeding company now thinks of digging a huge dead fish pit near the aquaculture area, and throwing the carcass here for natural degradation...

However, environmental experts calculated

The influence of this cooking is still very large

In this way, these thousands of dead fish do not know what to do! Until now, a large number of dead fish carrion are still floating on the surface of the breeding pond! According to ABC, the reporter saw

These breeding ponds are bubbling with muddy bubbles

Maggots crawling around on dead fish

A large number of unknown fungi floating on the sea

Really disgusting

As Australia's largest salmon farming base, Port Macquarie has been vacant for a month or two because of this catastrophe. Breeding companies face losses of tens of millions of Australian dollars every day!

This may affect the entire Australian salmon industry

Now the breeding company is trying its best to dispose of these corpses and restock the fry...

If I hadn't read this news about environmental protection from ABC News today, I would really not know that such a thrilling thing happened in the Australian salmon industry.Just by looking at the reporter's description, you can imagine the rancid breeding pond!

Suddenly I feel that the salmon that looks fresh and tender can't be eaten!

Who knows what these salmons have experienced before...

I'm afraid to buy salmon recently