Murder in Melbourne CBD this morning! A 19-year-old young girl was stabbed to death in a high-rise apartment building. The murderer is still at large!

(Picture source: Australia Nine News)

According to a number of local media reports, Melbourne police received a call to report at around 5 am today that a murder occurred in the EQ Tower, an apartment building on A'Beckett St.

The Australian Nine News reported that a woman was suspected of being stabbed and was given emergency treatment by medical staff at EQ Tower. Unfortunately, the woman eventually died from her injuries.

(Picture source: Australia Nine News)

A neighbor said that she heard "terrible screams" last night. "The scream lasted for about 20 minutes, but it was not the first time a similar scream appeared in this apartment building. Whenever someone was drunk, they would yell, but the girl's scream was very sharp."

"Later the cry moved to the street, I really thought she was just drunk..." ("When the screaming continued down the street, I just thought they were drunk.)

Sean is a resident of the building. He has lived here since the building was completed in August 2017. He believes that the incident may have occurred on the 8th floor of the building.

"There are a lot of overseas students here, as well as young people like me who work in the CBD," Sean said. "These kinds of incidents are happening more and more frequently, and there are many out of control parties."

"This is a tragedy. More and more young people are coming in and out here, partying, drinking, and even taking drugs, which makes us feel scared..."

"We don't even dare to make them quieter. This is our home, and we want to feel safe here."

The location of the incident was just across the street from RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

The police said that forensic doctors are collecting evidence on the spot, the investigation of the case is still in progress, and no suspects have been arrested yet. It is reported that many foreign students live in this apartment building, especially those from China.

(Image source: "Sydney Morning Herald")

At the scene, a sad boy asked the media to stop filming: "My friend just left, please respect her."

At present, it is not yet possible to confirm whether the woman is a long-term resident of the building or a short-term rental such as Airbnb.

The murderer is still at large, and today Melbourne reminds everyone to be careful.

If you have any clues about this case, please understand that you should call the fight crime hotline: 1800 333 000.

If you have a similar experience, please leave us a message.