——Do you choose to compromise for life?

A heart-wrenching study abroad circle, a mutated outlook on the world, values, and love. They all talk about the fine-tuning of the three outlooks of the people who go abroad, and the differences in regions, cultures, and circles will change people's original perception of the world. But the world is always changing, but people's cognition is often imprisoned by their own consciousness and can't keep up with the rhythm.

After all, people are still too small, but the world is huge. Few people can control the world, or not at all. And people living in this world will always be ravaged by life.

Many people's lives are between compromise and uncompromising, let's talk about the study abroad circle.


——Let it go, but can't let it go

Amy's ex-boyfriend went to study in Australia after graduating from China. They had been together since the freshman year when they were studying in China. Suddenly one day, his ex-boyfriend said that he wanted to go abroad, but Amy was stunned and still supported him. But Amy is a very insecure girl. After her ex went abroad, she also decided to take the IELTS test and apply for school. Originally not good at English, she also began to spend a lot of time reviewing English every day, memorizing words and punching in, practicing listening, watching American dramas, and setting her mobile phone to full English mode. Before looking at the life abroad in her ex’s circle of friends every day, she yearned and looked forward to starting a new life abroad with her ex.

However, only less than half a year later, after the school applied for it, her predecessor began to ignore her. Finally, the relationship ended on the grounds of her unreasonableness. Later, through friends, she learned that she had been cheated. She cried hysterically for a long time and closed her circle of friends. Although she broke up, she paid so much, she was not reconciled. Looking at the English review materials piled in her room, she once sadly tore those books to pieces.

She feels so stupid. Why is she going to study abroad? But in the end she decided to go abroad, for herself! I also hope to see his ex in Australia and give him a slap. I wish her all the best.


—— tossing and turning

I met Kevin in the barber shop, but he is not a barber, he just played together to stimulate the battlefield while waiting. Later, when I was bored, I made appointments to play games and drink. Speaking of compromising things for life, he really couldn't finish it all day. However, he is not special, and there are many people around him in exactly the same situation.

Study abroad after graduation, but it belongs to the type of water. For immigration, I chose an accounting major that I disliked and resisted very much. After reading it hard, I would face a critical blow from the change of immigration policy.

He sold his car last week because he was going to study in Tasmania. Anyone who wants to immigrate in Australia knows that Tasmania still has a shortcut for immigration. Speaking of this, I am not advertising to the intermediary, but just explaining the situation on the market.

I have already paid so much, I always feel that the previous efforts will be wasted if the goal is not achieved. However, immigrants are now a pit, all the way to the dark. Do you know when there will be another sudden blockbuster immigration policy change? Many people continue to compromise because of sunk costs.


——I feel stupid

Anna said that in order to make a living, she almost went to accompany the wine.

If I had known Anna two years ago, I would definitely consider her to be a typical small public act. I grew up in a honey pot and grew up spoiled. I came to Australia from high school. I didn’t take photos in my circle of friends at which beach enjoy sunbathing or at which shopping centre I bought and bought with a new acquaintance sister on the road. I never worry about life. , I have never suffered from life.

However, a sudden change in the family two years ago made a huge change in her life. At that time, she spent nearly a month struggling between returning to China and staying in Australia. But the familiar friends and the pace of life that she has been used to make her choose to stay here in the end.

Without the strong financial support from her family, Anna felt the difficulty of life for the first time. She had never had a concept of money before, and she began to carefully plan her every expenditure. In order to support her former lifestyle, Anna began eagerly looking for various part-time jobs and various opportunities to make money. Occasionally, in a WeChat group chat, she saw that someone sent a drink message that paid a lot of money. She said that she added the other party’s WeChat chat to the specific situation when her brain was hot, and the other party repeatedly assured her that it was safe and reliable. Asked for a high intermediary fee.

Before going that day, she was very nervous and anxious, sweating coldly while holding the doorknob. She said that during that hour, she thought a lot, and there were countless scenes and countless possibilities when she stepped out of the room to accompany her. In the end, she convinced herself that she didn't take that step. In a later chat, she said that she felt that she was so silly that she was eager to make money. How could there be a free lunch in this world, and how could there be such an easy job that she happened to meet? Fortunately, she thought about it in time and lost some Money, but bought a lesson.

Now she has completely separated from the previous lifestyle, separated from the previous life circle, and found a legal job, while going to school and working part-time. She said that although she lost her previous life as a drunken fan and some friends, she has made more new friends. She feels that her current life is very good and fulfilling.


——I stop playing

Brian (Bing Ge) is a junior in his junior year. He is a mixed-race person. Several of his WeChat accounts are full. Basically, as long as the big WeChat group with the word Australia has him. He is very busy, busy making money, making a gray money. From paying, calling, writing, to fake graduation certificates, fake medical cases, and illicit cigarettes, he just transfers the port. If he has any bad needs, he can help solve them. He wants money, so he does everything in a mess.

