At 8 o'clock in the morning on August 8,

Australia's population will exceed the 2500 million mark!

Will the government attack immigrants?

When it comes to Tuao,

Everyone thinks this is a sparsely populated country with kangaroos everywhere?

actually not!

Australia’s population has been increasing rapidly,

Urban traffic jams are also normal 

Whether it’s a train or a light rail,

Peak periodCrowded,

evenCan't get in the carCase,

It is staged every day.

The Waverly Committee even proposed

No surfing on the beach.

Just because the population is too crowded.

Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach,

Up to when there are activities10 million people!

Australia’s population growth (black line) is much higher than other countries,

In contrast, China's population (green line) has been falling.

According to the "Sydney Morning Herald" report,

Australia’s population will reach at 8 a.m. on August 82500Ten thousand.

Decades earlier than the experts predicted,

Total populationWorld ranking53Place!

According to estimates by the Australian Bureau of Statistics,

Every 83 seconds, the Australian population will add 1 person.

Not only because of the increase in newborn growth rate,

Even more because the number of immigrants has greatly increased.

Demographer Mark McCrindle predicts

The actual population reached 2600 million at the meeting,

There will be a lot of them from China,

Holders of higher education visas move to Western Sydney.

McCrindle predicts based on existing data,

The 2500 millionth Australian resident,

Very promising, just like this one

An ordinary Chinese female student studying abroad.

Why is an ordinary international student,

Become the 2500th Australian?

The data forecast is not groundless,

Australia’s population has surged,

The biggest contribution isOverseas immigrants.

In the past 12 months,

Australia is here231,900Immigrants.

Especially Chinese occupy the majority.

A large number of Chinese are interested in Australia’s development and potential,

Ready to settle down here.

According to 2016 statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics,

Chinese in AustraliaThe number has reached 121.39 million,

Accounted for 3.9% of Australia!

of course,

The Australian government will not respond to the surge in immigrant population

Sit idly by.

The Australian conducted a poll,

Australian natives want a more comfortable living environment,

Government and peopleAll support slowing down the number of immigrants.

Immigrating to Australia,

It will become more and more difficult.

Immigration policy has become one of the most important issues for Australian parties.

It is also a weapon to fight each other;

Because of local people’s support for slowing down the number of immigration,

And the strategy of "the people who win the hearts of the people win the world",

Even though most politicians know very well

Immigrants bring the benefits of economic growth to Australia,

They still made the unanimous decision to reduce the number of immigrants.

This makes the "Australian Dream" more and more out of reach.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said,

2017-18 fiscal year,

Australian10% reduction in permanent immigration rate.

The number of visa refusals increased by 46.2%.

The number of applications returned increased by 17%.

The number of people who received PR last year decreased by 21,000.

The number of skilled immigration and family immigration visas has also dropped significantly!

In addition,

The population surge also needs more housing demand.

The National Housing Supply Council stated,

Housing demand in 2031

Will be higher than supply66.3 millionTrousers.

However, the current supply is clearly insufficient.

According to the latest report of RP Data,

In Australia, an average of 15 new houses are built each year.

It may reach 18 sets in the next year,

Need to add 3 new houses every year,

Can alleviate the housing shortage problem.

Building boom

Not yetCan effectively satisfyThe needs of a rapidly growing population.

It is not easy to migrate to Australia from home.

It’s also very difficult for local Australians to be “tolerant and help”.

When they encounter difficulties in finding employment or buying a house,

It will also subconsciously shift the responsibility to immigrants.

As the Australian government that wants to catch both the economy and immigrants,

How to weigh the pros and cons of this,

Promote the stable development of the Australian economy and society,

Will be the first problem before them.

Editor: Jessi, Julie

Guidance: Brother Aojiao

News sources: Daily Mail, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Bureau of Statistic, The Australian, Google