Recently, a Chinese restaurant owner was heavily fined for illegally dumping hundreds of kilograms of discarded duck meat in Adelaide Park.

The Environmental Court fined Huaqi Li (Transliteration) 5600 Australian dollars. He was also required to pay Adelaide City Council a total of A$1540 court fees.

(Image source: ABC)

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Li Huaqi runs a takeaway store called Jue Wei (Jue Wei, transliteration) in Chinatown, Adelaide, selling cooked duck necks. On September and 9 last year, he discarded duck meat at Himeji Gardens Park. These untreated duck meat filled about four 10-liter public trash bins.

After receiving reports from the public, the city staff installed CCTV cameras around.

(Photo source: Internet)

The video shows that for 4 days, a black Holden van under Li's name was parked next to a trash can on South Terrace Street. A man and a woman got out of the car, dumped the bucket into the trash can and covered it with a blue plastic bag.

There is a reminder slogan on the trash can, "This trash can is only for users in this public area, and household or commercial waste disposal is not allowed."

(Image source: ABC)

At the hearing earlier this month, Li Huaqi stated that the duck meat was left over from the gathering to celebrate his graduation from the University of Adelaide with a master’s degree in accounting and finance. At the second hearing, he also called this The car has been lent to a friend to drive around Australia. But judge Susanne Cole did not believe his excuse.

Judge Cole said, “Using city council facilities to dispose of a large amount of food waste without paying for subsequent processing individuals or institutions. This transfer of commercial costs and responsibilities is unacceptable. In addition, disposing of poultry in public trash cans will affect other people in the park. The people bring potential health risks."

Li Huaqi faces a fine of up to A$12, or two years in prison. He told the court that he planned to return to China after the sentence was pronounced.