Paying on behalf of others is stolen from someone else’s credit card payment; the existence of writing on behalf of others obliterates the fighting spirit of international students, and some are just writing, but you still have no place to complain; not to mention fake diplomas, many cannot be certified at all A piece of PS paper dared to sell tens of thousands of dollars; selling illicit cigarettes is also an illegal act.

One day he suddenly stopped doing it. I saw that he posted a circle of friends. Don't ask Bing for similar things in the future. I asked him why in a private message? He simply said that he just didn't want to make black-hearted money anymore, so I stopped playing.


——It’s not life that doesn’t fuck, but never compromise

Nick is the kind of person I've seen who can never die. There are actually a lot of people like him in the Australian circle, but many people will never be exposed to others. A few years ago, he had been living a cynical life. His family could support his expenses. He also possessed strong personal ability and performed well at work.

It wasn't until one day that the family's economy went wrong, and then he learned that the family owed millions of foreign debts. Bank loans, personal private loans, loan sharks, etc. These pressures gradually pressed on him.

He said that his father left earlier, relying on his mother to train him and his younger brother. Nowadays, when the family encounters such a change, they can only carry it up. He chatted with his younger brother and often laughed bitterly together, "How come life is so interesting? The twists and turns are really amazing. Fortunately, we can't die." The old grandfather, grandmother, and uncle incapable of working were all raised by his mother. But now it all fell on their brothers. He now works day and night, but you will only see his funny face, not sad. In fact, some foreign students and new immigrants live without financial support from their families at all. Instead, they have to send money to China, but these are often not thought of by others.

Friends around him feel distressed that he persuades him to sell his green card and change it to more than 10 Australian dollars. He said: "Is it not just a year to make more than 10 Australian dollars? Why betray yourself? What if you meet someone you like, and the other party doesn't have a green card to keep it? Let's keep the green card as a gift. Family affairs Work hard, not just a few million things."


——For immigrants to marry an old dog, I don’t want to

I met Lilian at a friend's birthday party. She is a good girlfriend of my friend. Everyone was singing that day. She was sitting alone in the corner and drinking. I took a glass of wine and went over. I thought I had a grey nose back, but after a few conversations, I found out that she was a very talkative person. Later, there were more parties and more conversations, and I gradually got acquainted with each other. I was fortunate to hear her story at a wine bureau where I was acquainted.

Lilian said that at that time she completed the college entrance examination for one year and transferred from China to Australia with the goal of immigration, and chose a teaching major that was challenging for her. In class, essays, and internships every day, I was tired like a dog. Occasionally, a boy would ask her, but she was always unable to make an appointment because of various things. Gradually, there were fewer and fewer boys around. Sometimes, she was also very annoying, and wanted to have a relationship. She also longed for the kind of life where someone would stand with her at dusk and someone asked her how warm the porridge is. But the heavy schoolwork and busy internship life really made her have no time to be cloned.

This kind of life lasted until the sophomore year. During the internship in the second semester of the sophomore year, she was assigned to a kindergarten far from home. I get up at 6 o'clock every morning and take the car to school to help the children clean up, organize things and wait for the children to come to school to help the teacher start their day activities. I thought this semester would end so hard, but a man suddenly appeared in her life. He is the parent of a child in this kindergarten. He immigrated to Australia many years ago and now works for a local company. He is from a good family, but he divorced a few years ago and now takes the child by himself.

When he sent the children to school on the first day, he warmly greeted every teacher including Lillian. Lillian said that she just thought the parent was very nice at the time, so after chatting a few times, she added WeChat to each other. I once talked about Lillian's internship life. Lillian said that because his home is so far away, he got up early every morning and had to rush to school if he didn't have time to eat. After that, he would often bring Lillian a breakfast when sending his children to school. Lillian politely refused, but the other party just smiled and asked her to take care of her children more.

After the internship ended, one time the child fell ill. The parent called her and asked her to take care of her for a day, and she agreed. Later, the parent wanted to invite him to dinner and was stunned many times, but Lillian couldn't avoid it, so he agreed. During the meal, the parent talked about the children at the beginning, and later got involved in life. After asking about Lillian’s purpose and circumstances of studying abroad, he actually told her that if Lillian was willing to stay with him, he could sponsor her to immigrate, and there was no need to worry about life. .

Lillian felt very uncomfortable in an instant. In fact, the contact with this parent was limited to taking care of the child, whether it was during the internship or after the internship. For an older second-married man with a child, she was very resistant. What's more important is that the two people haven't had much contact at all. They have met several times but are not familiar with each other at all. They don't have any emotional basis to say what they want to vouch for each other. Lillian felt that he could say that to anyone. The ghost knows whether it is true or not.

Sell ​​yourself for immigration? Impossible! She would rather work harder and pass the language test well. In the end, she blacked out the contact information of the parent, and instantly felt a lot easier.

In the face of a fucking life, compromise or uncompromising will always have its own opposites. After seeing these people, I think many people actually buried themselves deeply.You never know what the other person has experienced.What kind of choices are you facing? In many cases, reality always makes people melancholy, hesitant, melancholy, sad, confused, not knowing why... But what? These are life!

– End –