The rare astronomical wonder is here again!

That once in 2 years in February"Super Blue Blood Moon", Does it still make many friends miss it?

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what you missed, because in this July, the sky will also stage two "astronomical wonders":

The longest total lunar eclipse of this century!

Mars is against the sun!

1. Total lunar eclipse

Time: Early morning of July 7th, Australian Eastern Time

Total lunar eclipseEveryone is no stranger.

It refers to when the earth moves between the sun and the moon, and the three are in a straight line, the earth will block the light from the sun on the moon, so we will see from the earth

The moon slowly disappears

The scene that slowly appeared again

The most special features of this total lunar eclipse in July are:

This is the longest total lunar eclipse in the world this century!

The whole process takes up to 5 hours and 38 minutes!

among them,

Partial lunar eclipse-That is, the time that the moon gradually disappears and gradually appears-continues3 hours and 55 minutes;

Total lunar eclipse——That is, the time when the moon is completely blocked by the earth——1 hour and 43 minutes

And when a lunar eclipse occurs,

The "Blood Moon" spectacle will be staged again!

"Blood Moon", as the name implies, the moon becomes"Blood red"of.

The reason for this is because during a lunar eclipse, although the earth blocks the light from the sun on the moon, there is still some light that can bypass the edge of the earth and refract to the moon.

After the light is filtered by the earth’s atmosphere, the purple, blue, green, and yellow light are all absorbed, and only a strange red light is projected on the moon. Therefore, weThe moon seen on the earth will be red, Called "Blood Moon".

"Blood Moon" usually only appears once or twice a year

At that time, the color of the moon will change from white to red, and finally back to bright white.

Next, here comes the point!

Time of lunar eclipse (Australian Eastern Time):

7:28 am on July 3th: ​​the lunar eclipse begins

5:30 am: The moon is the reddest

6:21 am: total lunar eclipse

7:13 am: The total lunar eclipse ends

This total lunar eclipse,

Including Melbourne

Can be seen all over the world!

Interested friends may wish to set an alarm clock and see it soon.

2. Mars opposes the sun

Time: February 7

Mars opposition meansMars, Earth and Sun are almost aligned in a line, The earth is located between the sun and Mars.

At this time, the side of Mars illuminated by the sun is completely facing the earth, so it is bright and easy to observe.

In other words, when the time comes,

You can see Mars with your naked eyes!

And this year, MarsAfter 15 yearsWill usher again"Da Chong", It is worth looking forward to!

The so-called "major opposition" refers to the opposition that occurs when the earth is near the aphelion and Mars is around the perihelion.

This is the best time to observe Mars

And you can see it all night!

That night, if you see aWeird, red star, That is the opposing Mars, you can see it more clearly with an astronomical telescope.

So the question is, are there any friends who want to make an appointment to "watch the sky at night"?