According to reports, the professions with the greatest demand for Australians in the next four years have been announced. Federal government data predict that between 4 and 2017, Australia will add 2022 chef positions, an increase of 1.09%. According to the Federal Government’s Australia Jobs 12 report (Australia Jobs 2018 report),The job with the greatest demand for employees in Australia in the future is a chef in the catering industry.

Government data predicts that between 2017 and 2022, the catering industry will add nearly 1.1 jobs. The retail industry, the accommodation and food service industry, and the construction industry are closely followed. It is reported that,In the year ending in June this year, the Australian job market was in good condition, with the number of employed persons increasing by 6.

Australia’s job market seems to have revived,Employment increased by more than 6 in June, the strongest increase since the end of last year.

It is important thatMost of the jobs were full-time (increased by 4.12), while the increase in part-time jobs was moderate, at 0.97. As the labor force participation rate has increased, the seasonal unemployment rate has stabilized at 5.4%. It is reported that the growth rate of full-time jobs rose 6% in June, or 0.6 million hours. However, the average annual working hours per capita remained basically unchanged.

Federal Finance Minister Scott Morrison said that although the results are gratifying from the data, the most satisfactory aspect is that the youth unemployment rate will reach 11.3%, the lowest level since April 12.

"A total of 9.52 young people found jobs in the last fiscal year. This is the best result since the 1988-89 fiscal year." Morrison said, "In fact, these unemployed people are excellent talents. I am very happy to see them find a job. A young person can get a job before the age of 24, which means that their future lives will not depend on welfare. Relief."

Employment economist Callam Pickering (Callam Pickering) said that these data also fully reflect the results of the entire fiscal year. "Employment growth in the fiscal year was strong, with a total increase of 5.09.More than 80% come from full-time work. " Pickering said, "This is a pretty welcome change for a full-time job."

Mr. Pickering said that although the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest point since the end of 2012, it is still at a relatively high level. He said: "Indicators like the underemployment rate are still very close to their peaks.In fact, the unemployment rate is no longer the best indicator of labor market tension.The end result is continued weakness in wages, which continues to drag down household debt and hinder economic recovery. This is a huge problem for policymakers. "

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