Just this morning, the old editor drove into ct to work,

As the vehicles travel slowly on the road,

Pick up the phone while waiting

Take a look at the news.

But unexpectedly,

I just turned down two lines,


Almost didn't throw the phone out!

Until I arrived at the company,

I still can't believe myself

The scene I saw on my phone just now...

Then opened the news just now,

After confirming again, I was dared to be sure,

I'm not dreaming...

I saw the news on Australia Channel XNUMX stating:

7 News: Driving to see the mobile phone may face a greater fine!

This kind of news must be commonplace.

Was fined for driving and looking at the phone,

It's already commonplace...

Scroll down two lines and you will see a message like this:

Currently, the fine will be 400 Australian dollars and 3 points will be deducted. A more stringent measure is about to be introduced: a fine of 3000 Australian dollars and 6 points deducted!

Before, if you were caught while driving and watching your phone,

Will face a fine of more than 400 dollars and a penalty of 3 points deduction.


Now this policy may be subverted!

Australian government issued high fines

A more severe punishment will be introduced,

Used to sanction people who drive and play mobile phones!

The first time I was playing with a mobile phone,

A fine of 3000 dollars!

6 points deducted!

3000 dollars! The old editor's one-month salary may be given to the Ministry of Communications!

Seeing that it says "First Discovery",

Many friends must be the same as the old editor,

Curious if it is discovered the second time,

What will be the consequences?

With this question, the editor scrolled down two more lines.

The result was directly scared

The coffee almost came out of my mouth...

If you don’t repent and insist on driving and playing on your phone,

Your persistence will usher in

6000 fine

And the driver’s license is revoked for 12 months!

This traffic regulation makes people feel the urge to sell the car after reading it...

For $6000, you can buy a good second-hand car in Australia!

One car is fined once when you look at your phone,

It is the most severe fine in Australian traffic history!

The key is to revoke the driver’s license for 12 months.

In Sydney, there is no freedom without a car!

This year basically

Say goodbye to the beach and barbecue!

Of course, the Ministry of Transportation will not always fine,

After all, the punishment method is too single, the execution efficiency will decrease...


If you don’t change after repeated instruction, and then go to the road and watch your phone again and again,

The driver will face,

It is imprisonment.

Is to go to jail after fined

Pay the money first, then go to jail,

After paying the money in the morning, he would go to jail in the afternoon.

And it is not allowed to drive for one year.

However, even though the regulations are strict, the enforcement might not be able to keep up!

Australians are so lazy, who has the mind to check and play mobile phones all day?

And there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom,

It may not be as serious as expected...

But this time, the Australian government has rarely been one step ahead.

try my best,

Let those who drive and play with mobile phones nowhere to escape!

Just recently, the Australian Roads Bureau, the Department of Justice and the police jointly launched a world-first technology,

This is a camera that looks like a red light.

It is possible to film illegal driving behaviors such as drivers playing on mobile phones,

As evidence of punishment!

The Australian government uses this black technology to

This equipment was tested on some road sections,

The results are shocking!

In one of the test points,

This camera took a total of 5 hours of testing time

More than 270 drivers

The screen of using a mobile phone while driving.

At another test point,

The camera captured it in 9 hours

More than 1000 car owners use mobile phones,

Equivalent to one every 30 seconds!

Fortunately, it’s just a test.

Otherwise you and I might be one of these people...

Just imagine,

After the Australian government officially deployed the camera,

If caught by this camera,

Someday soon,

A 3000-dollar ticket will be drawn in your mailbox!

It's more exciting than winning!

Of course, the Australian government’s attempt to introduce such a decree is not groundless.

after all,

The act of driving and looking at the phone is itself

Illegal behavior,

And caused certain traffic accidents in Australia,

The most important thing is,

These people have not changed after repeated teaching!

Long ago,

The Australian government has issued penalties for using mobile phones while driving:

If you get caught while driving on your phone

Will be fined A$433,

4 points deducted.

But what is puzzling is that

The enactment of this bill seems to be against the use of mobile phones while driving

Doesn't work...

