In July, the coldest month, the Australian Chinese were awake on the first day! There will also be strong winds, rain and hail, Australia will enter the mini-glacial period...

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
On the first day of July, the people of Sydney woke up from the cold air!

Open Twitter is:

"It's too cold, I can only sleep in bed..."

"It's too cold, I'll go out and cut my hair in a while..."

butMelbourneThe people of the people are not getting better,

When the people of Sydney were fancy talking about how cold it was this morning,

A Melbourne netizen posted a temperature and somatosensory thermometer,

There is nothing to say, just one word: cold!

Throughout June, residents of Sydney and Melbourne have suddenly gone from a slightly cool but generally pleasant autumn to a cold winter;

So, in the second half of the year, will the winter in Australia continue to be cold?Is the legendary "coldest winter" really coming as promised?

1.Sydney encounters "the coldest morning"

As mentioned above, early this morning, Sydney encountered the coldest morning!

In fact, the temperature in Sydney this morning was already"Trailer" is over:

(Image source: 9 News)

Although the temperature in the urban area has not reached some suburbs in NSW, such asKatoomba, PenrithWait, the temperature reached in the early morning0 to 1 degrees Celsiusabout.

While Melbourne looks sunny on the surface, the temperature is actually only 4 degrees on average, and the body feels directly close to 0 degrees...

2.Australia enters the "mini ice age"?

Chinese people who have lived in Australia for many years may feel this way:

The weather in Australia is getting colder and colder!

However, this kind of subjective feeling is no better than the objective facts. Most Chinese may also feel that the reason they feel that Australia is getting colder may be becauseThe winter in Australia coincides with the summer in the northern hemisphere, so it feels cold.

but,Meteorological experts denied this statement:

One namedDave TaylorThe weather forecaster of, announced a forecast of his own just before:

Starting this year, Australia will officially enter"Mini Ice Age", For a period ofSeven years, To 2025So far, winter temperatures will get lower and lower!

(Image source: Daily Mail)

This sentence is not groundless. In mid-June, even the lowest temperature in Kunzhou reached0.6 degrees Celcius, Which is absolutely unusual compared to the temperature in Kunzhou in previous years.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

Taylor said: "This winter,Live in clothinThe people in Siban will feel like living in Sydney, the people in Sydney will feel like living in Melbourne, and MooreI feel like living in Tasmania. ".

Since Dave Taylor himself has nearly XNUMX years of experience in temperature research, although his argument is not fully agreed with, a considerable number of Australians still agree with it:

This winter, it seems that the whole of Australia has "moved south". The originally warm north has also begun to get colder, while the south has become colder!

(Image source: Daily Mail)

3.Next, Australia will usher in a "warm spring"?

But with Taylor’s"Mini Ice Age"Correspondingly, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) early predicted the climate after this year:

BoM believes that the nextJuly to September, The weather will slowly warm up with the arrival of spring, Australia will usher in"Warm Spring".

(Image source: ABC)

BoM says they have observedEastern AustraliaoccurEl Niño(Referring to various weather phenomena caused by abnormal warming of sea water), So this spring in Australia may become"Warm and Dry", And the probability is as high as50%!

According to BoM Senior ClimatologistRobyn DuellAccording to the statement, El Niño is usually lower than the rainfall in most parts of eastern Australia in the spring. In other words,The precipitation in Australia this spring will be reduced by a full 28%!

If the weather expert"prophecy"Come true, then this year’s spring in Australia will become extremely dry, which meansReduced crop yields.

(Image source: ABC)

By then, Australia will face the following conditions:

Increase in prices of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets or out of stock;

The price of beef and other livestock meat has soared,

As cows cannot eat pasture, the milk shortage continues;

And rising water bills, etc...

In short, I can only say,In Australia, a country where all the people "rely on the sky for food", the temperature is really a bit abnormal, which is incredible!

of course,

所谓 的"Mini Ice Age""Warm Spring"All predictions are only part of climate change.

More and more meteorological experts have pointed out: Australia’s temperature is becoming more and more abnormal, but in fact it is mainlyBecause the ozone hole over the southern hemisphere is getting bigger and bigger, changing Australia’s original mild climate structure.

Therefore,If you have friends living in Australia, you must cherish them, because if the ozone hole continues to exist, Australia may become colder in winter and hotter in summer...

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