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There have been reports before:

A series of scientific research groups, including Harvard University in the United States, the University of Toronto in Canada, and from all over the world have discovered that vitamins are not only useless, but may also cause deterioration of physical conditions and even increase the risk of cancer!

Just as more and more people began to "question marks" about the role of health products,

Suddenly, a piece of news refreshed everyone's cognition again:

These health products, which are popular in Australian pharmacies and are loved by Chinese consumers, are actually "cottages" of "Made in China"? !

1.Australian health products actually come from China?

Today, Australian media Herald Sun announced an explosive news:

Australia’s A$47 billion health care product market has not only given at least half of the country to China, but many ingredients have not been verified!

This matter is not groundless,

You only need to search the Internet to see that the Australian health care brand Vitago (brands include Nutra-Life, Wagner) has been acquired by a Chinese company based on Shanghai Pharma.

I believe that even people who live in China all year round have heard of Australia’s health products.

People living in Australia, regardless of whether they are professional purchasing agents or not, have helped their relatives and friends in China.Swisse, BlackmoresSuch as health products.

And these two brands andVitacode's HealtheriesAlso successfully settled in Tmall International.

This makes it easy for domestic friends to buy even if they don’t have a purchasing agent.

However, these brands advertised as locally produced in Australia have been revealed that their raw materials are from China!

Not only that, these two vitamin companies have also been attributed to the Chinese.

According to CourierMail, Vitaco is nowA subsidiary of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals.

And the company’s subsidiaryOnce went bankrupt due to the manufacture of problematic leukemia drugs,The drug causes200 patients had leg pain and were partially paralyzed.

Fortunately, people related to Shanghai pharmaceutical officials are all being investigated by ASIC regarding internal transactions in 2016.However, no allegations have yet been made.

The investigation found thatAlmost all vitamin C and glucosamine come from China. The raw materials for Swisse and Blackmore also come from China.

It is reported that Vitaco’s amino acids, sweeteners, herbs and other raw materialsAre all from China,The same is true for Sanofi.

And all along, Chinese products are often associated with health issues.Including the melamine incident in 2008, when 6 babies died and 30 babies became ill.

Regarding the issue of vitamin composition, Sharp and Howells have tested and found that

The vitamins we take do contain the ingredients listed on the label,

But the ingredient content is lower than the content described above.

Health experts also pointed out that the vitamin industryOne of the biggest problems is,

They write unproven effects on the label,

To induce consumers to buy.

Vitamin companies can now choose products

Label multiple unverified descriptions.

Ken Hervey, a health expert at Monash University, said,There is currently no scientific evidence to support these companies’ product claims. But when drug regulators asked them to produce evidence, they could not produce evidence that vitamins had the effects claimed on the label. However, the relevant departments have not given punishment.

At the same time, the A$47 billion vitamin industry is also facingInternal transactions, squeezing employeesAnd other accusations.

In this regard, some netizens commented thatI dare not eat it anymore.

But some netizens said,Raw materials from China are not necessarily problematic.

However, the thinking of more people may be that they do not necessarily feel that there is a problem, but don’t you buy Australian products just to be assured?Now that the raw materials come from China, it is not so practical.