Recently, the weather in Melbourne has been very irritable, alwaysThunder and lightning, wind and rain.

The demon wind of 120 km/h also came just as it said, and this kind of weather would feel terrible just by listening to it at home. A courage like Xiao Bian, dare not go out at all, for fear that something will happen. No, just last night,

The plane over Melbourne really had an accident!

The plane flew from Melbourne to Adelaide. The journey took just one and a half hours. The passengers found it very easy. Many passengers chose it early.Window seat,Prepare to enjoy the night view of Melbourne beautifully on the plane.

The plane took off on time. Taxiing and take-off are quite smooth, at an altitude of XNUMX meters,PassengersLook out the window and start to admire this rare view.

Suddenly, the passenger by the window was surprised to see,

A white light appeared from the sky, shining on the plane he was on!

It was accompanied by a huge crash that made the entire fuselage tremble!

The passengers were terrified!theyI thought I had hallucinations.Until there were other window passengers screaming and crying. There are also frightened children crying in their seats. At this time, everyone reacted,It turned out that something really hit the plane!

The passengers sitting in the aisle of the plane were dumbfounded, completely unaware of what happened.butSeeing the people around them panicked, everyone couldn't help becoming scared.

But what exactly hit the plane? Where did such a strong white light come from? Is the whole machine going to cross? after all,The plane is still rising, and he is still in the world.

No one knows what happened. Everyone can only pray while being afraid...

After a while, the captain's voice came from the radio, and the captain said:

Our plane was just struck by lightning!

As soon as they were struck by lightning, everyone began to panic. The children began to cry and make noises, and the adults sobbed silently. The cabin was very noisy, and someone recalled afterwards:

"We all thought we could only live for 5 minutes!"

Then the captain began to appease the panicked passengers:

"Don’t panic everyone! The aircraft is in good condition. To ensure everyone’s safety,We are going back to Melbourne Airport! "

However, this sentence could not soothe the frightened passengers at all. Many people clutched their chests and cried in despair.There was still chaos in the cabin.Everyone can't hear what the captain said later...

However, the crew did not dare to relax a bit. Captain Ross stared at the various instrument data closely.Operate according to the regulations and dare not relax for a moment.

But where is it so easy to land? Melbourne Airport is so busy every day, with planes taking off and landing one after another. It took a long time for the air controller to clear a runway for them.

Poor passengers, pressing their hearts that are about to jump out,Hovered over Melbourne Airport for 45 minutes!

After 45 minutes, the plane landed smoothly at Melbourne Airport. The stewardess carefully checked the physical condition of the passengers.There were no casualties.At this time, everyone's hanging heart was let go. Many say that seeing the plane struck by lightning hit them too hard,

Never fly by the window anymore!

After careful inspection by the engineer, although he was "fortunate" by high-voltage lightning,The plane is still undamaged. Early the next morning, this Tiger Airways plane appeared on the tarmac again and began its passenger journey.

In fact, with so many planes flying in the sky, there will always be bad weather.It was not the first time that the lightning strike happened.The worst one even caused more than 100 deaths!

Last year, aBoeing 777 flying from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Lima, the capital of PeruUnfortunately, he was recruited.

Like the Tiger Airways aircraft, when it is still climbing,A bolt of lightning hit the top of the fuselage.

The entire shot was captured by the people on the ground with their mobile phones.The horror is as high as ten levels!

And this plane is more awesome,The captain did not stop after checking that the plane was not damaged and continued to fly to the Peruvian capital.

On the afternoon of December 2013, 12, a passenger plane of Nigeria Sosoliso Airlines flew from Abuja to Port Harcourt.

The plane was struck by lightning just after taking off and was 40-50 meters above the ground.The fuel in the wing was ignited and caused an explosion. The plane was blown to pieces and landed off the runway.

The accident caused 103 deaths and the remaining 7 were all seriously injured and admitted to hospital.The entire plane has become a pile of rubble!

in fact,The lightning problem was taken into consideration at the beginning of the aircraft design.The engineers installed "secret weapons" on each plane to defend against electric shocks.

First of all, the material used in the aircraft cover is very strong,It will not melt even if it encounters lightning.

Secondly, implanted in the aircraft shellMetal mesh gauze, The metal mesh is all over the exterior of the aircraft. Once it is clicked, the current will be conducted on the outside and will not enter the room, just like the "Faraday cage" in the science museum.

Finally, an aircraft must undergo lightning simulation tests before being put into use. The testing process includes the use of simulated lightning strikes on the fuselage and internal components to verify the eligibility of the aircraft.

So generally speaking, modern airplanes of qualified quality can actually withstand lightning strikes to a certain extent. However, the situation is not absolute, If the lightning is too violent, the plane will still be unable to withstand it!

Therefore, pilots need to walk around thunderstorms most of the time.Generally, large aircraft are equipped with thunder cloud detection radar, and small aircraft must rely on the ground for navigation to avoid possible danger.

Finally, lightning strikes when you choose. Do you know when it is easy to encounter lightning during flight? The editor will test everyone here:

When are airplanes more likely to encounter lightning?

A. During takeoff and landing

B. During stratospheric flight

C. When parking at the airport

Everyone canComment areaParticipate passionately, and the results will be announced later in the comment area! I wish everyone a safe trip~