Speaking of Melbourne

Everyone's first label

Must be the No. 7 in "the world's most livable city for XNUMX consecutive years"

In the 2017 Global Livable Cities Ranking published by The Economist Intelligence Unit,

Australia has three cities-Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth among the top ten.

In this beautiful country

The public places are neat and clean,

The residential area is full of birds and flowers and greenery

Each community has a fixed weekly day for garbage collection,
Trash cans neatly lined up in every household can be seen on both sides of the street.

Residents living in Australia have cultivated classification since childhood
Good habit of recyclable and non-recyclable garbage

But you may not know
You produce large and small garbage in your life
You thought it was worthless and discarded
Over the years, it has produced hundreds of millions of Australian dollars in value? ?



Just because of good habits and clean maintenance of the environment

In Australia, waste disposal has become a vital industry!

Australian waste treatment industry scale

As much as 25 billion Australian dollars!

And the average annual growth rate has been 5% in the past 2.2 years!

If you look at the industry’s contribution to Australia’s GDP

The annual growth of the Australian waste treatment industry is expected to be 3.4%!

This even exceeds Australia's economic growth rate!

(The above data comes from the IBISWorld report of industry research organization)


More than that!

Australia’s huge “waste assets”

Be in full view of a local Australian company

Turning waste into treasure,

It actually created a value of 36 billion Australian dollars! ! !

Because of good habits and clean maintenance of the environment, waste disposal has become a vital industry in Australia!而這個行業的巨頭就是目前市值36.4億澳元的…

Cleanaway Waste Management (ASX: CWY)

It is Australia's largest waste management, recycling and industrial services company

It works with thousands of Australian businesses and communities,

Create and provide tailor-made solutions.

Cleanway transforms food waste into nutrient-rich soil enhancers; finds innovative and customized recycling solutions to help companies achieve sustainable development goals; also provides roadside waste and recycling services for countless Australian households.

The company uses garbage collection

Turn waste into treasure and embark on the road to wealth!

Plus last monthChina began to announce the rejection of any foreign garbage

Proper disposal of rubbish in Australia has become more important and "valuable"

Are you jealous?

But you can too!

Cleanaway was listed on the ASX as early as 2005

In the past three years

The stock price has increased nearly 2.5 times!

Not only that

The company's annual cash dividends to shareholders

It is also increasing every year!

And just over a month ago,

Cleanaway has successfully completed the acquisition of another major waste disposal company in Australia

Tox Free Solution (ASX: TOX) focusing on medical waste and infrastructure waste treatment

Has truly become Australia's unshakable true "garbage collection" giant

Officially becomeThe fifth largest company in the industry by market value


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