Statistics show that among the road deaths in Australia, there are13%It was unfortunate that the use of mobile phones while driving led to distraction!

Compared with 5 years ago

It also rose by 5%.


The use of mobile phones by drivers has become the main cause of fatal car accidents.

Its severity exceeds that of a car accident caused by not wearing a seat belt.

Last fiscal year, the New South Wales Police used their mobile phones while driving

Fined 39,000 people,

An increase of 2,000 people over the previous year.

Driver distraction accounts for at least 10% of fatal accidents,

Accidents involving serious injuries accounted for 18%.

Such a number is really shocking,

This incidates that,

Around you and me, there are many road killers like this...

Driving and playing mobile phones, accidents happen frequently

Audrey Dow is an 81 year old lady,

She is usually amiable and especially enthusiastic towards people.

In life, she does charity and public welfare,

He is a sunny old man full of enthusiasm.

But when she was burning the afterglow of life,

But was extinguished by a traffic accident.

That day, she was driving her car on the road to regulate the driving,

Visited her daughter at her daughter's home in Queensland.

But unfortunately happened on the road...

While she was driving the car steadily,

A car suddenly rushed out of the opposite lane and approached.

81-year-old Audrey has no time to dodge.

Go straight to this uninvited guest

Head-on collision...

Although she was rushed to the hospital in time,

But later in the day,

Unfortunately, she left the world.

However, this driver who doesn’t look at the road while driving,

It is precisely because you use your mobile phone to read text messages while driving,

Thus losing control of the steering wheel,

Caused this tragedy...

Joanne Leigh Lawrence, 42 years old, can be said to be an old driver.

In normal life,

She commutes to and from get off work by car.

She also often drives her children around by car,

There is almost no rubbing during the week,

Driving skills can be said to be very good.

However, she may spend the next few years in prison,

The culprit,

It's her cell phone.

On this day, she received a text message from her family while driving,

She had a brief argument with her family because of some things.

She was excited and eager to explain to her family

Choose to send and receive text messages in the car...

She originally thought that a few minutes away, looking at the phone would not cause an accident.

But who knows,

Unfortunately, waiting long ago...

When she was editing the text message, she suddenly felt the body shake.

There was a scratching sound from the bottom of the car,

She instantly realized something was wrong,

I might have hit something!

She hurriedly got out of the car, but was frightened by the scene before her and fell to the ground...

A rider was caught by her

Caught under the wheel,

His bicycle was scattered on the bottom of the car.

Under the car chassis,

Has long been stained with blood...

Joanne was sentenced to 3 years in prison by the court.

You can only get parole after serving 18 months,

The dangerous driving behavior of sending and receiving text messages for her while driving

Paid a painful price.

Don't treat fluke as safety

According to "Herald Sun",

Some studies have shown that the use of mobile phones while driving puts car drivers at risk of accidents

Increased by 15 times!

The risk of truck driver collision has increased by 20 times!

In previous research reports, there is a conclusion that

Using a mobile phone while driving does not affect general routine driving behavior.

But for

When judging the distance between the car

Will have an impact,

This kind of influence on the ability of understanding and judging traffic conditions during the driving process,

Its danger

Much larger than when making a call

The impact on driving behavior.

The AAA Traffic Safety Foundation of the United States has done a detailed investigation and research on car drivers who use mobile phones.

Look for the impact of drivers who use their mobile phones on their understanding and judgment of conditions outside the car.

Experimental results show,

Drivers who use mobile phones while driving have difficulty reacting to emergencies.

And its reflection arc is significantly longer,

Can't even avoid accidents at all!

We can say that using a mobile phone while driving,

It is equivalent to giving up the opportunity to avoid sudden situations around you.

In view of the possible negative effects of using mobile phones on traffic safety,

At present, many countries in the world have gradually adopted preventive measures,

Vehicle drivers have been banned from using mobile phones while driving.

And Australia, in this respect

Penalties are particularly strict!

This is also an expression of responsibility and rights protection.

I hope everyone will stop playing mobile phones on the road in the future.

This penalty...

3000 knives, 6000 knives,

But it's really bleeding...

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