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Just now, the spouse's immigration visa has been tightened!

Previously, the maximum age for a skilled immigrant’s spouse visa was 505 points.

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1.Increased age requirements

The new policy lowers the maximum age of the spouse visa for skilled immigrants by 5 years, or 45 years.

The reform policy introduced last week will apply to2018/7/1Technical independent visa189 visa.190 visa489 visa.

In recent years,IndianIt has become the largest immigrant group in Australia, and is the group with the most 189 and 190 visas.New governmentPolicyIt has the greatest impact on them.

Both of these are permanent visas, while the 489 visa is a temporary visa with permanent residency.

In fact, as early as last July, in an amendment to the immigration legislation, the maximum age of visa applicants was reduced from 7 to under 50.

However, at that time, the age requirement for a skilled spouse visa was not lowered.

In explaining this new policy, the Australian Department of Home Affairs stated thatThe purpose of this amendment is to correct this "oversight" so that the applicant and his spouse's age requirements are met.

(Image source: SBS)

2.Conducive to Australia's economic development

In addition, the Ministry of the Interior said,Lowering the maximum age of visa applicants and their spouses will benefit Australia's economic development.

Because the older new immigrants have a lower labor force, the participation rate is not high, but if they are younger, the situation will be much better.

In addition, older immigrants are more likely to use government subsidized health care, leading to higher costs.

"According to the findings of the Productivity Commission, it is appropriate to modify the provision of skilled immigrant visas, and only if their partner is under 45 years old can they get extra points."

3.A challenge for older applicants

Seema ChauhanIs to have more than 10An experienced migration agent, according to her, she also agrees that it is difficult for elderly immigrants to find meaningful jobs in Australia.

"My personal experience is that it is difficult for immigrants of this age to obtain good employment opportunities. Therefore, it is very reasonable to adjust the maximum age of the spouse to the same age as the main applicant."

For skilled immigrant visas, applicants currently need approximately70 pointsTo be invited. And the score is mainlyDepends on applicant’s age, education level, work experience, English proficiencyEvery timeWait.

Among them, applicants between the ages of 26 and 32 can get extra points. If the applicant has a state guarantee, they can also get other bonus points.

Mamika Kalra, a Melbourne-based migration agent, said,Applicants over 45 years old get permanentVisaThe opportunity is very rare. 

"First of all, they must get the highest scores in English, work experience and education, and in order to get a visa to get extra points, not to say that it is easy for everyone." She said.

Ms. Chauhan believes that for older applicants, any tightening of policies will have a significant impact on their visa prospects.

"After the age of 39, obtaining immigration points becomes more and more difficult. Few applicants over the age of 40 are eligible to participate in the points test. If people over 45 cannot obtain these points, the age requirement will be even higher." Say.


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